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Critic Consensus

CZ USA is expanding its line-up of 712 semi-automatics to include the new 12-ga. G3 series of sporting models. Options include the 28" barrel full coverage Camo Tera version with synthetic stocks (top) or the 20" barrel black synthetic stock Utility model (bottom). The company will also offer a traditional hardwood stock version with a 28" or 26" barrel. Enjoy the softer shooting characteristics of a gas-operated sem... Read critic reviews...

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The CZ 712/720 is a gas operated semi-automatic shotgun built on a light weight alloy reciever. Both the 26" and 28" barrel configurations accept the 2 3/4" to 3" shells, making the new shotgun a great choice for both upland game and waterfowl. The barrel on the 712/720 is chrome lined with a moly black hard chrome exterior finish that wil resist corrosion after many seasons in the field. It is fit with a Turkish walnut soick sized for a 14.5" length of pull. The 712/720 comes with a magazine tube plug installed for waterfoul. If the plug is removed, it gives the upland hunter a 4+1 capacity.

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