Kahr Arms P9

Kahr Arms P9



Reviews: 4
Total reviews: 4
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Mixed: 1
Negative: 2
Retail Price: $673.00
Used Value: $471.10
Sale Price: $629.99

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Kahr Arms P9 Info

The Kahr Arms P9 Pistol is a short recoil, striker fired double action only pistol. Able to use +P and +P+ ammunition the Kahr Arms P9 Pistol is small, sleek and lightweight but has ballistic firepower. With outstanding accuracy, great ergonomics and a lightweight durable construction the Kahr Arms P9 Pistol is a favorite among the shooting community. Target shooting or self protection the Kahr Arms P9 Pistol is a good one to have by your side. An excellent choice for carry for those individuals that prefer a larger grip and longer sight radius on a pistol. This P9 also comes with 3 magazines, (2) seven round and (1) eight round extended magazine.

Kahr Arms P9 Specifications

ActionDouble Action Only
Caliber9x19mm Parabellum
Barrel Length3.5"
Primary Uses
Personal Protection
Personal Protection

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Fair Market Range $621 - $648
Fair Market Price $635
MSRP $673.99
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Kahr Arms P9 Q & A

Unnamed User Mark, yes. The K9's OAL = 6", 4.5" tall, 0.90" wide and weighs 23.1oz. ---- The Glock 19's OAL = Read More
Unnamed User Hi Joseph, Yes, This pistol comes with a Matte Stainless Steel finish.
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Kahr Arms P9 Reviews

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  • 80

    easy to shoot and very accurate. I wish the magazines would not stick out they could be a bit shorter with metal flat plate.

    September 11, 2012
  • 60

    I was with Oleg this session & tend to agree:this unasuul pistol is a shooter! One female shooter commented on how well it fit her hand.All commented that felt recoil was noticeably less than with comparable 9mm's. Loadi...ng the magazine & chambering the first round takes some getting used to:cartridges are inserted into the mag bullet-first which looks backward,& the slide must be firmly racked to chamber the first round-I & at least one other shooter had a minor problem with this:nothing that a little instruction & practice did not cure. The DAO trigger is very smooth & even;indeed one of if not the best factory triggers I've felt.Tolerances appear quite tight & overall finish is excellent. more

    March 25, 2012
  • 60

    This would have been my favorite all round ccw gun replacing my glock 36 except for the fact that your reload that's in your mag pouch loses the first 2 rounds in the pouch with just normal activity. I don't like bullets... falling out of my reload that i my need to save my life with. Great at the range but not for ccw. more

    March 3, 2012
  • 100

    We just picked up a Kahr P9 for my girlfriend to use as a conceal carry gun when she receives her permit. We were a little unsure at first as I have never owned a Kahr. We bought it in tip top shape but used (our local g...un store owners carry). That means it was already broken in. This thing is a real shooter for its size. My girlfriend pulled the first one but after that was with in 2.5" after that from 21 ft. She hates recoil and was a little worried because it is so light (15ish oz) and thin. She was very pleased, as was I. The recoil is light and the muzzle lift is very well handled. We only shot federal champion Wal-mart specials through it but it was very accurate. The trigger is very smooth. The size of the gun is nice and easy to hide pretty much anywhere. This gets a good rating from both of us and we will defiantly be keeping this guns for a long while. more

    February 7, 2012