CZ 620

CZ 620

MSRP: $329.60

Used Value: $0.00

Sale Price: $230.72

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Brand CZ-USA
Category Autoloader Shotgun
Action Pump
Capacity 4
Barrel Length 24"
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Keith on CZ 620

Beautiful gun for the price.

Jul 27, 2018

Beautiful gun for the price.

Jul 27, 2018

this is my 3 cz all no good the 620 pump jamed bad 3 times first time i shoot it dont by cz in shotgun they make a great 22

Jul 19, 2018
Michael M

This is a very handsome firearm! It is very light. Was pleased that it came with a skeet choke. This is a lot of gun for the price

Mar 16, 2017
Larry G

Fantastic gun. very accurate.

May 19, 2016

I like this shotgun. It’s lightweight and balanced well for a good follow through. I’ve used it on pheasant, and it gets the job done nicely. The action moves solidly and smoothly. As for the furniture, what can I say? A fit and finish this nice is unexpected at this price point. One minor nitpick. I don’t understand the need for a ported muzzle on a 28 gauge. It reduces a practically non-existant recoil which only adds unneccesary loudness to the shot. Aside from that, I can’t recommend this gun enough. It’s everything you’d expect from a great company like CZ. ...more

Sep 19, 2014
jeff fogel
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