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Critic Consensus

Thanks to the guns 30 Super Carry chambering and its all-steel construction, the Nighthawk GRP was one of the softest-shooting guns weve had on the range in a while, and it was a welcome change of pace to have extra rounds on board in a standard-size M1911. The beveled frame made magazine changes fast and easy, and we noticed the custom-tuned... Read critic reviews...

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The GRP may be our base model, but it is far from an entry-level range pistol. The GRP uses all the same parts and expertise that go into our entire Nighthawk Custom lineup. All the components on this pistol are oversized and fully machined, which require detailed craftsmanship to fit. This model, along with all others, follows the "One Gun, One Gunsmith" philosophy which means the gun is built and prepped by a single gunsmith. We have no assembly line. We have a group of master gunsmiths that start with a box of parts and build them into the finest custom 1911 pistols. It makes for an incredible shooter on the range, sure to make your grouping tighter and more accurate.

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