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Critic Consensus

The CZ 1012 is a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun that offers versatility and a unique operating system. A great benefit is the 5 different extended chokes that are included with this shotgun. While I had a lot of issues trying to hunt with 3 shells, the CZ 1012 could be a solid choice when running 2&3/4 shells for competition or recreational shooting. Read critic reviews...

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A semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with a gasless inertia operating system, which provides maximum reliability with various types of ammunition from light-recoiling target loads to powerful 3 magnums and allows for a more relaxed maintenance schedule. Its durable polymer stock makes it an ideal weapon for use in extremely inhospitable conditions. A wide range of chokes is also available for this model. Make your hunting trips easier with the CZ 1012 All Terrain 12 ga Semi-Automatic Shotgun. This 12-gauge semi-automatic hunting shotgun has a Turkish walnut wood stock with a pistol grip. It is equipped with a set of rare earth magnets in the extractor or ejectors to make it easier to use in a duck blind or while handling dogs and equipment.

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