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Retail Price: $985.00
Used Value: $827.40

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Personal Protection
Concealed Carry

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EAA Tanfoglio Witness Hunter 600257 Black $971.00

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Asked by unnamed user 1 year ago

barrel & sight mount

unnamed user 9 months ago

James, yes, the barrel is supported and since the slide is drilled and tapped frame for optics platform. You would need to purchase sepatayely.

Asked by unnamed user 1 year ago

Sights, barrel, recoil springs, trigger

unnamed user 9 months ago

blacked out adjustable target sights it is also drilled and tapped for optics . for aftermarket sights contact Dawson precision dawsonprecision.com yes it is a match ( EAA says Competition) Barrel; I don't know of any bushings but for springs contact wolf gun springs wolf also has some trigger spring kits for the guide rod and spring LB please contact EAA Customer Service Hours 8:30am – 3:30pm EST (321) 639-4842 tel or http://eaacorp.com/contact?form=1 link to the hunter series http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-hunter-tanfoglio-109

Asked by unnamed user 2 years ago

Suppressor, Slide length, and Trigger

unnamed user 9 months ago

Hi Frank, virtually any pistol barrel can be threaded for a suppressor. Gemtech offers this service as well as others. The slide and receiver have been optimized for accuracy already. trigger pull is 4 to 5lbs. These features include a premium 6" barrel, drilled and tapped frame for optics platform, single action trigger, checkered front and back strap, extended safety, and adjustable rear sight. The Witness "Hunter" is available in .45 ACP and .10mm. It makes a great choice for anyone who is interested in pistol hunting for small and medium sized game. Many states that allow hunting with a pistol require a minimum barrel length of 5.5 - 6". The "Hunter" is one of the few auto pistols in production that meets this requirement. Target shooters love the long sight plane system, which makes the "Hunter" model another great choice for someone who is looking for an accurate semi automatic pistol without all of the features found on race guns.

Asked by unnamed user 2 years ago

Package Contents

unnamed user 9 months ago

A very nice locking case, rod/brush cleaning kit, 3 recoil springs of different weights, extra front sight, 1 magazine, pistol, and manuals.

Asked by unnamed user 2 years ago

Consecutive Serial Numbers

unnamed user 9 months ago

Contact Buds, usually pretty unlikely, but might b possible, they are a large buying source.

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Legend Ammo
Retail Price: $985.00
Used Price: $827.40