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Reviews: 166
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Mixed: 16
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Retail Price: $311.00
Used Value: $217.70

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Kahr Arms CM9 Specifications

Brand Kahr Arms
Category Handguns
Primary Uses
Personal Protection
Personal Protection

Kahr Arms CM9 Variations

Variation Frame Finish MSRP
Kahr Arms CM9 CM9093HM Stainless Steel Slide $346.00
Kahr Arms CM9 CM9093BB Burnt Bronze $414.06
Kahr Arms CM9 CM9093TU3 $385.00
Kahr Arms CM9 CM9093N Matte Stainless $326.00
Kahr Arms CM9 CM9093KRT Kryptek Camo/Black Slide $373.00

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Kahr Arms CM9 Pricing

Used Gun
Fair Market Range $287- $299
Fair Market Price $293
MSRP $311.00
New Gun
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  • Highest Price: $360.39
  • Lowest Price: $328.92

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Asked by unnamed user 1 year ago

Barrel Length and Magazines how many?

unnamed user 9 months ago

Chris this pistol comes wit (1) 6rd Magazine and the Barrel is 3.1" inches in length.

Asked by unnamed user 1 year ago

holster and magazine??

unnamed user 9 months ago

Comes with one flush 6 round and one 7 round mag with pinky extension. The holster is a leather reversible belt clip style. Kahr has a photo on their site: https://shopkahrfirearmsgroup.com/cm9-holster-mag-package/

Asked by unnamed user 1 year ago

Plus p

unnamed user 9 months ago

Yes its +p rated while I recommend trying several brands of self defense ammo and carrying the one that the gun likes best ( accuracy and reliability)

Asked by unnamed user 2 years ago


unnamed user 9 months ago

Purchase any new Kahr pistol between June 16, 2017 and September 30, 2017 and you will qualify to receive a free corresponding magazine.

Kahr Arms CM9 Reviews

Legend Ammo
Retail Price: $311.00
Used Price: $217.70