Chinese Type 53 Carbine, Cal. 7.62x54r

Chinese Type 53 Carbine, Cal. 7.62x54r



Reviews: 195
Total reviews: 195
Positive: 101
Mixed: 54
Negative: 40
Retail Price: $122.00
Used Value: $79.30

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Chinese Type 53 Carbine, Cal. 7.62x54r Info

Century once again offers you rare examples of Sino-Soviet cooperation from a bygone era! The Type 53?is a copy of the famous Russian M44 carbine, and like its predecessor is chambered in 7.62x54R. We were able to locate a cache of these carbines where they have been preserved for decades just waiting to be re-issued. Needless to say – these won’t be around forever. If you are a collector of Mosin-Nagants, this is a fantastic opportunity to add a hard-to-find carbine to your collection. 5 rd. integral mag. Barrel: 20.25″, Overall: 40″, Weight: 9 lbs. Condition: Good. ?***Gunsmithing may apply for accessories.***

Chinese Type 53 Carbine, Cal. 7.62x54r Specifications

ActionBolt Action
Barrel Length20.25"

Chinese Type 53 Carbine, Cal. 7.62x54r Pricing

Used Gun
Fair Market Range $113 - $118
Fair Market Price $116
MSRP $122.00
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Chinese Type 53 Carbine, Cal. 7.62x54r Reviews

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  • 100

    As per the other reviews, (and my expectations), my type 53 is pretty rough. Well, we won't say, "rough", we'll say "has character". LOTS of character. Thing is, I rather like a gun with a lot of character-- getting an o...ld survivor and putting some more rounds through it feels right somehow. Buds shipped to me in a ridiculous hurry (three days from order to first delivery attempt when my dealer wasn't in, delivered the day after), especially considering the ice storm that hit at the same time; I expected at least a few extra days because of the weather. Great updates and order tracking, which is good for people like me who care entirely too much about such things. Top notch on their side. The rifle seems pretty similar to a lot of the reviewers' rifle-- the stock is in one piece, but looks like it was used in a misguided attempt to beat a tank to death. It may have succeeded, for all I know. Certainly looks like it was an epic battle; it also has lots of little stamps in the wood to add even more character. Cleaning rod is gone to wherever the cleaning rods from this batch of imports went-- I'll give a little salute to its passing and make a new one. The bore shows promise (In what little time I've had lately for hobbies I've completed the first of many steps you have to go through with Mosins to get down to the truth of the matter), and looks good enough that I expect most of what I shoot will end up more or less where I want it to. Not counterbored, though the crown is a little beat up. I don't expect superb accuracy-- I expect horrendous noises, giant fireballs, and a kick like a mule. That's what carbines are for, after all, and what I'm all about. Honestly, it's not looking all that much worse than my 91/30 ex-dragoon's bore, and that one is quite the shooter. The metal does have a lot of bluing wear, and some small corrosion spots. Just surface stuff, no bad pits. "Good" condition is a pretty big stretch, but I'd give it a "fair". Thing is, when you get it it looks ten times worse, and you have to put a LOT of time into cleaning and cosmoline removal. The first time I looked down the barrel I nearly had a heart attack-- it looked all the world like a rusty old water main full of mud. Shoved a patch through and pushed out an amazing amount of gunk-- and just kept cleaning it out until I'm fairly pleased with it. You go though an odd progression of, "why did I buy this awful thing?" to "well, maybe this was a good idea", to "I need to bayonet something. Now.". All in all, a heckova deal at the price. If I wasn't so broke I'd probably buy a few more-- if I knew about these a few years ago when they were REALLY cheap, I'd have a room full. Already way too excited about getting the time to go out and try this thing on some unsuspecting (and soon to be in orbit) soda cans. more

    March 17, 2014
    Nathan G
  • 100

    Received my 1956 Chinese Type 53 advertised as condition "Good". After a full inspection of the rifle, it appears to be in very good to excellent condition excluding the stock which I would rate good. Clean sharp rifling..., no counterbore, excellent crown, no rust, light cosmo., excellent metal, tight bolt, all numbers matching except bolt. I test fired it yesterday and it is a sweet machine! I refinished the stock and it is beautiful carbine ! I couldn't be more pleased. I have two Mosin 91/30s on the way which were advertised in excellent condition! I can't wait... THANKS BUDS!!! more

    March 16, 2014
    Joe H
  • 100

    This is a perfect piece of history! My type 53 came pretty well preserved in cosmoline as to be expected, the stock is pretty rough, as to be expected but all of the numbers match and the bore on this rifle is outstandin...g! I am gonna restore this rifle to its former glory(or better) and place it on a mount on my wall because it is just a beauty! Thanks BUD'S for hooking me up this time, because my last type 53 wasn't worth reviewing. more

    March 12, 2014
    Kevin R
  • 100

    Very fast shipping.. 3 working days just went to my FFL and picked up one of 4 I bought will pick up the rest when they arrive granted the stock is rough the metal is just fine covered with Cosmo line ... rifling is very... strong ... should be a good shooter .. overall lot better than I expected after reading some of the reviews.. so impressed I bought 3 more... will leave feedback again after receiving the other 3.. would I recommend that someone buy one .. YES...very good deal for 119.00 ... only suggestion would be to wrap them in some bubble wrap before boxing up... very happy with the one I just received... more

    March 10, 2014
    Luther S
  • 100

    Just got this gun yesterday and shot it today. I have to say I'm very pleased with it. It takes a fair amount of cleaning up to get it in good shooting condition but for a 119 bucks its totally worth it. I think this is ...a great buy! more

    March 9, 2014
    dan r
  • 100

    Ordered Tuesday night, received Thursday by noon. As always, fast service. While I've not shot the rifle yet, condition was about expected. Wood is very rough, but I like the character, and have no intentions of altering... it. The rest of the gun in great shape. No pitting, no rust and barrel is clean. For the $, a nice addition to the collection. I imagine these will be around $200 or up in a year or two....better scoop one up at this price. more

    March 7, 2014
    Charles H
  • 100

    I got lucky with mine. Looks old has rust here and there but I love it man!! Shoots just fine . Im fine with mine..

    March 6, 2014
    Mark G
  • 80

    This rifle turned out to be a pretty decent shooter considering the price. If you are willing to do a little work to get these back in serviceable condition then this is the rifle for you. If you want something that you ...can shoot right out of the box this rifle isn't for you. Be aware that the stock will be beat up, it will be covered with cosmoline, the cleaning rod will be missing and the numbers probably won't match. I think this was a great deal at $119. As long as you don't have any unrealistic expectations about what condition these are in you should be happy with this purchase. A good value for a fun and inexpensive shooter. more

    February 27, 2014
    Allen R
  • 100

    I ordered another 3 type 53's. Shipping was a week faster this time. All 3 were pretty good. Very minor pitting. 2 of the stocks were really nice and one looked like it was used as a crow bar and a shovel. All 3 bores very nice after cleaning. All numbers matched but the bolts. All 3 shot good. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, these rifles are awesome. Thanks buds! more

    February 21, 2014
    Jeffrey F
  • 100

    You cannot go wrong with this rifle for the money. did need a little TLC. Just remember it does take some elbow grease to become a nice rifle.

    February 16, 2014
    Shaun M
  • 100

    No serial numbers matched. Deep, deep corrosion on bolt knob and front band. No cleaning rod. Have seen better wood on pallets I've thrown in the fire. Still gave it five stars. It's a functioning rifle for $119 for gosh... sakes. Don't expect allot and you will be pleased. If you like your firearms to have "character" then you will be VERY pleased. more

    February 13, 2014
    Steven N
  • 100

    Awesome gun for the price. Takes a little work but it's what your asking for when you buy this gun. I'm happy to have it. Thanks Buds

    February 10, 2014
    James S
  • 20

    It was a gamble and we lost on this one. The stock had a huge, deep crack running below the bolt, down and the around the back, rendering it useless. No more Chinese M53s. The Mosin Nagant 91/30 we bought was almost perf...ect. So I will be purchasing another 91/30 but no m53s ever again. more

    February 9, 2014
    charles m
  • 20

    Make sure you look over it VERY well... The one i recieved the wood was in rather poor condition but i decided to keep it because i figured i would be able to restore it and make it look nice again... After cleaning it i... broke it down removed some one the wood so i could begine restoration... The upper barrel is pitted so deep it has almost rusted through making the firearm usless other than a wall hanger.... Lesson learned if it looks like sh*t send it back! If i could give it less than 1 star i would... The only good thing i can say is that bud's did ship promptly more

    February 8, 2014
    Michael B
  • 80

    Very happy. All the serial numbers matched and bore in good shape with descent wood as well. The bolt is very smooth. I am very happy with this weapon and feel very lucky :-)

    February 4, 2014
    Russell D
  • 100

    This rifle is everything I expected, it has been used well, who knows in how many conflicts. The bolt slides great, the trigger sqeeze can't be more than a pound which is awesome. Who ever had this rifle over the years c...arved words on it which adds character for sure. Will be sanding it down to refinish the wood, is a great addition to my prep box. more

    February 2, 2014
    Dustin C
  • 100

    As usual, Bud's gets 5 stars. These guns are rough. I bought two. No cosmoline at all. Very dried and in very rough shape. The wood reminded me of old weathered barn siding. I didn't expect them to be in good condition, ...but I was a little shocked at just how bad it was. Just know going in what you are getting... a restoration project. I still give the purchase 5 stars. A piece of history for a hundred bucks... and excellent service by Bud's. more

    February 1, 2014
    Dave M
  • 100

    It's old, rugged, and a little beat up but it is absolutely beautiful. If this thing could talk I'm sure it'd be very interesting to hear what it said. Love at first sight. Bore is perfect, action is smooth. Covered in c...osmoline. Shoots dead on. Big fireballs. Stop reading this and buy one. I promise you won't regret it. Thank you buds, y'all are awesome more

    January 31, 2014
    Neil R
  • 80

    Rifle was just about as described. The condition left something to be desired, but it makes a great project gun. I stripped it down to the screws and pins, and cleaned the heck out of it. The was some deep pitting in the... bolt handle, and a chunk of rust on the bottom of the receiver between the rear screw hole and the stock, but nothing serious overall. The end of the bayonet was also rusted. I did purchase Buds lifetime warranty on this rifle, just in case. The bluing on the rifle is worn away, but it gives it a battle-worn look, which is cool. The largest complaint I have with the rifle is the stock. It's just about done for. There's tons of scratches and gouges in the stock and a few spots where it looks like the wood began to rot from moisture trapped under the steel. Worst of all, there is a hairline crack running horizontally through the handle of the stock. more

    January 30, 2014
    Angelo S
  • 80

    The stock was in good shape as was all the other parts except for the barrel, after cleaning, the barrel is borderline poor to fair - pitting from rust - not sure if I will shoot it or not, rifling is even all the way bu...t very very faint. Has not been counter bored. For the price it was worth it but I learned a good lesson and from now on I will stick to excellent grades when it comes to military surplus. I'm happy though and have learned a lot from it, everyone should buy at least one just for the experience. If the bore was in better shape I would buy another one, but!! more

    January 28, 2014
    Eric B
  • 100

    Purchased with the intent to recondition. Received the firearm and disassembled it completely. Barrel, bolt, and trigger assembly are not numbers matching. Very little cosmoline, and no rust on any piece of metal. Stock ...was in horrible condition. Purchased aftermarket stock. Test fired with factory sights, and they were spot on up to 100 yards with less than one inch grouping. Loved the BOOM from this rifle. Removed rear factory sight, and bayonet lug with front sight. Installed rail where rear sight was, with a long range scope. If your looking for a good rifle to build or even refinish, this is it. Price makes it completely affordable, aftermarket parts are everywhere, and ammunition is relatively inexpensive. Definitely a bang for your buck!!!!! more

    January 27, 2014
    Ryan W
  • 100

    What a great gun for the money. This was my first online purchase from Bud's and it went great. The shipping was fast and hassle free. The stock on the gun is a little rough, but it just adds to the character. It cleaned... up nicely and shoots accurately. more

    January 25, 2014
    Sherman C
  • 80

    I received my T53 on Friday, January 17. Quick delivery time of 5 days. The rifle was packed in lots of cosmo and was in relatively good shape. There was a slight bit of rust on the bolt handle but will be easily buffed ...out. Bore was dirty but after cleaning the lands and grooves were pretty good and after some good scrubbing i'd say the bore is in good condition now. The stock was in good shape except for a few gouges that were small and the metal bluing was decent. I was just going to clean it and leave it as is until I saw that the stock had some nice grain showing and a type of Zebra striped pattern. I've decided to sand it down well and apply some polyurethane to it to enhance the beauty of the wood. No complaints and using my C&R I saved transfer fees from a FFL. Looking forward to sending some rounds downrange. more

    January 20, 2014
    William W
  • 80

    Picked one of these up the other day. It was packed with cosmoline but that was to be expected. Followed some directions off the web; heat gun, citristrip, stain, and tung oil and I got it looking like a new rifle! haven...'t taken it to the range yet. Still waiting for my firing pin tool. These clean up nice if you do it right. more

