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The 12.7mm (50BMG) heavy machine gun K6 is an automatic, recoil operated, link belt feed, air cooled quick change barrel machine gun which can be fired for right or left hand feed by changing the feed direction of receive group, bolt group and cover group. The K6 was sharply enhanced by the improvement of quick barrel change type from thread-turned changing of M2HB machine gun. The K6 enables user to be safety, elimenate timing adjustment and reduce vulnerable exposure time. The K6 is a crew-served weapon that is mounted and operated in various ways from all kind of vehicles, tanks, helicopters, warships...etc. Muzzle velocity is 930 m/sec. Maximum firing range is 6,765 meters. Effective firing range is 1,830 meters. Operation: Short recoil operated. Barrel weight is 12,6 kg or 27.77 lbs. Air cooled.

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