Century C308

Century C308



Reviews: 71
Total reviews: 71
Positive: 55
Mixed: 8
Negative: 8
Retail Price: $637.00
Used Value: $445.90
Sale Price: $479.00

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Century C308 Info

The C308 rifle is built around a roller locked delayed blowback system. The C308 battle rifle features a fluted chamber for reliable cycling and extraction, MIL-Spec 1913 Picatinny scope rail permanently mounted to the receiver, polymer furniture, 5/8×24 RH threaded 18″ barrel for use with common muzzle accessories and our proprietary Chevron muzzle brake. Comes with one 5 rd. magazine, and two 20 rd. magazines. Barrel: 18″, Overall: 40.2″, Weight: 8 lbs.

Century C308 Specifications

BrandCentury International Arms Inc.
Caliber.308 Winchester
Primary Uses

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Fair Market Range $587 - $612
Fair Market Price $600
MSRP $637.00
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  • Highest Price: $643.61
  • Lowest Price: $576.19

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  • Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore
  • $559.99

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Century C308 Reviews

Positive: 64 Mixed: 0 Negative: 7
  • 20

    broke on first shot. no joke. it looks to be a hobbled together battle rifle. using spare parts, built in the garage. if this is what you want, then its your firearm

    December 24, 2018
    noah d
  • 80

    This rifle is well worth the money. Based on other reviews, I was not expecting the level of quality that I found. The plastic furniture is new. The action is smooth with a solid lock up. I ran 50 rounds of 308 wincheste...r fmj through it with no problems. The iron sights and pic rail are skillfully welded, etc. The bore looks a little dark, but the rifle shoots straight. The trigger is fairly heavy, but usable. It will send a lot of lead pretty much to the same place in a hurry. If you remember the price that you paid you should be satisfied. It is a mistake to compare this rifle directly to those costing several times as much. more

    November 30, 2018
    Raymond H
  • 20

    Buyers, You get what you pay for. Save your $$ and buy a quality AR10 or similar. Don't waste your time or on these. I've purchased a few century products, skip this one! I saw these for sale Fall 2018 but had originally... heard about them from a online video review a couple years ago and heard great things. The video reviewer must've received a flawless rifle or Century has changed the parts for complete garbage because the rifle I received was junk. I can't pull the bolt back without wrestling and wiggling and twisting the little handle with all my strength. If I'm lucky (before my hands hurt) it'll hit a sweet spot and the bolt will go back. The front sight is off a few degrees to the left and are permanently welded. You can just see extremely shoddy welds all around the rifle, it looks like they spray painted a bunch of welded metal scrap. The craftsmanship is terrible. The top rail is literally a piece of picatinny tack welded in 4 places to the top of the receiver, if the permanent iron sights are off kilter I highly doubt the top rail was slapped on with care. The rear sight has 3 peep options and 1 open which spin loosely on a push pin that feels like it's gonna fall out. The rear sight is welded onto a hunk of metal. The two 20 round magazines are coated in cosmoline. After completely disassembling the rifle, cleaning, and re-lubing, I noticed a LOT of rust spots throughout the parts. After washing them you can tell they greased them up well enough to hide the poor quality. The muzzle break is literally where you can see they hacked off the end of the barrel and welded a threaded adapter to the end of a pipe. Two positive thoughts. I shot about 100 rounds of tulammo .308 without any miss fires or failure to feed. BUT, I had to struggle with the stupid bolt and it took about 2-4 minutes to get the rifle charged. The second is you can throw a scope on the rifle (assuming the picatinny rail is somewhat level) and ignore the iron sights. I do not recommend the C308. This rifle does not hit the price point of other .308 semi-autos, and you will probably be disappointed. more

    November 15, 2018
    Jeffrey R
  • 100

    This rifle is a very good value , powerful , accurate with very little recoil !!! It makes a proud addition to my collection . I highly recommend it"s purchase.