    January 18, 2014
    Lorenzo O
  • 60

    Having read the reviews on this it seemed to be hit and miss on the condition of the rifle one would receive, so I took a gamble. Based on what I unboxed yesterday, I should quit buying lottery tickets. I know Buds has n...o control on what is in the boxes as they are already boxed and are just shipped. This rifle looked like it had just been picked up from the jungle floor and boxed up. The stock was very rough with even had what looked like to be worm holes in one spot. The metal was rusted and pitted in places, this is for sure a project rifle. So for those who received a nice rifle, congratulations, your luck is better than mine. I would rate the product a 1 and Buds service a 5 so I will give the purchase the average on the rating. more

    January 17, 2014
    Stanley R
  • 80

    Took about four days to get to my FFL which I thought was great. The metal parts were in very good condition and cleaned up pretty easy. The stock was as I expected, dinged up and dry, but no splits or large chunks Barrel is pretty good too. It did not come with a cleaning rod which I figured would happen as well. Bolt is pretty sticky and a little rough, but I can fix that. Overall, better than I expected. If you are looking for a shooter, buy one. more

    January 16, 2014
    Robin R
  • 100

    Got my T53 fast shipping and I love it no matter what the stock looks like it was a 1953 thanks buds

    January 15, 2014
    John C
  • 80

    Received my 53 today. First look down the bore was scary but after I cleaned it it was AMAZING. A shiny bore with vg rifling and the stock is typical era finish, a little rough but could be redone nicely. I'm going to le...ave it as is. 1/2 hour later and she was cleaned and shined up rather well. I fired three rounds of surplus russian at around 50 yds just to try it out putting my sights on the center of a white target since it would be dark shortly. I walked over not expecting much and there were three rounds in a 2.5 inch group one inch low and left. I give it four stars ONLY because the stock was a little ratty. Can't beat it for this price. more

    January 14, 2014
    John T M
  • 80

    Picked up my Type 53 only 4 days after ordering. Thanks, Buds, for the super-fast and FREE shipping! The carbine was in really good shape. The stock has a few gouges and scratches, but I was expecting that. The metal par...ts of the gun are all in really good shape with only some very minor corrosion in a few small spots. Most of the bluing is in excellent shape. The top of the receiver looks brand new. The bore is bright and pit-free with good rifling. Glad I "pulled the trigger" on this deal and might think about getting another. How wrong can you go for $119? more

    January 10, 2014
    Jason S
  • 100

    Thank you Buds, Wow I'm totally impressed with the quality of this rifle. I have to admit I was worried that it would look like it had been run over by a tank. It looks almost brand new, for a 1956 it's awesome!.All matc...hing numbers and very little cosmoline. It looks like it has never been fired. I can't wait to clean and refinish the the stock and get to the range. I highly recommend joining Team Buds membership, I picked this up in 3 days. Fast delivery as promised. Bottom line, I'm ordering a couple more. Thank you Buds more

    January 9, 2014
    Robert W
  • 100

    Very glad I purchased this Chinese Type 53 rifle from Bud's! I just cleaned all of the cosmoline off of it and it was very well preserved. This rifle has seen action but the bore and bayonet mechanism looked great and wo...rked excellently! The bolt action showed signs of age but operates smoothly. The stock was scratched up and needs to be refinished but it is not a negative because I plan on upgrading the stock soon anyway. Very fast shipping on this order. Thanks Bud's! Looking forward to many purchases with Bud's in the future! more

    January 7, 2014
    James B
  • 100

    I received my Type 53 a few days ago and just got around to breaking it down and boiling off all the cosmoline. The rifle is in good shape and I am very pleased with it! Its in better shape than I expected. I will order ...another in the future. Thanks!! more

    January 6, 2014
    kenneth r
  • 60

    Bud's is great. Now on to the rifles. I ordered two as project guns thinking I'd clean one up and leave it stock and throw a new stock on the other. Don't think I'll go through the trouble. I knew going in to this that the rifles would be rough. Rolled the dice in hopes I'd get a diamond. I didn't. The bores are rough on these. Pretty well shot smooth. Looks like they were shot a lot and shot dirty. Cosmoline's cleaning off pretty well with simple green and a tooth brush. Some surface rust, some pitting, but nothing catastrophic. Numbers don't match. One has an Izhevsk bolt. The other bolt looks like it was hammered on. I think what I'll probably do is clean these both up, figure out which one is the better shooter, and sell the other. more

    January 3, 2014
    Will M
  • 80

    Well I have a 91/30 and I always wanted a carbine version with a folding bayonet! I saw multiple reviews of the type 53 on Youtube and decided to get one from Buds. Well like any mosin variant, mine was black and caked i...n cosmoline the bayonet wouldn't even move, rust every where, and scratches and dents on the wood and the worst part of it, the stock was split! The stock was broken into 3 pieces from the bottom screw of the metal buttplate running parallel towards the grip and another little piece that was in the box where the rifle came in. Needless to say I was disappointed, but i had decided that it was gonna be a project rifle. The bolt was not matching with the rifle and when you would dry fire it the bolt would not even open, even if you kicked it like a Russian bride! But hey, 100 dollars gun. Long story short, after removing the cosmoline, glueing and screwing the pieces of the stock back together, and sanding the stock and spending 2 hours carefully polishing every part of the bolt, the action is very smooth!!!!!!!!!!!! I have since affectionately named my rifle, "Fugly." I am disappointed at the rifle that came to my FFL but after some work, I like my boom stick! more

    December 30, 2013
    diego r
  • 100

    As usual, great service from Bud's. The firearm was what I expected, after reading the reviews from both Bud's and online. My particular firearm was in great mechanical shape. Solid finish and no rust ANYWHERE. Stock was... somewhat rough but very serviceable-no cracks nor major gouges. Cosmoline was present in moderate amounts. Reasonable effort (and lots of cotton swabs) was all that was required to remove it all. Bore is bright and sharp all the way to the muzzle. Bolt locks up tightly and operates without any binds. Head-spacing, overall safety, and functionality verified by gunsmith. Overall, a handy solid rifle for an incredible price. I did splurge and put a bolt-on muzzle brake on it, which seemed to add about half a ton's weight to the muzzle. Keeps the blast and recoil down somewhat, though. I am pleased with the condition and quality of this rifle for the price. As I said, I knew what I was getting. I just didn't want to lug around the full sized rifle and this shoots very well with the shorter barrel. With my old eyes, I am able to keep 5 shots within a three inch area at 100 yards. The ugly muzzle brake diminishes the large muzzle flash and doesn't deafen the shooters nearby. For those folks with reasonable expectations, I certainly recommend this rifle. more

    December 29, 2013
    reagan p
  • 80

    This is just a first impression review. All I can say is... IT IS BEAT TO HELL AND BACK. However, looks like it function just fine. Bolt is pretty smooth, probably be very smooth after cleaning it up. No matching serial ...number. Came with almost no Cosmoline. which is to me pretty bad because the cosmoline is what preserve the rifle. I don't mind cleaning cosmoline off, rather clean that then rust any day. IT does have a bit of rust as well. more

    December 26, 2013
    Viet H
  • 80

    First thoughts, its a little rough on the outside, but hey its gonna be a fixer upper, get it home and load it up with some surplus 7.62 X 54R and see how it cycles and chambers a round, Bolt will not close on it all the... way, remove the bolt and use the cleaning rod to push out the round, inspected the Bolt and found that the ejector was bent inwards and not seating on the rim, I thought for sure that someone has inspected this gun before shipping, but hey its a very beat up used China Mosin. I will be replacing the stock so looks don't really matter, and purchasing a bent bolt, over all rifling is sharp, action smooth, if you are looking for a fixer upper you cant beat the price, and replacement parts are everywhere on the net. more

    December 24, 2013
    Kenneth C
  • 60

    stock was very rough wood was really soft numbers don't match

    December 23, 2013
    David H
  • 100

    Mine was worth the money. It's in better shape than my M44 when I bought it. The bore is in very good condition. There is some surface rust outside but none inside and the stock is dark, chipped in places but intact. . E...xpect to clean some cosmoline though for more several hours. more

    December 20, 2013
    Chad M
  • 100

    Mine is a better shooter than any of my m44 or 91/30. It shure looks like a turd but shot like a dream.

    December 17, 2013
    carlos g
  • 20

    This is a review based on my first impression. I purchased this because of a Mosin-Nagant that I purchased a couple of years ago from Buds. The Mosin-Nagant was fantastic and beautiful; especially for the price. When I r...eceived the email about these guns, I thought I would give it another shot. This gun is rough. The ad says "good" condition. I rate the gun as "fair" to "poor". more

    December 14, 2013
    Plato R
  • 100

    It was what I expected for the price. Wood is pretty beat but I plan on refinishing it anyway. Very little rust, metal finish is about 65{41ad6fc5d0451fe6fa89e04c451a8c734b700b46e299af899f2662c047541369}, bore looks grea...t. Only matching numbers are receiver and butt plate but everything fits well and the action is smooth. Seriously thinking about buying another one! more

    December 11, 2013
    Mark V
  • 100

    It was what I expected for the price. Wood is pretty beat but I plan on refinishing it anyway. Very little rust, metal finish is about 65{41ad6fc5d0451fe6fa89e04c451a8c734b700b46e299af899f2662c047541369}, bore looks grea...t. Only matching numbers are receiver and butt plate but everything fits well and the action is smooth. Seriously thinking about buying another one! more

    December 4, 2013
    Roman D
  • 100

    First weapon purchased from Buds. The entire process went very smoothly. The Chinese 53 was better than expected. Minimal cosmoline. No rust. The barrel is well rifled. The stick is rough to the touch but in otherwise go...od shape. First few rounds produced the desired effect. This rifle is a blast to shoot. Can't beat the combination of price, ease of purchase and quality of product. more

    November 27, 2013
    Bill C
  • 80

    These are great guns for the money! Stock is rough but metal is clean and bore is bright/shiny! Accuracy is excellent and trigger is light and crisp! I have two because I was impressed with my first one! For $119.00 with... free shipping you cant go wrong!! more

    November 26, 2013
    Steven S
  • 100

    Basically this is a short barrel version of the 91/30 Mosin with an attached side folding bayonet. But you already knew that... Right? Including this gun I own 4 different versions of Mosins and this one seems to jump up... into my hands most often. What can I say I am a sucker for these cheap guns... First off I think there is a little bit of luck when you purchase these sight unseen but if your area is anything like mine they just don't show up in the local gun shops. The T-53 that I received from Buds is about average and well within the limits of what I was expecting. I have put a full half crate of 440 rounds down the barrel of this thing in the past 6 months and other than a sticky bolt now and then it has never failed to fire when I pull the trigger. Compared to the 91/30 it functions exactly the same BUT when you pull the trigger expect anyone next to you to take notice because with surplus ammo and the short barrel you really feel the concussion and see a huge muzzle flash. The trigger on this gun is very basic and has a rather heavy pull but it is very predictable and you know when it's going to break. This is a very simple gun to take apart and clean even with the surplus ammo. All in all if you do your home work, watch a few YouTube vids, compare this to the other versions out there and understand your buying a piece of history that's going to have it's own character then you're not going to be disappointed. ALSO... If you have never used an FFL to transfer a firearm don't worry because Buds is easy to deal with and makes the process seamless. Most of the time the transfer fee will just about offset any tax you might have to pay if you buy local. ($15 to $25 in my area) Pull the trigger... You won't regret it. more

    November 21, 2013
    Steve B
  • 80

    If you wanted a ready,finished mosin type rifle then this is not for you. My T 53 (1955 build) was battered with small dings and gouges. It was a character piece of military arms. The metal portions were in good shape an...d very,very little rust or pitting. The bolt was a Russian bolt and no cleaning rod was included. It had a lot of cosmoline and I would rather have that than the alternative...a rusty and died out mess. I took pictures and disassembled the next day. I intend to clean and refinish the stock, as well as, cleaning up the metal portions. It's a good project piece for anyone and will be a good weapon to enjoy. I am very happy with it and was ready to accept it as a project. Buds did a great job delivering it and this is the last GREAT bargain for mosin collectors. I may buy some more while they the bayonet attachment!! Thanks again Buds!!! more

    November 20, 2013
    Per H
  • 80

    Welp, team buds member so it shipped and arrived super quick! Now to the gun itself.... Rough, stock was REALLY rough, metal work had some rust, pitting, etc but the bore is nice, rifling nice, bolt functional. Since the... stock is so bad, I'm sanding and prepping for a duracoat job and I'll purchase another in the hope it will be slightly better for a proper restore. All in all I'm SUPER pleased! I know that may sound crazy from the above description but these rifles are what they are... A project, period. Expecting anything more is setting yourself up for failure. Buy it, work on it, and enjoy! more

    November 18, 2013
    Byron T
  • 20

    I am very very disappointed in the type 53 Chinese Rifle 7.62x54. It is rusted inside and outside the barrel chamber and the working mechanism that it absolutely unusable. I took it apart and tried to get the rust off pa...rticularly out of the barrel chamber but it is to the point that the chamber is pitted. The stock is also in terrible shape with large gouges and pieces missing. more

