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Critic Consensus

Just for fun, I ran a couple of specialty loads through the nickel-plated Bounty Hunter. The first load had the same 255-grain big lube bullet mounted over 40 grains of compressed 2Fg Goex. This is the classic 19th century .45 Colt load, and it really rocks. Velocity through the long barrel averaged 901 fps. Recoil wasshall we say, noticeable.... Read critic reviews...

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Description: SA. Made in Germany w/authentic look & feel. Traditional features, modern craftsmanship. Stronger, safer, more accurate than original design. Walnut grips. 3-frame screw design. 3-position hammer including loading position. Heavy duty transfer bar. Recessed chambers. Wt.: approximately 2.7 lbs. Attributes Barrel Length: 7.5" Finish: Nickel

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