    November 13, 2018
    Dennis M
  • 20

    Ordering process with Buds went smooth as always. As for the rifle not as much. Gun would not cycle rounds in chamber no matter if it was steel or brass casing. Tried three different magazines and still had failure to fe...ed. After contacting Century Arms with the issue I was told to return to them and it would 4 to 6 weeks for repairs. Not very happy. more

    October 24, 2018
    Robert F
  • 100


    October 22, 2018
    richard h
  • 100

    Great deal, even faster shipping. NIB. Thanks Bud's. Can't wait for my next purchase.

    October 18, 2018
    Rodriquez T
  • 100

    Great rifle, arrived a few days after placing order. Top notch.

    September 9, 2018
    Andrew S
  • 100

    Shoots really smooth, not a bad trigger for a battle rifle, irons are accurate out of the box it’s just overall a blast to shoot

    August 20, 2018
    Blake K
  • 100

    Overall rifle is in good shape, the charing tube was a little out of shape, nothing that a few seconds of work with pliers could not fix. Being a pain to charge, the extra rubbing didn't help, 3 minutes later, much bette...r. I fed it some 1987 Malaysia produced ammo, it ate it perfectly, slung the cases in low earth orbit like a G3 would, while marking them with the HK fluted chamber markings. The plastic bits were clean, pretty good shape. Over all a good buy for classic milsurp rifle. Bud's service was FAST, it always has been. If i ever had a question, they were friendly and very helpful. Also one of my go to merchants. Can't wait for my reserved C93 to be sent. I'll have the mixed up family, MP5 (POF), C93 and C308. Thanks Bud's for a good deal on a nice firearm. more

    August 14, 2018
    Chris R D
  • 100

    Firearm came in over a week after ordering. At first glance it is really nice. Took it apart to inspect and this thing was filthy. Was parts weelre caked in carbon. Plastic furniture isn't even of good quality. Seems rea...lly fragile and weak. I replaced it with Cetme wood. Much better. Great rifle. more

    August 3, 2018
    Josiah R
  • 100

    The C308 is more than I'd hoped for. It runs well and is more accurate than I am. The recoil is significantly lighter than my bolt action 30 06 and the C308 is great fun and cheap to shoot with surplus ammo.

    August 2, 2018
    David R
  • 100

    Got the C308 through layaway, which is a great idea of Bud's. The rifle was in excellent condition and came with x2 20 round mags and x1 5 round mag. Took it out to the range and ran some tula steel ammo and some Remingt...on brass through it. This rifle fired beautifully! 120 rounds without one problem. It was incredibly accurate as well. A lot of people were complaining about the welds on the picatinny rail but mine looks very professionally done. The trigger seemed to be another issue with some, but I guess I got lucky with this too. My trigger pull is smooth. I wouldn't call it a hair trigger but it doesn't take much to fire it. All in all, a great firearm and I'm very glad I purchased it. Bud's was excellent with the shipping process. Got my rifle in 3 days. more

    July 31, 2018
    James B
  • 100

    Shipping was superb fast as can be. Guns is solid, put 100 rounds Thru it, wolf steel case had issues at first from one mag tried second mag and worked flawless. Could have done with out the good that mags are stored in,... but was water with degreeser got it off. All and all five out of five all around. more

    July 23, 2018
    Damon J
  • 100

    I love this rifle. At this point I have only shot 20 rounds with no problems. I have been looking around and BGS had the best price.

    July 11, 2018
    Julio G
  • 100

    So far, so good! one range session in, and the C308 performed quite well. Fired 20rounds Tulamo FMJ steel case from the five rnd mag, cleaning the barrel after each volley (break in procedures from the manual). After tha...t we loaded up the two 20 rnd mags and let loose. The only issue was the first round of the second mag did not fire..apparently the firing pin did not strike, the other 19 had no issue. Loaded up one more 20 round and sighted the scope in at 100yrds. 3" grouping at 100yrds laying on the ground with my back pack as a rest. Planning another range session in a few weeks with an actual bench and rest. Groups should tighten up a bit. more