    November 17, 2013
    Kenneth David J
  • 40

    Mine arrived with an ULTRA bad stock that looked as thought it had been dragged behind a truck. On the plus side the action for was smooth for a mosin. The barrel was only passable and showed pitting and rough lands/ Exterior metal was pitted and missing most of its bluing. Overall i would say my rifle was WAY rougher then the stock photo and I took possession hoping it would clean up better than it did at first pass due to most peoples experience as posted on the review section. If you are in any way expecting a good to excellent specimen the look elsewhere. I can and will clean it up to the best of my ability and I am sure it will eventually turn into a decent looking rifle after alot of work. more

    November 16, 2013
    Mark D
  • 60

    Based on other reviews I decided to buy one of these rifles. Steel has rust pitting in various places. Stock did not appear to be cracked but is very rough with some nicks and gouges. Not very well preserved. Just hope i...t will shoot well. Fair condition at best. more

    November 13, 2013
    Scott M
  • 100

    Picked up today from my local FFL. Was in far better condition than what I was expecting. A little around the bolt handle but overall no pitting or issues that would interfere with the operation of the rifle. And it even... arrived early! Kudos to buds for great service! more

    November 12, 2013
    Russell J
  • 80

    As everyone else mentioned, stock was in horrible shape. 4 or 5 hours later, I had it stripped, sanded, stained and clear coated. Looks great now. As for the rifle itself, shoots fine and was in decent shape. Used some i...nstant blue on a few spots and it looks great now. Service from Buds was good, though the box which it shipped in was very damaged and broken with little to no shipping materials. Rifle was already in rough shape, so couldn't tell if any damage was done in shipment. Again, looked as expected. Good deal though. more

    November 8, 2013
    Joe A
  • 100

    mine came just like what the picture is lol, the woods a bit rough but once i strip it,sand it and stain it i believe it will look darn good.i can make out some nice looking grain. there were some rust on it but easily g...ot it off. now the bore was amazingly good no pits no rust wasnt counter bored and cleaned up awesome i do plan on getting some more of these. all and all if youre looking for a good buy then get this. thanks buds more

    November 7, 2013
    steven h
  • 100

    This is my 2nd Mosin Nagant, Just like the first one, The gun Gods were smiling on me. This Chinese type 53 was in much better shape then I had even hoped for. It took me a couple of hours to take it all apart and clean up but, WOW This gun is Awsome. It looks just like the one in the listing. I'm not going to do anything more to it. Just a good cleaning. This gun needs to be hanging on the wall. But not until I take it out and fire it. I would like to purchase another one before they are all gone. Thank you Buds for the speedy shipping and the great product. I bought a sling and cleaning rod at a local gun show to make this one complete. VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE. more

    October 31, 2013
    Cevin G
  • 100

    Received my type 53 in just under one week. The stock was very rough but the bore was beautiful. Cleaned the bolt and all metal parts, cleaned and stripped the stock. The action is very smooth and the trigger has a nice ...feel. What a great rifle. The description of Good condition was under rated. Except for the stock the condition was excellent. None of the serial number match but everything fits together nicely. Mine came with the cleaning rod. I am very pleased. Thanks! more

    October 30, 2013
    Ronald P
  • 100

    great gun,it came as described.thanks to bowling firearms for transfer good and honest they will help you get your gun.thanks to for item as described.

    October 28, 2013
    mike g
  • 100

    My Type 53 was missing a magazine screw , overall the rifle works well for $119. opposed to $249 for an M-44, Cleaned up and refinished well so I have a backwoods rifle that shoots well and cheaply . I have an ATI Stock ...but decided to leave this original as the stock was not that bad after a lot of reworking. Overall a good rifle for the money. more

    October 18, 2013
    Carl L
  • 100

    Well I was impressed with the shipment, the bolt is smooth and clean movement, the rifling in the barrel is strong the magazine is swift and clean all parts except the Bolt matched, what probably happened the bolt broke ...or was lost so a replacement was in order the stock was not cracked, but was packed with cosmoline, the gun is a dream come true for a World War 2 collector and a Sino-Soviet/Soviet fanatic, now only if I can get my hands on a M1A1 Carbine Rifle that would be a good addition to my collection of Militaria Memorbilia more

    October 16, 2013
    Andrew W
  • 100

    once again very happy with purchase. just received my 2nd n 3rd type 53. Better than expected. one very dark with sort of tiger stripes, other brownish red. excellent looking guns. will fire n purchase more1 thank u buds....#1 more

    October 13, 2013
    David M
  • 80

    My FFL dealer received the rifle in 10 days which is fair for shipping. The rifle arrived with the stock in pretty rough condition, it had splinters all over it and the stock wasn't in the greatest shape. The Metal parts... had some rust and some moderate pitting on the barrel underneath the wooden parts. I ended up removing the finish from the gun because it looks nasty and I sanded it down with 100 grit, 220 grit and finished with 400 grit sandpaper. Then I put a few coats of Min-wax on it and then put 6 coats of tru oil on the rifle and it looks almost new. My only issue with the gun is the bolt has some heavy pitting on the bolt lever and the firing pin is screwed in so tight that I cant remove it without the proper tools, so now I am waiting for the tool to arrive in the mail so I can finally shoot it. Overall I am pretty happy with the rifle after I cleaned it up, hopefully it shoots well now. more

    October 11, 2013
    Brenden M
  • 80

    Honestly, it appears to have been used as a shovel digging out a trench. Although some people prefer the actual used war look. Looks aside it does its job flawlessly, no rust, and a good bore. Can't beat that for the pri...ce. more

    October 10, 2013
    Justin Q
  • 100

    This was my first purchase from Bud's or any online firearms retailer for that matter. I was extremely impressed from start to finish. I ordered my rifle on the phone, and the customer service representative was very fri...endly and helpful. Arranging FFL transfer was easy, and I received E-mail updates daily from Bud's letting me know the status of shipping. Upon receiving my rifle, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the rifle was for such a cheap price. I was expecting rust, gobs of cosmoline, mis-matched everything and a disgusting bore; but I didn't find any of that. No rust whatsoever was present, very little cosmoline, all matching numbers, and sharp, clean rifling were what I found. Best $120.00 I have ever spent. Great shooter, super smooth. Fantastic rifle from a quality retailer. Well done. more

    October 3, 2013
    Mason H
  • 100

    I read some of the reviews while waiting for mine, I had my fingers crossed. I was pleasantly surprised. The metal is in very nice condition. The bore is average to good. The bolt is very smooth. The wood is you average ...surplus non-glare finish, but not really beat up. All the parts are there, except the cleaning rod. Now, the tough part....Do I order another? Tempting, very temping...Thank you Bud's, We will deal again. more

    October 2, 2013
    Bruce C
  • 100

    I ordered this gun knowing exactly what I was getting into, and I must say I am not disappointed. The rifle came in better shape than I thought and it arrived very quickly. The stock is beat up but no cracks or major iss...ues. I was able to clean the bore, and I'm no expert but the rifling seems to be ok and I don't notice any sort of pitting. The gun is exactly as Buds said it would be, a little rough but still decent. Its a cool rifle at a great price. more

    September 30, 2013
    Rory B
  • 100

    Another great transaction with Bud’s! This was my second firearm purchase from Bud’s. Once again Bud’s customer service was excellent! I paid with a money order so from the time I placed the order till it showed up... at my FFL was about 8 days. I appreciated all the emails from Bud’s that kept me updated on my order. Also, the FFL I used, Gun Supply Outlet, was great! Mark is so easy to work with and he offers a discounted fee to military and veterans! I was looking for a project and the Type 53 carbine that I received is exactly what I expected and wanted. The rifle I received was dated 1955.2. The Chinese characters on the receiver were sharp and distinct. The side folding bayonet easily folded into place. The adjustable rear sight works properly. Surprisingly, the numbers on the receiver, butt plate, and magazine floor plate all match. The bolt does not. The stock is in rough shape with plenty of dings, dents, and scratches. There are a couple splintery dime sized gouges. The stock was not cracked. I disassembled the rifle and began cleaning. The bolt, receiver and bore were caked with cosmoline. I ran several patches down the barrel. The rifling is strong. There was no pitting in the barrel. I would rate the bluing at about 60{cff4f5c0fbda4f2c0379887c04749e691b92ebc3f5b8e30437f53a4d8c1617c7} There was some surface rust on the underside of the butt plate. I haven’t detected any other rust. The trigger is much smoother than my Mosin 91/30. There was no cleaning rod (which seems to be pretty typical) so I ordered one. Tomorrow I will finish cleaning all the small metal parts and I will begin working on refinishing the stock after I sweat out the cosmoline. I can’t wait to get it to the range to see how well it shoots. I also can’t wait to make another purchase from Bud’s in the near future! more

    September 29, 2013
    Michael K
  • 100

    Got my type 53 shipping was quick I love it stock was in awesome shape over all in awesome condition broke gun down and refinished stock and cleaned everything this gun was in great shape after refinishing and cleaning g...un looks awesome these guns are great guns they just need some tlc will buy again from buds gun shop very happy more

    September 23, 2013
    Chad B
  • 20

    Terrible shape! Are you kidding me, Buds? This thing must have been at the bottom of the barrel--this is by far the worse C&R rifle I have ever bought. The stock is trashed, no finish, nicks and chips. Bore is very dark ...with a lot of corrosion. Buds advertized "these have been preserved" hogwash--no preserving about this. I will send it back if Budswill let me--wondr if they ae goingto pay for shipping. Very dissapointing fora good company! more

    September 22, 2013
    D. Thomas B
  • 100

    Second one I have bought from Bud's and completely satisfied. The overall condition is good and they clean up pretty well. They make excellent shooters and are an interesting part of Mosin- Nagant history. The wood is th...e roughest part but a little light sanding and stock refinishing kit fixes it up nicely. The bores have been bright with sharp rifling and very minimal bluing touch ups to do. Overall, a great value on a great gun with excellent service from Bud's. more

    September 20, 2013
    Keith K
  • 100

    Nice old gun! The gun I received was a 1955 in good condition. Stock was decent for a type 53. The metal has minor rusting and some pitting, but overall good. Bore looks to be dark, but with good rifling. This rifle was ...wroth the $124 I paid. I planed on refinishing the stock for a project. This gun should make a great shooter and excellent addition to my collection. more

    September 18, 2013
    Justin M
  • 100

    its and old ugly war hores like my wife the stock was good some nick and ding some light rust on metal bore is a littel dark rifling is fair to good if you do redo the stock start with 120 grit the wood is realy soft it ...took 4 hours to stan the stock and 3.5 was using a heat gun to get the cosml. out of the wood but it came out looking good will need to do some light bluing and then off to the range it a great gun for 124.00 it is SURPLUS that is 60 yrs old so if you are looking for some thing that is resdy to shoot out of the boxs and looks great do not order if you want some thing that need some tlc and some thing to take pride in then t53 is for you more

    September 15, 2013
    Daniel C
  • 60

    This is my first purchase from Bud's Guns and I will be buying from them again. Easy transaction and fast shipping. If you are going to buy one of these don't expect too much as far as looks . They are rough. Expect to f...ind some pitting on the metal and rust and the stocks to have gouges and dents. If you do a little research on these rifles you will find they were stored in caves and sewers for decades stacked on pallets. But , the rifle I received , has a decent bore with good rifling and the bolt works nice and slick. I expect it to be a good shooter. more

    September 14, 2013
    Frankie H
  • 20

    received my rifle today and have never been so disappointed in all the years of buying and collecting. Rifle was in such bad shape that the guys where I did my transfer where making fun of me for purchasing such a rifle.... had I read that I could of returned before transfer I would have certainly done so. What amazes me is the fact that anyone would even try to sell it. Was not in Good condition. Very very poor. Marion K. Parris more

    September 13, 2013
    kipp p
  • 100

    purchased a Chinese Type 53 from Bud's and again they came through with a good gun at a good price and the service was great.

    September 12, 2013
    james s
  • 40

    ordered 2 of these rifles, one was good and one had a broken shell inside. Not happy these shouldn't b labeled in good condition when one of the weapons won't except a round.

