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Critic Consensus

The wooden stock is absolutely excellent. Fit to the action and the stocks finish as well as ergonomics are first class. The rifle is designed as a European stalker or a hunting rifle for use at modest range.The fixed sights are as nice a set of iron sights as you will find on a bolt-action rifle. The sights are well regulated, firing a little high at 50 yards. Using the iron sights and Tula steel case ammunition... Read critic reviews...

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The CZ 527 is a bolt-action smallbore rifle designed by esk zbrojovka Uhersk Brod. CZ discontinued production in 2021. There are numerous different designs and stylings. The available calibers (though not every rifle is designed for each of the calibers) are the following: .17 Remington, .17 Hornet, .22 Hornet, .204 Ruger, .221 Fireball, .222 Remington, .223 Remington, 6.5mm Grendel, .300 AAC Blackout and 7.6239mm. The CZ 527 Lux, CZ 527 FS and CZ 527 Carbine are traditional European style models featuring open sights and a Turkish walnut stock in the Bavarian pattern while CZ 527 American, CZ 527 Varmint and CZ 527 Prestige are models made specifically for the US market with the American customer in mind featuring American pattern stock with 18 LPI checkering. The CZ 527 Varmint is an American-style bolt-action smallbore rifle designed by esk zbrojovka Uhersk Brod based on the CZ 527. It has a Mauser-style action, and is available in three different stylings: Standard, Laminated and Aramid composite.

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