    July 10, 2018
    Billy W
  • 60

    For the price, still pretty happy, BUT the rear sight is totally worthless. It will not rotate without taking something like paperclips, using them to push in the little bearings through the witness holes (from both side...s) then getting a second pair of hands to rotate the sight. Once that is done, the sight still has a fairly significant amount of wobble that leads me to believe getting it to retain zero would be completely impossible. I'm going to mount an optic anyway, so not a deal breaker, but pretty shoddy stuff from Century. more

    June 21, 2018
    Nathan F
  • 100

    Nothing fancy; this is a workhorse. Cycling the action out of the box required considerable force. Finish is a little rough but everything works as advertised. I've only put one box of ammo through it and I haven't sight...ed it in yet. The clips sent with it are surplus but they work. Aftermarket clips are available but i haven't used the new aluminum ones I ordered yet. Disassembly goes according to the instructions but I found reassembly a challenge because the parts fit so tightly. Overall, I'm pleased and i'm planning to use it hog hunting. more

    June 14, 2018
    Richard G
  • 100

    I was looking for a larger caliber long gun but due too recent purchases , had to watch the budget. Saw the C 308 and read the reviews on the web and figured that I couldn't beat the price.. Got the gun and its become my... new favorite in my collection. First time at the range and no issues and almost no recoil. 'couldn't beat Bud's price and will be ordering my next item from them. more

    June 7, 2018
    marty m
  • 100

    As always Bud's is top notch in all regards, now to the rifle review. I, as everyone else had seen the reviews on Century Arms products, but after doing some research decided to order a C308. I'm glad that I did. Side by... side against my PTR rifle I can see a few cosmetic differences but nothing to worry about. It is a battle rifle and not a safe queen so performance is what I care about. Perform it does indeed, a couple of light strikes aside this rifle shoots well and accurately. I have run several different types of ammo through it and it just keeps going strong. I recommend it. more

    May 29, 2018
    Michael M
  • 100

    After hearing some negative things about Century arms ; I was a little hesitant to buy this rifle. After receiving, and firing the rifle; I’m extremely happy that I did. This thing is a blast to shoot. Trigger is a lit...tle heavy, but not as heavy as some reviews make it out to be. I’ve only got about 100 rounds through it, but haven’t had any failures so far. The magazines that I received with it were in great shape, but were obviously surplus stuff. I’m really happy with this thing. more

    May 24, 2018
    Larry C
  • 100

    absolutely love this rifle, the feel, the look, nice powerful round, good barrel length. shoots well. only offset is the weight but its not too noticeable.

    May 9, 2018
    Mark S
  • 100

    Great rifle great price shoots very smooth not much kick is easy on the shoulder. I've fired over 300 rounds through mines and no issues so far. When it first arrived it was very hard to charge but once oiled and a few r...ounds through it charging became much smoother. Great rifle worth the purchase. more

    May 8, 2018
    Joseph C
  • 80

    The magazines that comes with it suck horribly. Jamming minimum 4-8 times a clip. Good fun other then that I love it.

    April 19, 2018
    Shane B
  • 100

    Always wanted a HK91. Researched the difference between the CA C308 vs. the PTR 308. I personally went with the CA C308 due to the greater interchangeability with standard HK/CEMTE parts. The rifle arrived clean and very... tight fitting, The charging handle is very hard to pull, hopefully this will loosen up a bit after use. I particularly like the addition of the Picatinny rail. I added a sight with ease. So far with a little over 100 rounds, the rifle has been 100{74bc31db897e7e83e741e1a9b27e63c42adc46284812a1bafe5050e74fbfd318} reliable, no jams or FTF. The welds are more prominent than the the PTR, but this is not an issue for me. So far, this purchase has been a very good, soft shooting 308. more

    April 10, 2018
    Andrew W
  • 80

    Ehhhhh..... Well.....I like to try and give helpful and informative reviews, so here goes. First the good things.... this rifle shoots nicely. It was super stiff until I cleaned and oiled the action significantly. I have... put approx. 200 rounds thru this rifle with no hiccups so far. I have shot it cold, hot, slow and fast.... no problems. The bad thing(s) about this rifle, to me, are mostly cosmetic. The welds, (as mentioned in other reviews), aren't exactly top quality. I mean, they seem to be secure but they sure aren't pretty. The safety lever in particular seems to be just gob-welded on as an afterthought. Ugghhhh. And of course the reviews that say this rifle is loud are right on the mark. It is. No doubt. Sights are a little tough to dial in as the sight picture is rather large inside the rear round sight. But as far as being a fun-shooting and nostalgic-looking .308, it is a welcome addition to a collection. Much better than the CETME .308's from just a few years ago. Makes one heck of a hog gun. ;) more