    September 10, 2013
    Randall W
  • 20

    This is the 2nd gun that I have bought....It was a POS....Rust holes in the magazine, rust on the and in the bore, on the barrel....It looks like it was pulled out of the creek....the stock was so rough...But lucky I had... a extra magazine and a whole lot of spit and shine and a lot of sandpaper and the gun looks ok now.....overall I give it a 2 out of 10. more

    September 8, 2013
    ricke m
  • 100

    I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of this very inexpensive T53. I was so pleased I bought another one. I will refinish and one I will upgrade with a new stock for general use shooting and hunting. The ammo is s...till relatively inexpensive so I've stocked a cache supply. more

    September 3, 2013
    Maurice G
  • 80

    Fast shipping from buds, had it to my fll in 3 days. So the weapon itself , we'll you better have a lot of cleaning agents on hand. Stock was in bad shape was missing sling escustions, butt plate hanging off looks like s...omeone drilled a few extra holes in it. The barrel was dark but with a little work that thing is shiny and bright, best of all the entire set of numbers on the rifle matched which I guess is not the norm. Will buy from these guys again ,thanks again Buds! more

    August 19, 2013
    Dominique H
  • 40

    The stock on this rifle was in excellent condition for a T53. My only problem is that this was caked in very dried and crusty cosmoline. The bolt appeared ok when I was able to scratch off the dried cosmoline at FFL Unfortunately when I took it home and did a thorough cleaning I discovered that the bolt head was completely rusted with heaving pitting. Apparantly this rifle was not correctly cleaned after running corrosive ammo through it. I would have refused this transfer had I known this. Not happy with this purchase. My other T53 from Buds was in much better condition. more

    August 15, 2013
    Trevor K
  • 100

    I like these. I got two 1955's As always quick and easy. The stocks are chu wood dry, kinda light weight, pretty good shape . Heavy lands on both. One light trigger, one stronger trigger real crisp. Bolt actions are good.... A carbine sling and a sks cleaning rod completes these real nice. Thank you buds guns! more

    August 14, 2013
    patrick s
  • 100

    Received my type 53 in pretty good condition. Mismatched numbers with a pretty dry stock and in not bad for condition. Not a lot of cosmoline. Very happy with the gun and great customer service. Shipping was very fast.

    August 13, 2013
    Daniel M
  • 60

    Thanks Bud. I showed up to my FFL dealer armed with a flat head screw driver, flashlight and gloves. I inspected this rifle head to toe. Not bad for being 57 years old. I will continue transactions with you guys.

    August 9, 2013
    Shimone H
  • 80

    Maybe the longest, quickest shipping that you can't complain about except than not wanting to wait/the anticipation... 2-3 napkins and a bore swab... after a few practice cycles (not firing/not pulling the trigger)--and ...all the cosmoline was gone... the rifle looked just like the picture (beat to hell), only the bolt had a different serial number, and no cleaning rod... my only complaint was "fresh" damage to the handguard with the splinters still up. I was already thinking that if it was in particularly bad condition thst I'd redo the stock... I'm att odds, because I like the "character" the rest of it has, apart from that one little area where maybe the rifle was dropped or nicked/scraped by I don't know what... maybe a "stray" bayonet--though I really don't know. I'm still pleased with the rifle and onlynwish I'd bought when it was $109--rather than that I'd waited a week, now thst cheaperthan"dirt" has them for 117 ($2 difference--I'm fine with trying this shop for the first time, compared to the gouging, month-to-month price changes [before ban-inflation] on certain ammo, and worse reviews/feedback) its only 4stars because that nick to the stock is relatively new and not worn down more

    August 8, 2013
    joshua l
  • 100

    Picked mine up today, packaging was adequate (just two cardboard boxes with no packing but it arrived fine), and it was drenched in cosmoline. Be sure to bring your boresnake, a cleaning rod or the coat hanger, and somet...hing to wipe your hands on. My T53 had a rough stock with plenty of dents and dings but functional and in one piece. Some surface rust on the metal and a bit of pitted rust on the bayonette (what better last resort than a rusty pig sticker? Lol), but great shape overall. Finally the bore, after clearing the cosmoline-plugged bore with a coat hanger and running the boresnake, the bore is BEAUTIFUL, shiny and with great rifling. Bolt function is great and the trigger is crisp, functionally better than either of my prettier mosins. Let me say I'm very happy with the purchase and hope it performs well at the range. If you get a shooter like I did, its definitely worth $120, and it looks like 90{e4e0a9e14abe4d28814b7049a7bf5bdc5f885c858f7356c4c0d9723fe4d12fc0} the of reviews agree with me. more

    August 7, 2013
    Cody H
  • 60

    I bought two of these from Bud's. One had a very beat up stock, that looked like someone had already worked it over, removing about 1/8" of wood from the forend and butt stock. The other stock was in okay shape with a fe...w dings, and a number of arsenal marks in small cartouches. Both barrels look rough, maybe half of the bore has strong rifling, but toward the muzzle both look worn and pitted. Worked about two days on each, repeated cleaning and ran J&B Bore Paste through both. Shinier, but still looks a little rough. I'm guessing these weren't cleaned properly by former owners after using corrosive ammo. Since the barrels were in cosmo, there is really no way to check the bores until you have cleaned them. Second gun had significant rust on the exterior of the barrel, and on the magazine, which had to be replaced. First has all matching numbers, second NO matching numbers and a non-Russian bolt. Still can't figure out where that came from! Front sight post on #2 appears to have been manually bent back to raise the zero on the rifle. Will carefully bend that back to vertical. Need to check the headspace, and then off to the range. If you're very lucky you might get a gem, but odds are you're buying a beater that will need work. Your mileage may vary. more

    August 6, 2013
    Jonathan D
  • 100

    I am a lover of Mosin Nagant rifles, i have at least 10 of them. I decided to try one of the chinese ones. I knew it would be pot luck, but what the hell, for the price i dove right in. After i got the cosmolene off my n...agant it looked new. The bore was perfect also. The stock didn't look like it had ever had a finish ont it, but was not dinged up. I used an automotive disk sander and #80 sand paper and removed the cosmolene from the wood and went down to bare wood. A quick stain with black walnut and then four coats of gunstock tru oil and well, she looks very nice now. I am totaly satisfied. I lucked out. more

    August 5, 2013
    michael d
  • 40

    Didn't know what to expect so heres what I got. Receiver and barrel were very good. The bore was a mess, had a hard time getting my cleaning rod through and still working on it a week later. I would not try shooting it! ...Stock is nasty, looks to have been stored in a coal bin. My reason for keeping it is to use it to learn and test out restoring techniques. $119.00 is too much for this rifle but I'm dealing with it. Don't is your expecting a shooter. more

    August 3, 2013
    Edward S
  • 80

    Bought it Mon. Had it in my hand Friday just in time for the weekend. This is My 2nd Buy from buds and again im happy happy happy... as for the type 53 its beat up a little as expected but with some T.L.C well be good to... go.. more

    August 2, 2013
    Xavier H
  • 80

    WELL... I received my Type 53, did a "quick" inspection because after waiting days for my ach payment to clear, I was a bit anxious. Got home and realized that one of the barrel links were loose. I figured out later that... there was a cleaning rod that should have been wedged between the barrel link and the stock. The cleaning rod was missing!! I'm new to buying rifles of this sort, so I had no idea what to look for upon inspection. The stock was in decent shape but it doesn't matter because I plan on transferring it to an archangel stock or an ati. more

    July 31, 2013
    Edward P L
  • 80

    Received my T53 a couple weeks ago. Not much cosmo to clean up. Stock had 2 fairly large gouges, and the rest of the stock was beat to crap. A little sanding and elbow grease and the old girl looks pretty good. Took it t...o the range shot about 50 surplus rounds from 50 and 100 yards.Wow! great groupings and a blast to shoot. Thanks Buds I think I'll be picking up another soon. more

    July 30, 2013
    justin w
  • 100

    I just picked up my Chinese Type 53 carbine from the FFL & just unboxed it. First of all I would like to mention that this rifle is slathered in Cosmoline & it is sticky to pick up. The barrel is plugged with the stuff &... the bolt kinda sloshes back & forth. However I would say I am pleased with the gun, there are no big gouges & no initials carvings in the stock. The bayonette is good & solid & the bolt works. I bought this as a project rifle knowing I would refinish the stock & degunk it so I got pretty much what I expected so I am pleased for now. Once I get the barrel cleaned out we will see what the rifling looks like. I think this will be a fun project & I would say "Get It" & it's a deal at $119.00 shipped. This will be a sweet looking rifle once I am done with it! more

    July 29, 2013
    Michael R
  • 80

    My first purchase from buds and I recieved my gun fairly quickly and was shocked to see that it wasn't in all that bad condition. The stock wasn't cracked or beat up to bad but, when I took the bolt out and looked down t...he barrel, couldn't see daylight whatsoever. Paid my FFL to give it a really good inside and out cleaning and after that it was beautiful (although he said he would NEVER do another one of these guns again). Have put about 500 rounds through it and have not had any problems, I would recommend this gun ONLY if you are willing to put a little work into it or pay someone to do it for you. more

    July 28, 2013
    Wade J
  • 80

    Rec'd this weapon a few months ago. The thing was tough to look at when I picked it up. I bought it for a project so no worries there. The stock looked like it was stored underground for the past few years. There appeare...d to be water damage on the buttstock. Except for the buttplate, the metal was in decent shape ~ 80{afe6114212c3132f1b030cefe13600e362d267de2faf3c234dbdddf65b200e62} and the bore was good. It also passed the field gauge test at my FFL. The bolt was mis-matched but for a $120 shooter - who cares. I refinished the hefty little carbine and took it to the range. The thing is fairly accurate to 100yards and fun to shoot. What more could you ask from iron sites of this kind. It turned some heads at the range - and brused my buddy's shoulder. Buy this rifle if you want to invest some time fix'n it up. I would give it 2 stars if I expected a good condition rifle...4 stars because I wanted a project. more

    July 24, 2013
    Jon H
  • 60

    I was very happy with Buds for the response time for my order. The description for the firearm I guess was pretty accurate. As said in the ad, these are in pretty rough condition. It did have all of the parts and functio...ned well. Accuracy is not near what I had hoped for, but for the price I guess it is OK. If I was to do it again, I would pay a little more and get a better grade. more

    July 22, 2013
    Wade S
  • 100

    Fast shipping. Boxed up well in two boxes. All gun metal and barrel look to be in good shape. A little rust under the bayonet where it hinges, but overall looks to be well worth the price paid. Stock is in better shape ...than anticipated. Will be my first project gun with refinishing the stock, but there are no big dings, dents, or carvings of initials in wood. Very happy with the purchase, and would consider a second one if it shoots as well as it looks. Had to buy tools for it from another web site, as well as a sling and clips, but purchased all of it for less than $20. Thanks Buds, will be ordering again soon. more

    July 19, 2013
    andrew p
  • 80

    After reading the reviews on this mosin, both good and bad I decided what the hell. For $120 I couldnt go wrong. Well, as advertised, the stock was TRASHED when It got to me. I did however inspect the bolt and other part...s and they just seemed to be dirty so I accepted the transfer and took it home. I took it out of the stock and there was cosmoline everywhere. THis is a good thing... After cleaning it, i realized that the receiver, bolt and barrel were 95{00eca51a12c5f7ddce976121ea8667011f1a565e6089ebad8017e2d90f33775b} bluing because of all the cosmoline. I cleaned out the bore and the rifiling is EXCELLENT. the bore could be a little shinier, but hey... it was $119. It looks like its going to be a great shooter. If you wanted, you could throw this in a nice M44 stock and no one would know any different. The metal parts on mine were in great shape. I spent all weened refinishing the stock. It looks awesome now. i stained it a bit darker than I normally would just to hide the scuffs and stuff that I couldnt sand out of the stock but it looks awesome. If I saw it in its current condition now at a gunstore, I wouldnt think $ 250 would be too much to ask. more

    July 14, 2013
    Joshua H
  • 100

    First the rifle. I have read a lot of poor reviews on the condition of these. After seeing the condition of the ones in the local pawn shops , I certainly did not expect much when I bough this for cheaper than the pawn s...hop finds. My daughter and I spent a few hours cleaning all the metal parts and let the stock sit in a trash bag on my dashboard all day to sweat the cosmoline out. This rifle is not even close to what I would consider "good" condition. It is way beyond that. For a 60 year old rifle I would rate the one I recieved as excellent. I was also expecting to wait for the rifle for 10-14 days as I have on all my other Buds Purchases in the past. I was wrong again, I ordered the gun on a Saturday night and picked it up at my ffl the following thursday. All in all I am extremely pleased with both my purchase and dealing with Buds. more

    July 8, 2013
    ryan l
  • 80

    Rifle came in unexpectedly good condition. Stock has few dents and a small crack on the barrel end, but still less damage than I expected. Metal has a few rust spots in a various places, but they are far between and the ...bore has strong rifling. The bolt is not a match, it's missing the cleaning rod, and it is also missing the front guard screw. Rifle is a 4 / 5, Bud's is a 5 / 5. Will do business with Bud's again. more

    July 6, 2013
    Dustin W
  • 100

    I was expecting a really nasty rifle but was pleasantly surprised. The metal is in great shape with all matching serial numbers! I was expecting bad wood after reading all the reports of buried rifles with rot but the wo...od should refinish nicely and appears to be the dark varietywith only a few dents and scratches. I bought an ATI replacement composite stock so I can shoot this summer and refinish the furniture this winter. The bore is bright and shiny, maybe a little worn but we'll see how it shoots this Sunday. So far, I'm thrilled! more

    July 3, 2013
    Jay T
  • 100

    Wow! For a buck twenty you can't go wrong. I got what I expected AND wanted for that matter. Upon un-boxing the rifle at my local FFL dealer all I could think was "She's beautiful!!" I mean you know what you are buying g...oing in. A military surplus rifle that nobody has cared about for years. The gun has absolutely no flaws. At least in my eyes. I can't wait to break her down, clean and shoot her for the first time. Thanks Bud's for a great rifle and purchase experience. I'm sure I'll be back. more

    July 2, 2013
    James F
  • 100

    The rifle is in much better condition than I expected. Not caked in cosmoline, not very many dings or rust. This should clean up real nice can't wait to shoot it.

