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Critic Consensus

The trigger on the 715 took me a little bit to get used to. The first time I pulled the trigger in double action I was surprised at how short the travel was. Even cocking the DW to shoot single action has a very short travel. I was a little concerned that with so little movement of the hammer that there might be some light primer strikes. But this was not to be. I made an effort to check the depth of most of the... Read critic reviews...

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eturning to regular production late summer 2014, the 715 is as it was before designed and built to be the most accurate, rugged and versatile revolver on the market. Shipped with a 6' barrel, the new shroud is designated the HV6, a heavy vent shroud profile that tames the .357 s recoil very well.The double action trigger is short and relatively light, while the single action is light and crisp. The target-like SA trigger pull made the Dan Wesson revolver a favorite among competitors and hunters, and the tradition continues in the 715. Barrel assemblies and grips are easily swapped by the shooter, and the 715 accepts grips and barrel/shroud assemblies from 15-2 model and newer revolvers. The original Dan Wesson revolver improved on the accuracy and service life of the traditional double action revolver design in a few ways. The tensioned barrel of the DW interchangeable barrel system enhances accuracy, pulling the barrel tight like a guitar string, enabling it to vibrate at the same frequency every time. The forward crane latch, located in front of the cylinder and paired with a rear ball detent helps to ensure proper cylinder/barrel alignment during firing. Superior to the rear locking designs of other revolvers, it adds to the accuracy of the 715. While the tensioned barrel definitely improves accuracy above other revolvers, it s the consistent cylinder/barrel alignment that contributes most to the accuracy of the design. Additionally, the clockwise-rotating cylinder reduces stress on the crane, since it turns in the same direction the crane locks, prolonging service life and keeping everything tight. The 715 s frame is robust, built to handle the heaviest of factory loads. Each revolver is shipped in a custom Dan Wesson hard case. Patterned after the ever-popular Pistol Pack, each case has compartments for three additional barrel assemblies and factory-supplied barrel wrench kit.

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