    March 21, 2018
    David D
  • 100

    Glad I purchased it! Not a single problem at all. Loves to fling spent shells and eats up all types of ammo and cycles all the types of mags I have: steel and aluminum, Hk and Cetme. A big heavy hitting rifle not for the... faint of heart. Go .308 or go home! more

    March 19, 2018
    John R
  • 80

    It took 6 days to get it. I know the C308 comes from surplus parts but that has nothing to do with a front post a little of to the right. I wasn't going to put optics on this but it looks like now I will have to. The rif...le is not light, but it seems heavier than it is. I took it apart and clean it, nothing big just old gunk I assume from the rounds fired during testing. The bolt is a pain in the rear taking apart and putting it back, but doable.The C308 looks good for the price. I did not shoot it yet, but I will when I get a chance. The 2 twenty rounds magazines that came with it were disgusting, it seems they took them out of a grease barrel and dropped them inside the packaging box. This is the third time I have ordered from Buds and the first time they did not make me happy. I assume for the money paid its a good buy, I seen it out there in the outside market for $950. more

    March 12, 2018
    Laura B C
  • 100

    Bolt was a little stiff and gritty but cleaned up nicely and lube smoothed it up a ton. Packs quite a punch to the shoulder. Fit and finish overall fantastic. Would definitely recommend to someone looking for a 308 semi ...auto. more

    February 5, 2018
    Derek F
  • 100

    While you can find it a bit cheaper if you search online, the no transfer fee thru your local Rural King makes up for it. I have ran three boxes through it so far and the only issue has been the screw on porting at the e...nd of the barrel working loose. Shoots great, I found no big issues with the trigger being to heavy/rough as mentioned in some reviews. It's a battle rifle, not a nail driver. It will however, hold decent enough groups for deer or coyote hunting if that's what you're looking for. Came with 1) 5 round and 2) 20 round mags. more

    February 2, 2018
    Hoosier Daddy
  • 100

    Exactly as expected, solid well built rifle and preformed flawlessly right out of the box. The 20 rounders were the original cetme and I think the 5 rounder is hk. Overall good purchase and Bud's made it nice and simple.... more

    January 17, 2018
    patrick a
  • 100

    As always, buds was great on the service/shipping end. The weapon itself appears to be well made and pretty solid. I have not taken mine to the range yet because the temps outside have yet to be above 0 since I got it so... I cant speak on performance just yet. I will say this, the sights on this are VERY tall and may have an effect on what optics you can and cant put on. I found a great scope at Cabelas on sale but due to its length and the height of the rear sight, it could not be used without removing the rear sight. Risers weren't an option either since the scope mounts already brought it up to its max elevation. I settled for a red dot instead. I cant wait to get this out to the range though. more

    January 4, 2018
    jeffrey c
  • 100

    Four months later I FINALLY made it out to the range. After 200 trouble-free rounds I obliterated the 8” black circle on my target using the iron sights at 100 yards. I’m not sure if I’m going to buy a scope for th...is yet, as I should have no issues hitting a man-size target at 400 yards. more

    December 28, 2017
  • 100

    Great rifle fun to shoot not a single problem from it

    December 20, 2017
    martin v
  • 100

    Rifle works great! spit out everything I put through it so far. No complaints other than the 20 rd mags were completely filthy and had sand and dirt. it should come with at least a new 20 rd mag. And the last thing was w...hen I opened my cleaning kit inside it was empty it was kinda disappointing lol but Ihe gun is definitely still awesome Hopefully they will send me a new cleaning kit👍🏻 more

    November 29, 2017
    Josh F
  • 100

    haven't had a chance to use it yet but well made. 2 fee clips..cool.