    July 1, 2013
    Bradley F
  • 60

    I ordered two of these rifles, hoping to get one decent one. Overall condition as arrived, dinged, worn, dark bores, no cleaning rods.... but otherwise appeared to be shootable Mil-Surp rifles. After a thorough cleaning,... it was time for range testing. One rifle functioned fine, and was capable of decent groups even with the dark bore. I'd rate it as worth the low price, but no more, and a good rifle to use as a truck gun, or knockabout farm rifle. Not a bad one to have tucked away with a case of ammo, as well. The other rifle.... sadly..... has a fatal flaw. On trying to chamber a round, I found it wasn't happening. Looking into the chamber with a strong light, I am able to see two LARGE deep gouges in the chamber wall. This effectively makes the barrel junk, unless one has access to a lathe and proper chambering reamers, in which case the barrel could be shortened a bit and re-chambered. Given the condition overall, it's just not worth doing. That makes it a wall hanger or parts rifle. more

    June 30, 2013
    Art W
  • 100

    This is my third T53 and it is the best! The stock is in good condition, and the action is butter smooth. I really do wish the packaging was better. The bolt had punched a hole in the box. Still, I'm extremely happy with... my purchase! You can't go wrong at this price. more

    June 29, 2013
    Eric C
  • 100

    I had very low expectations for this when I ordered it, and was anticipating a rifle with a stock in terrible condition and possibly missing the cleaning rod, butt stock plate and a bore in bad shape - what a surprise! M...ine came 100{79fd8fd5d789a11dc86d89927966814341fe56e96c90bcd6958360f283a0bbba} complete and in great shape. The only damage to the stock apart from some paint and dirt was where the front barrel band slipped back and damaged the wood a bit - no big deal. Bore is excellent, bluing is 70{79fd8fd5d789a11dc86d89927966814341fe56e96c90bcd6958360f283a0bbba}. It is the luck of the draw with these, but I feel I got a great deal. Highly recommended! more

    June 28, 2013
    Brett B
  • 60

    I bought this because it was a Carbine and cheap and I know Bud's has a complete satisfaction guarantee. I guess this is a good example of getting what you paid for and I'm sure I could have returned it. I just wanted to... note that if anyone buying the gate cut cheap Chinese T53 is expecting beauty....... don't. It does seem to be solid and the barrel looks good and it shoots fine so far. Over all it's like I said..... You get what you pay for. It will get by until I can find the M38 I want. Buds people are super more

    June 27, 2013
    Gary H
  • 100

    Dear buds i would like to say i love your speed of the shipping i received, my rifle had a stock that had small tiny little dents and scratches which gives my rifle character i gave it a sanding and cleaned very good , t...he bluing on me barrel and parts is 98{02574ba79b0812e34e2c2b04be6b2d50135413c41d0366940e0a2cc3a9fb6aad} there no burs or anything wrong with it the only thing missing is rifle rod :(and no matching serials but im highly satisfied with my purchase. dear buds i love yours JOEL D. more

    June 25, 2013
    Joel D
  • 80

    First off lets be clear about something. "Good" condition does not mean good condition. It means good condition for a military surplus rifle that has seen battle and was thrown in piles countless times before some guys i...n a hurry slapped a bunch of cosmoline on it and dropped it in a crate. When you realize this then these rifles will be as you expect. I bought two. Both are beat up and have "character" which Is not a bad thing in my opinion. One has strong rifling but somewhat worn bluing. The other has the worst rifling I have ever seen but has great bluing. I could have sent either back but opted to keep them. I wanted some old war guns that I could shoot for fun and that is what I got. Also if you purchase any mosin expect to take it down completely to clean it up and re oil everything. Overall I got what I expected if not slightly better. I would give 5 stars if it werent for the one with no rifling. Also buds still has these at $119 which is roughly what they were a year ago before all the gun madness so its a pretty hard deal to beat. more

    June 21, 2013
    Brad W
  • 80

    Got these for some wall hangers and in much better shape than I thought. Wood was a little chewed up but adds character to them for my purpose. Great price as all the Mosin's are climbing up as supply is going down. Fast... shipping from Buds yet another great transaction. more

    June 20, 2013
    Andrew M
  • 80

    Just picked up my second Type 53, and I am very pleased with its condition. My first one was in very bad shape, rust, mud, cosmoline, no bluing left on the metal, and the stock was like rotten driftwood. This one only ha...s a few areas of light rust, the bore is clean, the action is smooth, it was slathered in cosmoline, and the stock has minor scrapes and dings. All this one will need is just a good cleaning and it's off to the range. Sad to see the price increase on them. Joey T. more

    June 18, 2013
    Joseph T
  • 80

    First time I ordered fron Buds and it was a simple , quick process, also shipping was fast The T53 I got is in good condition. Stock shows normal wear for a 50 year rifle, no cracks and only minor scuffs. Metal on bore ...and receiver have most of the blue finish gone but no evidence of rust. Rifling is good. Bolt is smooth and operates properly. Matching numbers in receiver, magazine and metal stock plate, but the bolt is a different #, no big deal since I plan to use it as a fun gun, not as a collector's item. The only minor issue is mine didn't come with a cleaning rode. I'm glad I gof it before the price increase. more

    June 16, 2013
    Wilson L
  • 60

    These are neat project rifles, but not much more. I own three which I purchased at the old price of $119.00. The condition of the metal on all three is pretty decent, and cleanup, though very necessary, hasn't been much ...of an issue. I received one with matching #s, one with almost matching, and one that's a total mongrel. The stocks are unusually battered and fugly -- sort of a mud puddle *gray*, with an endless array of dings, chips, and gouges. Beat, imo, beyond having much collectible value. I refinished one, and am in the process of working on the other two. Fun, actually, to see these ugly duckings come to life. And in the process, learn something about Mosin antatomy. more

    June 15, 2013
    Mark A
  • 100

    Well it's a crap shoot getting these. Got five of these. Some are nice but mostly they look like someone tied them to the back of a truck and dragged them down a gravel road for a couple of miles. But they are all For the price I don't mind tearing them down cleaning them and then the big work are the stocks, Got to strip them down to bare wood. Sand them down, use wood puddy to fill in the deep goughes, sand again,stain and then a light coat of lackour. Sorry about the spelling. When I'm done I have some really fine rifles. All of them shoot great. For the price you can't go wrong. Fast shipping. Where else are you going to find a deal like this. And free shipping to boot. 5 stars. I will buy more. more

    June 12, 2013
    Glen B
  • 60

    Mine is not very good. Stock looks like it was used as a hammer sometimes and as a guard post gun other times. Very dry wood, 60{4b54f7a907727406003c0591baa79bf26b69b5366a9238258efc49ef0d765639} finish. I'v gotten much b...etter NG's for the same price elsewhere. But, as always, this Bud's order was flawless. more

    June 11, 2013
    Robert D
  • 80

    I got two of these a few weeks ago for my Dad and me. When we went to the FFL to pick up, we each grabbed a box and hoped for the best. Mine was a light finished stock with what looked like axle grease packed into every ...nook and crannie. My dads was heavily covered in cosmoline. After about 2 hours of disassembly and cleaning, I had a great looking rifle for under $170 with $50 FFL. My dad spent about 4-5 hours cleaning and disassembling to find out that his stock was cracked. Not that bad, but bad enough to warrant some minor repair. Went out to the range to shoot off some surplus ammo and man this thing is fun to shoot. In addition, surprisingly accurate for a 60 year old gun (3 inch groups at 75 yards). After shooting about 50 rounds each we packed it in. Mine held up real well and my dads stock split in another spot. Still shootable, however stinks that I have to replace the original wood stock with a synthetic stock now. I plan on purchasing a few more for gifts and having a few extra for parts. Although its a real gamble on what you will get, overall I am very pleased and feel like I am shooting a piece of history. more

    June 9, 2013
    Joseph P
  • 100

    Great transaction, Buds was great. The rifle is awesome!! I expected much worse. I too am not sure if other reviewers expected something more, or I just got lucky. Stock was fairly rough, a few gouges, nothing too severe.... Blueing and bore/rifling were great after cleaning. Only had a light coat of cosmoline, not bad at all. My FFL did say mine looked better than most Type 53's that go through there. I did disassemble and clean the entire rifle, including the bolt and magazine. Use boiling water on the metal, sun/heatgun on the stock. Once done, very nice! The bolt is like butter, if i just tip the rifle the bolt will slide. Its that good. Very satisfied and cant recommend Buds, or the Type 53 enough. more

    June 8, 2013
    Aaron O
  • 80

    It is a very nice gun very little rust. It is missing the rod. I haven't shot the gun yet have to get it cleaned up. Wouldn't mind getting another one

    June 7, 2013
    Shannon S
  • 20

    To say these are rough is being polite. Mine is in absolutely horrible shape. I had to return my first one to Buds because the stock was busted, they replaced at no charge which was great. The rifle I received back is ho...rribly pitted below the wood-line. The stock looks like it has been banging around the back of a pickup for 30 years. For $120 you get what you pay for. Once I get done removing all the cosmoline, it should make a decent truck gun. As a collectors piece? A definite pass... more

    June 6, 2013
    Rex H
  • 100

    The Chinese 53 arrived today. It was in much better shape than I expected. Action is smooth and rust free. The bore is in good shape. The stock needs a little work but, no cracks or repairs. Bud's shipped quickly and I a...m very satisfied with the purchase. For the price you can't complain. I can't wait to clean it up and send a few rounds down range. more

    June 4, 2013
    Bruce N
  • 100

    After reading some of the reviews, I was on the fence about ordering. My rifle came yesterday, not as rough as I expected. None of the numbers match, but the bore looks great. The stock has some gouges, but nothing terri...ble. The bolt handle was sticking out of the box and wasn't really in the rifle. Not too much cosmoline, but the bolt looks covered in axle grease or something. Overall, not bad for $119. I would definitely recommend buying one. more

    May 31, 2013
    Steven K
  • 100

    Very happy with my t53...all matching but bolt..what a plus..great stock with few dings but can't wait to refinish to do a good cleaning...I want at least 4 to 5 more...going to order 2 more in few weeks...thanks... buds more

    May 30, 2013
    Reginald J
  • 100

    Fantastic rifle and made a great graduation gift, it was almost near perfect other than non matching parts. AS IN.... I have promptly placed another order for one for myself.

    May 27, 2013
    Benjamin K
  • 20

    beware when buying these rifles. mine looked like it was used as a hammer instead of a rifle. plan on spending another $75 for an ati stock. had several rusted and pitted spots on the magazine. the one i ordered had a br...oken shell in the chamber that was rusted in so bad i had to spend another $14 for a broken shell extractor to remove it before i could even go to the range and shoot. after changing the stock, scrubbing, reblueing, and removing the broken shell the rifle looks great. but should have just paid the little extra for a russian mosin nagant or just refused it at the ffl transfer. buds had great service and fast delivery, and one bad apple from buds will not keep me from ordering again. more

    May 25, 2013
    david m
  • 100

    Rifle is in good condition with no surface rust and 90{9df1f947402549d8c7eeae4b885152e00b09a7065ce7ed29ebeed3f46ba68172} bluing remaining. Bore is immaculate with strong rifling and no rust or pitting. Non-matching bolt.... Stock is in rough shape but has no large cracks or chips and can be restored with minimal effort. Definitely worth the price! more

    May 24, 2013
    John R
  • 100

    Just got a type 53 mosin from Bud's. Rifle arrived in less than a week. After cleaning, I found a shiny bore with excellent rifling.The metal has no pitting and the vast majority of the finish intact. The stock is much b...etter than anticipated.I had originally intended to refinish the stock and re-blue the metal but now will just leave it the way it is.It has a 1955 date on the receiver and it looks very presentable with its bumps and bruises.If you are looking for a matching number,museum piece look elsewhere. If you are looking for decent rifle at an excellent price, get one while you can. more

    May 23, 2013
    steve b
  • 100

    Very fast shipping, and it was as expected. The stock was not in the best shape as it looked like it has had a lot of use, but after cleaning it up and re-finishing the stock, it looks great. It shoots great, shot 40 rou...nds the first week after I received it and it is still accurate at 100 yards. I would recommend to everyone to grab one. more

    May 22, 2013
    Lenin D
  • 80

    Received my Chinese Type 53 carbine and was pleasantly surprised at what good shape it was in even though the packaging was non existing. I cleaned it up and took it to the . It shot like a champ. No problems at all. Bay...onet is a hoot. Can't do better for the price. Charles more

    May 20, 2013
    Charles C
  • 100

    I purchased the rifle on friday picked up on thursday next week, could have gotten on wed. the stock is rough, it is definitely a used gun or at least a stored gun , but it shoots like a champ. very little recoil, and th...e shells are affordable. i plan to clean it up and am considering getting it fitted for a scope if not too too costly. shipping is great. Budds is awesome --- more

