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Critic Consensus

The ergonomics of the TP9 are excellent for a polymer handgun. Though the stippled grips are a aggressive, aiding shooters pistol retention when wet or oily. Even though the stippled surfaces are rough, the weapon is comfortable to shoot even for shooters like myself who white-knuckle their pistols. Good news for small-handed shooters, the grips have a small channel above the mag... Read critic reviews...

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The CANIK TP9SA Mod.2 Semi-Auto Pistol is a feature-rich single-action pistol, boasting comfortable ergonomics and ambidextrous controls. Featuring Warren tactical sights for rapid, intuitive target acquisition, and a short reset, single-action trigger, this handgun excels in rapid fire scenarios, and withstands heat, water, dirt, and sand for dependable performance. The stainless steel, match-grade barrel and slide feature a durable Nitride finish for superior corrosion resistance, while a loaded chamber indicator and striker status indicator offers enhanced visual safety. The reversible magazine release allows both right- and left-handed shooters to handle the weapon with ease, while an accessory rail readily accepts a variety of lights and laser sights for enhanced versatility.

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