    November 15, 2017
    Matt M
  • 100

    Ive always wanted one of these and when Buds had a special sale on them I jumped on it. PTR Built and PTR quality rifle with some Century Arms parts. Very Pleased with it.Accurate out to 400 yards (thats the length of my... range) hit a 12 inch metal plate every time. A+++ to Buds more

    November 4, 2017
    carl w
  • 100

    For 699.99 you get a .308 battle rifle with 2 20rd and a 5rd magazine ( mine came with steel mags not aluminum huge plus ) and this rifle compared to a ar10 at 700 ill take this all day long new mags are 3$ ea off midway... and i got front pic rail for 39$ and a mag pull stock for 120$ and i put one of my vortex red dots on it and out to about 200-250 yds with the red dot ill get inch and a half to 2 inch groups with federal premium match ammo and 2-3 inch groups with the super cheap tul ammo witch im happy with and has been 100{d360af57f734523592462f441a1fd194cfc08cc04014898539bd5aaef977629c} reliable with the first 350 rounds put through it ( be aware that these rifles have fluted chamber they will eat your brass up ) more

    November 2, 2017
    Dylan W
  • 100

    i bought this rifle c308 and when i picked it up it only had a 5rd mag, i got in touch with buds and they had the other two 20rd mags shipped to me in a hurry. can't go wrong shopping with buds

    November 1, 2017
  • 100

    For the money this G3 clone is worth it. Filed for a competitor price match and got an instant approval! Very fun gun to shoot. Overall the build quality is very good. While these have mixed PTR cetme parts it is a cetme.... I put a HK 91 wide hand guard on it and had to grind down a ring of metal from the gas T to get it to fit. more

    October 19, 2017
    David B
  • 100

    I got a price match on this rifle through Buds great gun I have had the rifle for 3 weeks now and due to being so busy at work I have been unable to get to the range to test fire the CAI 308, till today I ran 40 rounds o...f tulamo through the rifle during the recommended break in period bore brushing and cleaning between rounds rifle performed flawlessly, I just love this rifle I plan on Friday next week to finish running another 160 rounds to complete breaking in the new Barrel, great gun great price Buds customer service is great as usual Thanks Buds! more

    October 14, 2017
    Paul W
  • 80

    The gun wasn't an hk91 but it functioned perfectly the trigger needs to be replaced but I expected it to be bad.the welds were really better than I expected after reading other articles.I believe new trigger and accuracy... would improve tremendously.very good price. more

    August 23, 2017
    joel c
  • 100

    Excellent service from the bud teams. C308 is a great buy for a 308 caliber rifle. No issue so far and smooth transaction with Buds Team. You guy"s deserve a 5 star.

    August 13, 2017
    Noel G
  • 100

    I placed my order at 5am and the rifle shipped the same day. Thank you Bud's! The rifle came in undamaged condition and at a fair price. The rifle is built like a tank. Weighting 9.6# it offers a light recoil experience ...with the hot 7.62 Nato cartridge. I would recommend this rifle. And would highly recommend Bud's to friends and family. more

    August 12, 2017
    Craig C
  • 80

    I received the rifle and the visual inspection went OK. I was surprised to find that the handle and other parts were made of poly. I suppose it will last several years but if you plan on firing the rifle allot, or consid...er that if accidentally dropped it may break, then think it over first. It still has a pretty serious cool factor in my book. It looks very mean. Mine came with 2 twenty and 1 five round magazines. The charging handle is on the left side of the receiver and function is moderately easy. The rear sight flips forward in a circular motion and you have different size ghost rings for various shooting situations. 4 positions total. I really like that. I have not fired the weapon yet, so based on that and the fact there was unexpected poly it will get 4 stars. If I went on pure looks of how ominous this thing is in real time, it would get 6 stars. It is the meanest looking rifle in my safe. more