    May 17, 2013
    Robin C
  • 60

    Ever see one of those depressing pictures where a bull dozer is running over a pile of good guns to destroy them.. well those guns weren't destroyed, they were resold as chinese type 53's! lol but for the price and a functioning gun you cant beat it! just look at as a restoration project! fyi I bought 4 of them soo its not that i was unlucky! again if you dont like them refuse the transfer.. I LIKE THEM! lol more

    May 16, 2013
    JOHN T
  • 80

    I was actually impressed with the condition I received my Type 53 almost every matched except for the bolt. The stock was in good condition except for some wood repair they had done. looked like it cracked in a couple of... small places and it was cut out and fixed.. some TLC, wood filler and new stain and ill be off to the range. I recommend this product. and you cant go wrong for $119.00 and some elbow grease. more

    May 15, 2013
    Daniel G
  • 100

    I think some of the bad reviews are from people who have no knowledge of the surplus firearm market. "Good" condition means it is going to look rough, just look up the NRA definitions for grading these firearms. I was v...ery pleased with my rifle. As usual, the packaging was not satisfactory, an unfortunate thing when dealing with an otherwise great company in Buds. Every surplus Mosin type rifle Ive ordered from Buds has been way too lose in the box, and each one had the bolt handle sticking out of the box by the time it made it to me. Luckily, the rifle was not damaged and Buds is otherwise a great place to deal with. I had no rust on my rifle, no big chunks missing from the stock, no cracks, just plenty of dings and scratches from use. (And you should expect this when ordering a rifle listed in "Good" condition) It is mechanically sound, the bolt is smooth, the trigger is actually really good. The bluing wasn't too bad, and the rifling is actually great! I am overall VERY pleased. My dad saw it and immediately ordered himself one. I have an M44 (basically the same rifle, just made in Russia) and it is in excellent shape, but the bolt is TERRIBLY stiff even after trimming the spring and hours of polishing on the bolt parts. This Chinese rifle is smooth as glass and the bolt is very easy to operate. I have not shot this yet, but I expect good things from it. Despite the subpar pagkaging, this is a great deal and I would order another in a heartbeat. One thing that was strange, there was no cosmoline on the gun. However, the bore was full of a really hard wax. Ive cleaned lots of these guns and have never seen that, but it did a good job of preserving the bore. It was even more of a pain to remove than cosmoline, though. Smelled and looked like bullet lube wax Thanks Buds! more

    May 14, 2013
    Ian R
  • 100

    after 5 hrs of cleaning she is a pretty good looking rifle. use a heat gun and soapy water to clean all the grease off. i then Frog Lubed all the parts. stock was good, bolt was fair. no broken casings in the rifle that ...was a plus. more

    May 13, 2013
    Javier V
  • 80

    Received the rifle with in 3 days of ordering it, very fast shipping. Stock in ruff shape as expected. Bluing and bore in pretty good shape. Have refinished the stock and very pleased the way it turned out. All numbers m...atched including number on stock. I recommend this rifle to anyone who loves restoring surplus weapons. If you can not afford the price of the Mosin Nagant M38 or M44 purchase one of these. more

    May 12, 2013
    Gregory A
  • 80

    These are my fifth and sixth guns from Buds (all surplus) and once again they quickly processed the orders and got the guns to my dealer. It may sounds like I am ripping on the guns here, but I am writing this mostly so... the reader will know what they are getting outside of googling the model number. These are Mosin Nagant M44 clones made for/by China at the end of the Korean War. My two were both from the first year, 1953, with one made in September and the other in November. Both are true to Mosin name in that they effectively cycle rounds after 60 years and shoot with reasonable accuracy. The wood is well worn and scuffed up on the rifles but the barrels are in excellent shape. From the looks of it, these rifles were carried often with rough treatment and rarely fired. Both rifles were missing their cleaning rods and did not come with the equally interesting Mosin multi-tool for dis-assembly. No accessories like a sling or pouches were included. Neither gun was rusted, but items like the trigger pin and smaller screws are seized in place and took some work to remove for cleaning. Some of these guns come with interesting markings in Chinese and one of mine has a star stamped on the stock. All in all, this is still a good buy for the old guns enthusiast or for a range toy and weekend project. These are a good addition to any collection and are not going to be cheaper in the future. But if you want a Mosin, order a real Mosin. more

    May 11, 2013
    Jared C
  • 100

    This rifle was in good condition with only a few small blemishes in wood. Metal and bolt were both in good condition. It shoots fine.

    May 10, 2013
    Mike H
  • 80

    Transaction with Bud's, as always, was super smooth. Before my review I need to comment on the "Russian Roulette" of buying milsurp rifles. Some reviews here make it sound like they got a bad condition rifle and they're ...stuck with it. Bud's is THE BEST at returns no questions asked. If you're not satisfied for any reason send it back! Even my FFL commented the same. The 53 I received looks almost identical to the pictured one. Wood is dinged up and in a couple places gouged with splinters sticking out. It looks like the metal is in better condition, bore has very strong rifling. Overall I'd rate the stock fair, and the metal very good. For the price I'd suggest these to a friend all day long. more

    May 9, 2013
    Tod C
  • 100

    Just received my two T53s and two 91/30s.. Shipping was fast ! I inspected each rifle..they are in great shpe. all matching numbers. Really happy ! ! Buds is awesome to work with. Thanks ! WIll be ordering the M38 and M4...4 soon ! more

    May 7, 2013
    Troy O
  • 100

    My Type 53 came in way better condition than I expected. The stock is a bit worn, but does not have any major gouges or scratches. The metal is all in good condition (with the bluing worn in multiple places). It didn't h...ave too much cosmoline on the stock, so that was easy to clean. It did not come with cleaning rod or tools, mag pouches, or sling but I didn't expect it to. The barrel is in good condition and it works well. I am very happy with my purchase. more

    May 6, 2013
    Dario V
  • 80

    A fixer upper. The picture shows its ugly. Mine were uglier. The metal parts are sound and the blue is decent. The stocks however are very soft, porous, dinged, and full of grease. It took some work but got it sweated ou...t and a decent finish on it. Collect it as it is or put 3 hours into bringing it into nice condition. Pleased for the price. more

    May 3, 2013
    calon m
  • 100

    ordered 4 of these, ordered em the next tuesday, yes folks they are in the rough!!!! I ended up with 2 very usable stocks after refinishing, 2 war torn but lots of character for sure.... Three with 80{1977fea0d820d9f3937f46cd31d7d525aadfff845e315c349a43c370a987d95a} or better bluing, one a bit worn and shiney. 3 bright rifling one with dark. They were better than expected actually. In my 4 rifles, good is a the proper rating. I feel I got just what I ordered, in a very timely fashion. Not one matching anything, but wasnt expected. Yes, they are a challenge to clean..........3 hours each easily. I wish there were places here for pictures of b4 and after a bit of restoring. I have 3 looking as nice as any of my M44s, so I am overall quite pleased with their appearance after a good cleaning. Now to take em out and shoot em. I would definitely buy more. more

    May 2, 2013
    joseph k
  • 40

    Rifle was shipped fast. That's about where the positives end. Rifle was definitely not in GOOD condition. This rifle would be considered POOR condition going by NRA rating standards. The stock is terribly scarred and chi...pped. There is pitting in more than 2 places which does not affect function. Serials are matching besides bolt. My biggest issue is the huge cracked off piece of the stock. It was definitely a new break. CONDITION is nothing like pictured. Packaging was poor which resulted in the broken piece. Broken section of butt stock approx. 4.5" x 2". Very hard to see without taking buttstock plate off. more

    May 1, 2013
    James L
  • 60

    Fast shipping I ordered on a Saturday it arrived at my FFL Tuesday morning. It is good for what it is. The stock was in good shape just a few dings here and there that will sand out. The bluing is 80{6c5524c059b8a485c7f2...cb61b5f4eaf822a21aca3f8f3256fb1d643b018df0ec} there. It was not a matching numbers gun. No visible rust. Missing the cleaning rod. more

    April 30, 2013
    Patrick R
  • 100

    This is my first order through Buds and I was worried about this gun after I read some of the reviews. Then later when I saw the Model 91/30, with a strap and cleaning kit, for $10 more and I thought I was going to get s...tuck with a beat up, non matching numbers, no cleaning rod, Chinese POS. Yet, despite my expectations this was great experience with Buds and I will most certainly come back again. The shipping was super fast, ordered on a Saturday and had the gun in hand by Thursday. The gun came free floating in a normal rifle sized cardboard box, there was no sign of damage during shipping. But, I could see how it might have happened to other people, especially if there was more than one gun per box. The gun came completely slathered in what I can only describe as axel grease. My FFL told me that he had no idea what it was, but it was defiantly not cosmoline. This made it difficult to inspect before accepting the transfer. I was not able to see down the barrel and inspect the bore because it was completely full of grease. Although, I was able to see it had a cleaning rod and I was read the serial numbers. To my delight the bolt, barrel, magazine, and butt plate all had matching numbers. I later found out the serial number is also carved by hand on the base on the stock, behind the butt plate. Overall first impressions of the gun were that the rifle was in GOOD shape, as advertised, and the bayonet attached to the side looked pretty freaking awesome. So, I accepted the transfer and took it home to begin the cleaning process. Every nook and cranny, inside and out, was covered in this thick, viscous, petroleum based grease. To clean the gun I used boiling water, a lot of patience, and an old white t-shirt with a 1/8" flat head screwdriver. I took a flat part of the t-shit and twisted the screwdriver inside of it for a few turns, making in a sense, a tiny cotton swab. After I disassembled the gun, I put the parts in a bucket and dumped boiling water on top of them, and let them sit for awhile. This does not get all the grease off, but it warms the grease up and makes it much easier to get off of the gun. After wiping the outside of each part, I would use my make shift cotton swab to get the detail cleaning. Did I mention there was a lot of grease? When one part of the t-shirt would get all greased up, I would just move to a clean part t-shirt and spin a new cotton swab. After hours of cleaning, the gun looked beautiful. There is one pretty decent gouge at the front of the stock, it looks like someone carved their initials in it, and there was some minor rusting on the outside of the barrel and the bolt. I was able to fix the rust myself with a fine wire bush and some ultra fine sandpaper and I liked that the stock had character. I took the gun to my buddy's range today and I was able to hit a Styrofoam coffee cup from 75 yds., first shot after cleaning. Warning, this gun is loud! I mean really loud, the shotguns, 30-06s, and 45s did not even compare to how loud this gun is. Some reviewers say that buying this gun is like playing the lotto. If so, I won the jackpot! I highly recommend this rifle. more

    April 28, 2013
    Joel P
  • 80

    I had a similar experience to what "scott o" on 04/26/2013 described in his review with a few exceptions. Shipping was fast and price ($119 w/ chipping) was great. As for the rifle, none of the serial numbers matched, b...ut I really did not care. Rifle was covered in a fair amount of dried up cosmoline; soaking parts in mineral spirits for 24 hrs did the trick. Stock was intack, no major crack, but it looked it had been dragged through a gravel road for couple miles; lots of dings, dents, scratches, and gashes. Even after sanding it down, most of the marks remained. I've refinished it, marks and all; I think it gives the rifle character. Only rust I notice was on the barrel, it doesn't look like i did any damage. Sanded the rust away, gave it a good soak it hoppes and Remington gun oil. I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 because of the rust. Overall, the Chinese type 53 Carbine was exactly as advertised. more

    April 27, 2013
    Leonardo K
  • 80

    Item came packed and I mean packed in cosmoline. looked very rough. but after removing the cosmoline and refinishing the stock its a great very accurate shooter.

