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Critic Consensus

The mid-weight contender was our long-term test upper from Faxon Firearms, featured in the last issue of RECOIL. This time, we simply swapped out the .223 barrel and called it good. In case anyone missed Issue 6, the ARAK-21 is a long-stroke piston system with interchangeable barrels, blending some of the best features of both the AR and AK platforms. By undoing six screws, the user is able to exchange the standard .... Read critic reviews...

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Other than determining where you will go for your hunting trip, the most important consideration for your hunting trip is choosing the right rifle, and with the Colt LE901 Semi Auto Rifles you can be assured that your hunting trip will be a success.The Colt LE901-16S Carbine in .308 Win features a 16-inch chrome-lined barrel, matte black anodized finish, flat top monolithic upper, Rogers Super-Stock, front flip-up sight, rear adjustable flip-up sight, flash hider, 1-piece upper, full floated barrel, 1-12" twist, ambi controls, accepts mil-spec 5.56mm Colt uppers, an overall length of 34.25 inches, an unloaded weight of 9.4 lbs, and a 20+1 round capacity.

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