    August 12, 2017
    greg b
  • 100

    For the money you get a great product. You have to realize that this firearm is a surplus parts kit built. The one I received had a ton of metal shavings and sand in the bolt and cocking tube. Also the cocking handle sup...port did not fit right and the action was extremely stiff, these are all simple fixes and after a few inexpensive upgrades my C308 runs flawlessly. Buds was great quick delivery and product was exactly as described by buds, and at an incredible price. more

    August 11, 2017
    Michael C
  • 100

    First off I haven't shoot this rifle yet so this is a review on aesthetics. Gorgeous power coating, top quality assembly (thanks to PTR contract). You will notice veteran parts, they are bolt/bolt group carrier,bayonet l...ug safety selector and the two 20rnd mags it came with. as always I don't take risks on CIA products alone and opted to buy the Budds Lifetime warranty. more

    July 30, 2017
    Fred D
  • 100

    C'mon! Really? For the price, you can't pass this up. I've wanted a CETME C or G3 style rifle for some time and when I saw this, I jumped on it. Nice rifle. Shoots well, feeds anything you throw at it. These things are s...elling out everywhere, so I'd get it now before they're gone. more

    July 16, 2017
    Robert D
  • 20

    This is built from surplus Spanish parts and a new stock and barrel. The bolt on mine was pretty beat up, and I am not real happy with the purchase. If I had to do it over again, there is a completely new clone of the HK..., which is more expensive, and worth it. I paid $700 for this thing, and even at this lower price, I wish I had spent more and gotten an all new rifle. more

    July 15, 2017
    Joel L
  • 40

    Fails to eject and misfeeds about 50{d3112f1657b079a97d54caff409934f0330f93b101a24bddcc21f689bf13206a} of the time or worse with steel cased ammo and about 15{d3112f1657b079a97d54caff409934f0330f93b101a24bddcc21f689bf132...06a} of the time with brass. Bolt was pretty cruddy when I received it and I learned my lesson to better inspect prior to accepting. I am pretty sure this one was returned or had been fired for more than just a QA check. The sights as received were horrifically bad and between multiple shooters at 100 yds it was about 8ft right and 6 feet high. I was looking for a cheap, reliable .308. I guess I got half right. more

    July 10, 2017
    Nathan S
  • 100

    For the money you can't beat it.Out to the range today with a scope mounted, 11/2 inch group with the cheapest ammo you can buy, Tul And me a shaky 70yo guy.

    July 8, 2017
    william m
  • 80

    This rifle has been a great shooter. The muzzle breaker works really well but makes it a little too loud for me, so that might come off in the future. The finish and welding are nice, all mags fit well too. So far out of... 200rds of cheap Monarch lacquer steel ammo I had zero malfunctions. Reloaders beware this rifle DOES damage the cases upon ejection. more

    June 20, 2017
    Jesus Z
  • 100

    This gun is what I expected it to be, I had no problems with this gun and I have been shooting the cheapest ammo through it. Mags are cheap so stock up on them. A little on the heavy side but if you cant handle it then y...ou don't need a 308, maybe a 22lr. So far I like it and it will be a keeper. more

    May 9, 2017
    Joseph S
  • 100

    Rifle arrived in great shape. I tested the rifle with some South African surplus ammo I had laying around. The rifle ran great. The magazines for this rifle are real cheap. I think I paid about seventy dollars for twenty... magazines. The rifle is more accurate than I am so I will probably be making use of the scope rail on the top of the receiver. more

    April 16, 2017
    Lewis H
  • 100

    I can't count the number of firearms I have purchased from Bud's and it has always been a great experience. The only time there was a snag they bent over backwards and fixed it. Now about the rifle. Very cool looking rif...le and not a lot of sloppiness in quality. Accuracy seems to be fairly good. I will know more as I get used to shooting it. Very pleased and considering another. more

    April 14, 2017
    William S
  • 80

    I took this gum to the range and put 200 down range. It's fairly accurate and I had so much fun shooting this gun. It definitely turned heads at the range.