    April 26, 2013
    Sean W
  • 100

    I got very lucky. My ffl was extremely impressed and it was much nicer then the ones they sold for 30 bucks more a few months ago . Rifle in VERY good condition, I dont even have to refinish the stock. The bore was VERY ...nice. My ffl requested to do a basic strip and was extremely impressed. The only thing that didnt match was numbers on the bolt. Minimal cosmoline for me to remove. I am extremely impressed with the type 53. The trigger is extremely nice with a clean crisp break. more

    April 25, 2013
    nathan b
  • 100

    The type 53 arrived safe, sound and just as described (GOOD). Less the cleaning rod but in good condition overall. Refinishing the stock was easy, no finish to remove, the hard part was done already. I am pleased with I received and will shop at Buds again. more

    April 23, 2013
    Dwayne H
  • 80

    All in all a pretty decent rifle. Shipping to my ffl was fast so thanks Buds!. It was boxed nice no problems there. The rifle was covered in cosmoline it took me 4 hours of cleaning with boiling hot water and simple gree...n. The stock looks like it had been through hell and back but it has a nice petina so I cleaned it as best I could and left it, a corner of the butt stock chipped off on me during cleaning but no big deal the wood is soft so keep water away. Numbers matching on most parts. Metal is in pretty good shape no rust to speak of, 2 bolts had to be cleaned up as they were dirty, bolt action is smooth after cleaning and the barrel looks really nice considering the age . Not bad it cleaned up well I wish the stock was in better shape but the important parts are good to go. Thanks Buds! more

    April 22, 2013
    Vincent M
  • 80

    Ordered on a Wednesday and the gun arrived the next Thursday morning. Shipping was free and flimsy. A couple of nicks on the stock from shipping. I've taken it apart and cleaning it. No rust. Lost of cosmoline. The barre...l was full of it but it's cleaning up. I can see rifling. Wood doesn't look nice but it's workable. Shouldering this gun, it handles much better than my 91-30. I think it will be a shooter. Only negative is a completely missing rear action bolt. Not in the gun or in the box, which has delayed a trip to the range until I can locate one. At $119 it's a buy. If it had the action screw, 5 stars. more

    April 21, 2013
    Robb R
  • 80

    Buds a pleasure to do business with. These were rougher than expected but still a good value. Thanks

    April 20, 2013
  • 80

    First order from Buds other than ammo. Now for the rifle, for $119.00 highly impressed. I have read the comments about the stocks. I was expecting a walking stick, but was surprised by the quality, less the cosmo. Bright... bore, no cleaning rod, not numbers matching, but not counter bored. Imported out of Utah, with a new Ser#. If you order one, you need to be prepared to CLEAN. Bore was full of snot, no rust, very little damage to the stock, and what damaged was clearly from the shipper. Box was in tack and taped. No holes or problems. Bayo is tight and firm..... I cleaned the stock by wrapping in newspaper in a black plasic bag and left it in the sun for the bleed all the cosmo. Sprayed oven cleaner on the metal and wrapped in news paper for a day, came out clean, bore is clear with no pits. Ready to shoot. more

    April 19, 2013
    troy b
  • 100

    Ordered the rifle expecting to recieve one fairly beat up. I was very surprised when I actually recieved rifle. Metal is great condition, bore nice and shiny. No gouges of splits at all in the wood. It really isnt far the item picture. Disassembled and was cake in cosmoline, but no rust or pitting anywhere. More than pleased with the purchase, wish I had bought two! more

    April 18, 2013
    shane l
  • 60

    Not the best, not the worst. Stock is well used but not real bad. About 70{bbf20693b9eb5f020123c84384bb5ea8ef481706c271c8120489ce49c7559143} bluing with little to no real rust. Bayonet a little wobbly in the closed posit...ion. Numbers on the bolt do not match up with the rest. No cleaning rod either. Pretty much what I had expected, no disappointments here. Can't wait to get it cleaned up all the way! Great service from Bud's. more

    April 17, 2013
    david g
  • 100

    Quite honestly I was shocked by the exceptional condition mine arrived in. After reading a ton of online reviews, and seeing videos of people who have taken these guns on as projects, I was expecting the worst. The Type ...53 I received was in great condition compared to all the others I'd seen. Now I know that Bud's has nothing to do with that selection, but they were very accommodating and got the order out quickly. I look forward to refurbishing mine over the next few weeks before I take her out for the first range visit. more

    April 16, 2013
    Sean M
  • 60

    Not a bad gun for the money. I'm a sucker for old military rifles. First of all I think most of these guns were stored in a high moisture environment by the Chinese My rifle came with a beautiful stock light in color i d...on't think mine was "chu wood" (catalpa) looks like one of the Russian beech stocks (possibly surplus m44 stock) had tiger stripes but the finish was trashed. the rear of the stock the clear had turned white from moisture and had some clear coat chipping. not to badly dinged or gouged. A good refinish did wonders. The metal was rough covered in cosmoline after cleaning the chamber and receiver had light rust around the trigger and under the but stock was mud and dirt. the barrel had light rust and was dark after cleaning it's still dark. good rifling though. so after a few days of cleaning and rebluing touch up oiling it's not bad. All in all not a bad gun for the money just be prepared to use some elbow grease on these they're over 100 bucks cheaper than the m44 arsenal refinished. so not a bad buy just wish the site was more C&R friendly it would increase Buds sales and save alot of headaches. more

    April 15, 2013
    Jason H
  • 100

    Time from ordering to FFL was 7 days. No complains there. I would say though, that Buds should probably wrap their Mosins better before shipping, as this one and the 91/30 I ordered a few weeks ago seemed to flop around ...quite a bit in the box; the bolt handle punching holes in the box both times. Now on to the gun! I could not be happier with what I received. The metal on this gun is 95{fd2a4601138029f43cf454976870d1513b1cedffefa60b86125775ef7f544586}; I mean it really looks like it was taken care of. Even the barrel end has limited marks from the bayonet. The numbers all match except for the bolt; which looks to be pulled from an Izzy. It looks as though it was sitting in water for some time, but after some polishing I was able to take most of that out. The stock really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be; beat up yes, but only one major chunk out of the stock, the size of the tip of my thumb. Just enough dings to give the whole thing some character. If you're thinking about a Mosin or don't have one of these models yet, buy one! You won't regret it. Make it a weekend project, restore the stock, clean it up and have fun. If you expect the worst, what you actually get might surprise you! more

    April 14, 2013
    Tyler W
  • 60

    Most of the reviews related to Type 53 imports indicate that the wood is really beat up, the metal is not so good and the bores are great. Well this one has really good wood, fantastic metal and a terrible bore, go figur...e. more

    April 13, 2013
    Thomas G
  • 80

    Type 53. The stock was really beat up, but i expected that based on other reviews. The stock had two significant gouges that were both obiouvsly new. Only a small amount of surface rust on two parts on top of the bolt, o...verall the metal was in very good shape. Very little cosmoline, only in the magazine box and in the barrel. The barrel is dark with good rifling, but with a small amount of corrosion. My ffl said he has seen several come through recently and mine was the worst [figures], but that surprised me considering some of the negative reviews. It definately lived up to it's condition grading of good more

    April 12, 2013
    patrick w
  • 80

    I ordered 1 type 53 from someplace else, took longer but the stock was in better condition. also paid quite a bit more (almost 50 bucks) I ordered two from buds, both got here very fast, ordered sunday got to my ffl on t...hursday. Over all happy, but one of the stocks is beat up pretty bad, a few gouges and what looks like damage from mold. The other stock is dark, but overall not that bad. The metal all looks great, both have more that 90{244bb71085fd5ce04441fc62923fe4b1b74f3f8543a7b3b509f9a55285a564c2} blueing. Light wear from the bayonet. Also the bayonets from buds were alot tighter and dont rattle. Seeing as how I plan on replacing the stock with an archangel or similar, the bad stock doesnt really matter. First purchase from Buds, but wont be my last. Just wish they came with cleaning rods and accesories, but that isnt Buds fault. If your not sure, buy one or two. If the stock is bad, they have aftermarket synthetic stocks for around 70 bucks or get a mosin m44 stock more

    April 11, 2013
    Blake N
  • 60

    I received this gun a few weeks ago. Buds did an awesome job of fast delivery as expected. The stock was a little beat up but what do you expect for a 60 year old rifle that has more than likely been through hell and bac...k? I love this thing! I try to shoot it every chance i get. Perfect gun to be a range bully! Word of wise take your time cleaning it do it thorough make sure the bore is clean before you shoot and have fun! It goes boom every time! more

    April 10, 2013
    Matthew D
  • 100

    As always, Buds was fantastic to work with. Now on to the gun. I absolutely love this rifle. As I expected from other reviews, the gun showed up in rather rough condition. However, it wasn't too severe. All I had to do sand the old nasty finish off. Now it looks pretty good. There was a lot of old lube and grease on the rifle. However, since I clean every gun I buy before I fire it, I have no issues with that. After I sanded and cleaned the weapon, I took it to the range. It worked flawlessly. This gun has quickly become one of my favorites in my safe. The first time I fired it was on the range at SWAT training with my fellow team members. Everyone loved it and many are now ordering them also. It is loud and fun to shoot. The bayonet functions as it is supposed to. Again, I love this rifle. If you are one of those people who doesn't take the time to properly care for your guns, you may want to spend your money on another rifle. However, if you want an outstanding and cheap rifle, and you are willing to give it a quick but good cleaning before going to the range, then buy this gun now. I will probably buy another. I love it that much. more

    April 8, 2013
    Rodney L
  • 100

    This is a great project gun. at $120 bucks, dont expect a perfect rifle. However, that being said, mine turned out near perfect once i refinished the stock. The metallic parts were all in excellent condition. Some near the chamber, but mirror finish down the rest of the bore. Crown was a little rouged up from putting on and taking off the bayonet, but then again, its a $120 rifle! It feeds and ejects properly and is a blast to shoot. Mine didnt come with any tools or pouches etc. I think its a great hog gun, The rifle is tough as nails. And even if you miss, and a pig charges, you have that 2 foot spike as a last resort. The stock looked like they had used it for a baseball bat and then gave it to the dog as a chew toy. Some pits were simply too big to sand out. Also, while this wood may appear impossible to strip, the natural color is just a darker tan/brown color, Or at least this was the case with mine. I heard somewhere it was called chu wood? Either way, it wasnt difficult to sand it down nicely, do a quick light stain, and cheap pass walmart spray urethane finish. All in all I would and probably will get another one of these. more

    April 6, 2013
    Robert F
  • 40

    I had to give a low rating due to the firearm not the service from Bud's. The item shipped and was recived very timely as I have always recieved from Bud's. The firearm though was very rough. I have had several of the Mo...sin's and this was my first Type 53. I had large pieces of wood crammed down the barrel as if it had be crammed in a wood creat with a forklift. The corrosion is very, very deep all over the riffle. To the point that I will more than likely abandon the project and use it as parts. The wood also is very rough and gouged etc. The amount of cosmoline is so thick that I would not have seen the condition of the riffle at transfer. I don't normally bring a box of rags and cleaners to my FFL to make a big mess in his shop and clean the item off for inspection. more

    April 5, 2013
    todd j
  • 100

    Bought two and I couldn't be happier. One stock is dark like the picture and the other is a nice lighter blond color. No rust that I can find on either. Bore looks a bit dark on both but the rifling look strong and sharp... without any pitting. Bolts cycle smoothly. Very light cosmoline. I sure wish they didn't have the large import marks in such a visible location, but I suppose that is what you have to deal with in the new America.... ! A+ more

    March 19, 2013
    Jack L
  • 80

    The rifle i recieved was just like the pic. The gun shoots better than I ever expected. Orderd gun on Tue and had at my FFL by Sat. I could not be happier with Buds, this is my 6th gun from Buds and there will be many Only wish i found this site sooner! There would be way more guns in my safe. A more

    March 10, 2013
    Cameron S
  • 100

    Great gun! Wish I would have bought 3 more at this price. Stock is a little rough but its been through war. Cycles great. Bolt is in excellent condition. Thanks to Buds for selling this rifle at the price they did.

    March 8, 2013
    Vincent V
  • 20

    Absolutely horrible. Stock looks like it has been drug down the street (literally chunks missing from stock). Lots of rust on bolt and barrel. What a waste of money, next bon-fire I have consider this thing gone. I woul...dnt fire this thing in fear of it blowing up. more

    March 3, 2013
    Bryan M
  • 100

    I went to my ffl dealer and made the transfer...and all I can say is wow!!!! What a pretty gun...looks better than the picture...has some cosmoline but that's to be expected...very nice stock and all metal parts were rus...t free...can't wait to clean it up and shoot it....thanks buds..I will be back again!!!! more

    March 1, 2013
    Geoffrey P
  • 100

    Holy Cosmoline Batman!!! This rifle can with more cosmoline than I have ever seen. However because of this the action barrel Bayonet and Bolt were all Perfect. The stock is ROUGH but that is to be expected. What I didn't... expect was a complete numbers matching mechanically perfect 1955 Type 53. That's right all Numbers even the stock and the butt-plate. I am sorry for the few of those buyers that were disappointed but I am not one of them. Shipping did take a while but in the end I am very satisfied. I will be using buds for all of my online purchases from now on. more

    February 28, 2013
    David C
  • 100

    I was very pleased with my Type 53. To my surprise, ALL matching numbers and a very nice bore and crown. The finish on the stock was pretty beat up, but the metal was in better than expected condition with very little su...rface rust. From placing order to receiving at my FFL in just 11 days. My only regret is that I didn't order two of them. THANKS BUD'S more

    February 27, 2013
    Mark F
  • 80

    Pretty beat up gun but it shoots well and I was not expecting anything in pristine condition for $120. Good value for an operable gun. Fast Shipping, Thanks Buds

    February 24, 2013
    dustin w
  • 100

    I purchased this gun from Bud's about two weeks ago and am quite pleased. I wasn't expecting much since I have heard and read that Chinese surplus is usually very beat up. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the rifle.... It is a very early model, 1953.9 with all numbers matching and nearly 100{69dc9e9850a1bf34bbed7c10dd8a1c772aaca334af975ecec10d02b3487c0051} bluing. The stock is in very good condition and appears to be walnut. Some scratches and marks but definitely not beat up. The bore is incredible and looks as though it has never been fired. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but I am expecting it will be good. Thanks for a good deal. more

    February 23, 2013
    Terence C
  • 40

    Wow, this gun is a mess. I expected the stock to be rough, but even still I was disappointed. There was a ton of surface rust on most of the metal parts of the gun. I expected a bit of a project so I accepted the transfe...r. As I got home and started to disassemble the gun I realized it was worse than I had thought. The bottom of the barrel is rusted, more than just surface rust. The bolt also had a fair amount of rust in certain parts. The magazine assembly is terribly rusted, mostly where it fits into the stock. I figure I will need to order AT LEAST a bolt assembly to make this usable. Plus a few extra hours refinishing the stock and trying to clean surface rust. Im still debating whether or not to order a new mag assembly online. In my opinion this gun should be rated FAIR at best. Probably not even worth the 119 considering the time and money I will need to sink into it. These surplus guns are hit or miss, this was a miss. I ordered a soviet mosin (also from Buds) a few weeks ago and it was beautiful. more

    February 22, 2013
    Kenneth L
  • 60

    Not much can be added to what has already been said about the Chinese Type 53 rifles. At the time I write this review Bud's is out of stock on these rifles. I am not sure if any more will be available. The particular rif...le that I received (a 1956) was probably no different than all the others. The metal was very good, and had no pitting or rust. The bore was fairly nice, as it was a little worn, but had plenty of rifling still visible (after cleaning). The stock, however, was as expected: beat up and stored improperly! There was also a little bit of water damage. It appears as though a lot of the gouges and dents to the stock happened recently! There was relatively fresh wood showing, when compared to other damage to the stock. I am not sure what that means exactly, just a fact. Overall, I got EXACTLY what I expected. Three of the four serial numbers matched (the bolt was different) and the rifle has plenty of "character". Would I buy it again? Absolutely! more

    February 21, 2013
    Daniel F
  • 100

    Wow. I ordered two of these and they are much better than expected. Even my FFL was impressed with the condition. I have nothing bad to say about them. Wood is great with a few nicks, solid, no cracks. Metal is great, bluing except for wear areas. Bright sharp bores on the muzzle with good rifling, the rest of the barrel was packed with cosmoline but I expect the same condition. Mechanics are good even being completely saturated with cosmoline and the bolt is very smooth. Small specks of surface rust here and there, but no pitting. Not all of the numbers match, but that is a rare thing with a Type 53, so it doesn't bother me. I was worried about purchasing online and sight unseen, but this was well worth the gamble. I end up with two great rifles that I am sure will perform flawlessly for 250 bucks, and I get introduced to a very helpful and knowledgeable FFL holder who charges a realistic twelve bucks a rifle. I am very pleased with all of this. Well, except for the cosmoline. Good God the cosmoline. more

    February 20, 2013
    Steven C
  • 100

    When I picked this up from the FFL dealer the stock was beat up, but everything else looked good. I cleaned it up, replaced the stock and took it out to the desert. I shot about 60 rounds with no issues. Very fun to shoo...t and I really like the bayonet! more

    February 19, 2013
    Jeff R
  • 100

    i got my yesterday took 7 days metal in great shape two little spots of rust that came off easy.stock is ruf some bad nicks in wood but i dill with that for the price its a great diil

    February 18, 2013
  • 100

    Wow, I guess I was one of the lucky ones. My Type 53 looks just as good as pictured, I couldnt believe it. I was expecting it to be in rough shape given the other reviews and wanted to take the chance on getting good, but i got a beautiful example of the 53. Only thing missing was cleaning rod which i already had an extra. Head space checked out, rifling, bore, chamber all good, no rust and wood was in great shape. Mismatched numbers but was not expecting anything more. I am very impressed with the rifle i got and Bud's Service. more

    February 17, 2013
    steve v
  • 100

    Received my two 53's on Thursday. Work has kept me from cleaning off the cosmoline but they are in very nice shape. Of course the wood has some nicks and dents but is in overall very nice shape. After cleaning, a little ...sandpaper and some stain and wood sealer and these baby's will be sweet. They will be put to good use next month taking down some wild boar in Vinton County, Ohio. Thanks Buds. My first purchase from you but won't be my last. Rich more

    February 16, 2013
    Richard H
  • 60

    I ordered two type 53 rifles, one was in good condition as advertised. The other rifle stock was split completely in two pieces inside the box with no signs of damage to the box.

    February 15, 2013
    Bryson S
  • 80

    Stock was awful but looked pretty good after refinishing. The action on this gun is the best of any mosin I've ever owned. Awesome truck gun. Expect what you will for a hundred bucks or so.

    February 14, 2013
    Jason L
  • 20

    I know these are surplus but this might be the worst one i have seen to this day. There is rust on the outside and the stock is destroyed. It looks like it was tied behind a car and dragged for days. There are deep Gashe...s everywhere with the wood splintering off everywhere it looks terrible. Not worth $119 at all. I do not recommend at all. more

    February 13, 2013
    Stefanus d
  • 100

    Wow! History in a box and for $119 on my credit card and it was delivered to me in a couple days via Budsgunshop's great customer service and warehouse staff! This gun is beat up but the beat up part is whats so cool. Th...e stock even has some soldiers art right on the stock. Its by far one of the coolest guns Ive ever bought and for less then $120 you just cant beat that! I cant wait to clean up the stock a little bit just by wiping off the grit but I am leaving it as is. It would ruin the gun to do anything else to it but shoot it! This thing was totally used in korea or somewhere. You can see the wear next to the bolt from heat of the moment reloads! I will be ordering one of these every spare $120 I get till there gone! Mosin Nagant collectors will love these. more

    February 12, 2013
    Chris S
  • 80

    I was very Pleased with Buds service, century on the other hand not so much. At no fault to buds I had to wait 3 weeks to get my type 53. I will say though it was worth it, the gun other than a mildly beat up stock is in... good shape. The bore is shiny with good rifling and most of the blueing is still on it. I havent had a chance to shoot it yet waiting for it to warm up a bit. more

    February 9, 2013
    Charles U
  • 40

    I purchased 4 or these and one had a broken cartrige in the chamber. Had cartrige removed and firearm was test fired. The case split on the test round. Gun smith said the firearm was unsafe to fire. None of the firearms ...had a nice stock like the one pictured. They were all beat up and some had large chucks of wood missing. One had a broken forend. Stocks are discolored with a grey tint to them, maybe the original finish comming off. Rifles come very dirty and it takes alot to clean them up before they can be fired. Allthough they are ugly, the two of the rifles seem to fire and function well. One is still being cleaned up. more

    February 8, 2013
    David W
  • 100

    Got my Chinese Type 53 from Bud's about a month ago. It required a little cleaning on the metal parts. The stock had a few good sized dings, but was structurally sound. Some filler, some sanding, and some stock oil prett...ied her right up. I bought this rifle to be a shooter and it does that very well. First time shooting it at 100 yards with Herter's steel-cased. Only got one shot off because my target fell. 1.5" right, elevation perfect. Moved out to 200 yards, 3" right and 1" low. Best $120 I've spent in awhile. Mine loved the Herter's FMJs, but did not like PPU 150 gr. SPs. If you're looking for a wall hanger, look elsewhere. This rifle is a practical, reliable, and accurate SHOOTER. more

    February 7, 2013
    Brad S
  • 100

    I just received my Type 53 carbine today, and shot 50 rounds through it at the range. It is a very solid rifle and in better condition than I expected, the bore was very nice after a good cleaning and there wasn't much c...osmoline to clean off the gun. It was also quite accurate, but it does kick quite a bit, so I would recommend a recoil pad! I was quite impressed overall, and would recommend this rifle to anyone at this price! The bayonet is so cool the way it deploys and very solid as well! Great value!!! more

    February 6, 2013
    William P
  • 100

    Bought two of these and was quite pleased at the actual shape of each rifle. While the bore was dark and appeared to have little to no rifling left they both cleaned up very nicely and are actually in very good shape. rifle is functional and shot well for my limited skill and with bayonet stowed. I can't believe Bud's has them back in stock for the $119 price! If I had only bought one the first time I would definitely get another but I'm all set with two. :) They were rated Good and I would say that is what they are and a very good price, these days at least. I have some low recoil training ammo but even so they got quite a bit of attention at the range with the bang and flash! more

    February 5, 2013
    Chris P
  • 80

    Good rifle for the price. Getting a good one seems to pure luck. There was no cosmoline on the rifle to deal with. The metal is in real nice shape with decent bluing and no rust that I could find anywhere. The bore looks... good with strong rifling and no counterbore. The trigger is very smooth compared to the Russian triggers The stock looked pretty bad to be expected with plenty of dings and chunks missing. The only thing I really wasnt happy about was that the rifle failed a field gauge check for headspace. I swapped the bolt from another mosin and the headspace checked out. I had the same headspace issue with the bolt when tried on another mosin, so now I have to spend more money on a different bolt head. Other than that, I think the rifle will be a pretty decent shooter. more

    February 4, 2013
    Geoff C
  • 80

    Pretty badly dinged up, mismatched bolt, no accessory/tool kit, rough barrel. I was warned about these things for sure BUT I think other buyers should be aware of this. That being said, would I buy it again at the same p...rice - possibly - $25 less? DEFINITELY! more

    February 1, 2013
    James J
  • 20

    I know when you buy one of these, they are surplus and used. Understood. But this one should have been thrown in the trash! It could have been used as a baseball bat and hammer and would not have been in worse condition.... end of barrel looks like it was beat against a wall and the wood grain in the stock is so raised that it feels like 50 grit sandpaper. I purchased a Mosin along with this one and the Mosin is great except for 10lbs of comsolene, but will clean up very nice. This Type 53.... not sure what to do with it! Bud's themselves are great, I have purchased a dozen or more firearms from them, all great people. more

    January 29, 2013
    Dave S
  • 80

    This was my first purchase from Buds and first surplus firearm purchase. I did not know what to expect from either, but overall I'm pleased. The buying process through Bud's was simple and painless. One of the preferred ...FFLs is a pawn shop 2mi from my house, so that worked out great. Shipping and communication were relatively fast, considering the insane volume of online firearm purchases these days. Now to the weapon: it was a MESS! Very dirty, and the stock was atrocious. Guy at my FFL took out of the box and had a horrible look on his face. He said, "is it supposed to look like that?!" Lol... Anyway, I was prepared for the worst, so after verifying that the stock did not seem to be split or cracked, and the metal seemed in okay shape (way too dirty to speak to the bore), I paid and took it home. After a thorough cleaning, I have to say the metal and bore are in surprisingly good shape. I'm waiting on a no-go gauge before firing it, but I am optimistic. The stock was nicked, scarred, dented, scratched, etc., etc. Really rough. But again, no warps, splits or cracks. So i decided to refinish it. I sanded it enough to remove the old shellac and smooth out some of the worst of the dings without actually removing any of the marks. Each ding tells a story, right? :) There's an area of very deliberate little holes in a grid pattern. Was the soldier bored? Marking kills? Trying to make the stock less slippery in that spot? Who knows? On one side of the buttstock, you see the telltale markings of nail heads. The rifle was clearly used as a makeshift hammer at some point. Setting tent pegs? Boarding a window? So after sanding, I applied 3 coats of amber shellac and then paste wax. Looks great! Clean, shiny, and smooth, but still tells a story with it's multitude of "blemishes." Bought a sling and cleaning rod (gun was missing these), and now I have a pretty attractive little carbine. I'm hoping it shoots! So Bud's gets 5 stars, rifle gets 3, for an average of 4. All in all, a fun project so far. more

    January 21, 2013
    Lee M
  • 100

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I order this carbine. The metal parts of this gun was in great shape. The stock however has seen better days, but with some sanding and refinishing it will be looking great. This rifle a 1954 year model. I can't wait to get it out to the range. Once again Bud's won me over with this great piece of history and didn't break my wallet. more

    January 20, 2013
    Barry C
  • 100

    As always BUD's comes through with another great deal and transaction. Got the Type 53 yesterday and was happy to see that it was just what was discribed and what i expected. A wood stock that has seen better days, but t...he receiver and barrel were in great shape, no pitting or rust. As for the action it was very smooth and a clean break on the trigger. What more can you ask for at that price...Thanks again BUD's Semper Fi more

    January 18, 2013
    michael c
  • 100

    A steal at this price. This is a real battle scared warrior with a few matching numbers. This rifle saw allot of service and also some water damage while in storage. Rust pitting on outside of barrel, and water spots on ...stock. Bolt is very smooth and rust free, bore is shiny with good rifling. All damage is cosmetic however, I would rather clean cosmoline than rust! more

    January 17, 2013
    Joseph S
  • 100

    What a great find! For $119 I get yet another piece of history from Buds. Received it today and cleaned her up today, stock was in good condition, cleaned up better with a little light sanding. I polished the bolt and went nuts on making sure the bore was clean. Rifle when inspected didn't have all that much cosmoline, but what it lacked on the surface was greatly made up on inside! The thing I liked most was that the original serial number matched on barrel and bolt which made for fluid effortless motion when working the action. This is my third rifle from Buds, it wont be the last. As always Fast, pleasant, and a satisfying transaction! more

    January 12, 2013
    Brad G