    April 7, 2017
    Christopher L
  • 20

    I don't think I have ever been more disappointed in a gun purchase. The wield job on top of the gun is atrocious. How could you even send this out like this? I paid over $700 for a completely jacked up gun. I would recom...mend to anyone buying from Century to ask for a photo of the gun. I personally will never buy from them again. Also, would like to say that Buds has been really amazing trying to make this right. Stellar customer service. more

    March 20, 2017
    Joe S
  • 100

    Run has run flawless since I got it. Several hundred rounds of all different kinds of ammo. Don't hesitate to buy

    February 21, 2017
    Edward H
  • 100

    This is my 3rd purchase from buds and I would have to say they redeemed their selves after how long it took for me to get my last purchase which out of 4 guns only one took a bit to get through processing. This rifle was... went through processing and shipping very fast. The C308 that I have received was very clean not a spot of rust or anything bad. Although I still pulled it apart to check everything the only thing I would have to say I had a little problem with getting the bolt and carrier back into the receiver, nothing wrong with the gun or anything just I am so used to ak47s and the c308 is very simple design it just took me a little bit get it right. I have ran both brass and steel ammo through it and both cycle great. The brass does come out dented and probably about 20 feet away but so reloading probably isn't a option with the brass. However overall I love this gun if I had enough spare cash I would of picked up 2. more

    January 3, 2016
    Andrew K
  • 100

    The rifle arrived in like new condition. Bud's is my new favorite place to shop! This is a mans gun! It feels like like a real piece of machinery. Hats off to Bud's guns and Century Arms!

    January 1, 2016
    Michael T
  • 100

    Great rifle. Got the chance to shoot it for the first time a few days ago. Ran between 200-300 rounds of perfecta and zqi through it without any problems. Thanks buds.

    December 23, 2015
    Michael B
  • 100

    This is a great rifle for the price. I took it out to the range today for the first time and fed 100x Tulammo steel cased .308 no problem. It ate that stuff up smoothly with no hiccups. One of my favorite guns I own.

    December 16, 2015
    Ruben R
  • 100

    All I have to say is wow! Buy it now before they are gone, oops never mind they are already out of stock. The Century haters, uninformed at best, can keep hating, and I'll keep shooting my new 100{2b6531003de7dca97d8fa68...c874b2b6c139df89967e6d91f05ad9884335e8373} reliable HK clone and grinning ear to ear. Is is the best value 308 battle rifle ever! Accurate and reliable, it's 100{2b6531003de7dca97d8fa68c874b2b6c139df89967e6d91f05ad9884335e8373} after 300 rounds and shoots around 2 MOA for me scoped with a Nightforce NSX 2.5-10x42 scope in a Larue SPR 104 QD mount. The 100 meter aperture is pretty weak, but the 200, 300 and 400 are money. I wish I had bought two of these rifles! Century has come a long way. I've bought 3 Romanian WASR 10's and this C308 this year and all are very good quality, 100{2b6531003de7dca97d8fa68c874b2b6c139df89967e6d91f05ad9884335e8373} reliable weapons. Smart guys pay less for more, fools pay more for less... The C308 is a winner... And FUN to shoot too! more

    December 10, 2015
    David H
  • 100

    buds , once again , is awesome

    December 9, 2015
    ivan r
  • 100

    Nothing but good things with this rifle, it's hard not to get another one.

    December 4, 2015
    Richard N
  • 100

    This rifle is the truth hands down. Buy one before they run out. This is the last of what Century purchased of Cetme at a fraction of the cost

    October 16, 2015
    Thomas P
  • 100

    This rifle is awesome! I started to research it when I found out PTR was making the receivers and barrels for this rifle. I figured if a company with their experience in building a HK G3/91 clone was putting them togethe...r, this PTR with Century supplied surplus CETME parts, would be GTG. I was not wrong! This rifle is described as used but looks brand new from the outside. The furniture and finish is very nice. The bolt is a CETME surplus part and you can tell it is surplus and has some wear along with the rest of the internals. I cleaned some old cosmo out of the bolt cleaned everything else out and lubed it. I ran a patch down the bore and saw that its brand new with nice rifling. Put it back together and headed to the range where I shot 80 rounds of steel and 20 of brass. This rifle ran flawless with all the ammo and surplus mags I picked up. It ejects the brass like a champ about 20 feet to 2 o'clock. I was hitting steel at 200 meters and getting good enough groups at a 100 with the iron sights. I just finished putting on a new wide hand guard that did require modification. The surplus slim hand guard I picked up goes on with no mods, but I wanted the extra heft and heat protection the wide fore end offers. After a mag or two the OEM hand guard gets hot, it does not have a heatshield. I am going to now mount a 1 x 4 power scope and put some more rounds downrange with my new favorite rifle! more

    October 11, 2015
    John Z
  • 20

    Very poor almost junk I will never take it to the range it Is embarrassing

    October 6, 2015
    william g
  • 100

    First of all thanks Bud's for layaway as I could not have purchased this weapon at this time without that feature. I was surprised that is was considered NEW but that's fine with me!! The gun is a really beautiful sight... to see-even my FFL dealer commented on how great it looked. Fit and finish were pristine. When I got home Friday I did not have much time so I took it out without my usual cleaning regimen. The 110 yard rear V sight is quite hard to pickup with my old eyes and I had a bit of trouble at first, but I was able to guesstimate my way thru some really decent patterns. main thing was that it was consistent and I put two mags downrange without a hitch. Friday night I outlined the edges of the V with white day-glo and it shoots better than I am capable of with open sights! After that I added a mid range 6X scope and that was when the fun really began!!!! Once zeroed in I was shooting quarter sized sets at 100 yards with ease. Notably, I am shooting some pretty old surplus 308 and it still shoots just beautifully. I am thrilled with this weapon and hope that the Century haters out there will take a look. Don't miss the boat on this great build!!! One other thing... I installed a surplus OD stock and foregrip. Foregrip popped right in but the buttstock took a fair bit of filing on the area where the buffer slides into the stock. Not really a big deal, took me about thirty minutes and I like the OD look. more

    October 4, 2015
    Patrick G
  • 100

    Seriously badass! I did not realize it at the time, this being an impulse purchase, that this rifle is a German G3 battle rifle, semi auto version. The rifle is made from refurbished parts and new parts, I suppose to com...ply with foreign import laws. It had an incredible amount of lubricant on it. So I dutifully cleaned it. So off to the range! I loaded all three mags with 308 ammo. Interestingly enough the date of manufacture was 1981 for the mags which was the same year that I was in the army ☺ and trained with the Germans... Used iron sights, set to 2, for 200 meters. Fired 60 rounds with about .75 second between rounds. I was able to put most of the rounds center mass. No failure to feed or eject. Absolutely perfect. Amazing that it did not need any sight adjustment. The rifle has a muzzle brake / compensator. This definatly reduced recoil to negligible levels and minimized muzzle rise allowing me to fire with the .75 second follow ups allowing massive fire on target. My fellow shooters noted that it was LOUD. And it produced an impressive fire ball with every shot. Probably not the best choice in a night fire fight or if you want to remain concealed. The bad guys will know it was you for sure. The barrel gets very hot. It is a good idea for your support hand to have a glove. After 60 shots the barrel shroud was almost imposible to hold, it was so hot. So from now on I will use shooting gloves. This rifle is now my favorite and will be my go to weapon should the s**t hit the fan. As usual buds service was flawless. Two thumbs up. more

    September 26, 2015
    Kenneth P
  • 100

    This new CIA C308 is super badass!!!! Owning 2 Cetme 308's and a C93 5.56mm I already am partial to the HK Clones and this is just a damn nice addition if I don't say so myself! The welds and finish are better then the o...ld Cetme Battle Rifle by far. The built in Rail saves you at least $60 on the bracket for a scope which a 308 deserves. At 44 I can't see nearly how far this rifle can shoot accurately so I have ordered a nice 7.62 Nikon scope to dedicate to this Rifle. Now time to order as much 7.62 m80 ball that I can afford!! This Rifle is a great buy anywhere in the $600's. I got lucky and put one on lay away when they were only $610 so I am very happy with my purchase! Now time for my S&W 629 44mag! more

    August 21, 2015
    Chris S