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Kimber Mountain Ascent



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Mountain Ascent Caliber: 6.5 creedmoor Features: Durable and exceptionally accurate, the Adirondack is one of the lightest production bolt action big game rifles available today. Specifications: Approximate weight: 6 pounds 8 ounces length: 46.5 inches Barrel: Material: Stainless Steel Fluting muzzle brake or suppression Match grade chamber Trigger: Adjustable Factory setting: 3.5-4 pounds Stock: Material: Reinforced Carbon Fiber: Optifade Open Country Recoil pad: 1-inch Pachmayr Decelerator Length of pull (inches): 13.75 Drop at heel (inches): 0.54 Drop at comb (inches): 0.43 Pillar and glass bedding Action: Type: 8400 Magnum Material: Stainless steel Magazine capacity: 4

Kimber Mountain Ascent Specifications

ActionBolt Action
Caliber6.5mm CM
Primary Uses

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  • Kimber Mountain Ascent: A True Featherweight
    Kimber has accomplished this incredible weight loss by removing every conceivable amount of non-necessary metal from tang to muzzle. First, there is no floor plate; the magazine box remains blued steel with a composite f...ollower. The trigger guard is given a novel treatment with no forward tang; rather there is a small screw that engages the forward portion of the guard from within the inletting of the stock. Up front the receiver ring is trimmed to 1.142 inches in diameter, and the barrel is a mere 1.048 inches where it mates with the receiver. Typically most lightweight barrels are about 1.125 inches at that point. The barrel retains this diameter through the chamber area but rapidly tapers to 0.561 inches to a point about ½ inch from the muzzle where it is stepped down for threading for an enclosed muzzle brake. Four 8-inch flutes are cut into the barrel just forward of the chamber to remove even more weight. The bolt has a major diameter of 0.588 inches, slightly smaller than normal; diameter of the bolt lugs measures 0.788 inches. Three relatively deep spiral flutes remove some more weight for 3 ¾ inches of the bolt length. The Mauser-style claw extractor is just .340-inches wide and has three 0.125 x 0.418-inch slots piercing it to further reduce weight. Even the bolt handle has three lightening flutes along an already diminished diameter, and the knob is hollowed as well. This is true minimalist engineering. more

    January 3, 2019 | Full review…
    Dave Campbell
  • Rifle Review: Kimber Mountain Ascent
    Kimber’s Mountain Ascent is a lightweight and extremely accurate rifle for the backcountry-Jason Brooks. Kimber Mountain Ascent chambered in .280 Ackley Improved with a Vortex Razor HD LH 2-10x40mm scope weighs in at j...ust over 6 pounds. The moss green stock is made of reinforced carbon fiber that is extremely lightweight, resists scratching, and has texture so it stays solid in your hand on wet, cold days. If you prefer a camouflage stock Kimber has Gore Optifade “Open Country” and “Subalpine” stock options with soft touch finishes that are warm to the touch and grip easily. this is a hunting rifle, not a range rifle, and after the second subsequent shot the barrel was warm to the touch. Three quick successive shots and the barrel was borderline hot. In a perfect world we make “one shot kills” but when an immediate follow-up shot is needed be aware of barrel heating. When sighting-in at the range adequate time is needed between groups to let the Kimber’s lightweight barrel cool down. It's recommended practicing with this rifle at the range before taking it afield. It’s so lightweight that it may take you a few range sessions to get a feel for shooting it. more

    January 3, 2019 | Full review…
    Jason Brooks
  • Kimber’s Mountain Ascent Rifle Review
    This rifle is very accurate.With the brake installed, I’d let my eight-year-old daughter hunt with this Kimber. Having a street price of $1800 (, this rifle is priced right as it does have features you’...d normally only find on a custom rig. more

    January 3, 2019 | Full review…
    Jason Vincent
  • The Ultimate Mountain Rifle Test
    At one extreme are the heavy rifles brought on by the long-range craze with thick barrels, sniper-style stocks, and giant optics with protruding dials. At the other extreme are the lightweight mountain rifles that are an... extension of the "lighter is better" attitude of high country backpackers.Modern materials and innovative construction methods have allowed makers to build rifles lighter than anyone thought possible. While they began as specialized custom tools for sheep and goat hunters, these flyweights have been embraced by many mainstream hunters and are now available as production models. more

    January 3, 2019 | Full review…
    Keith Wood
  • 100

    Overall Very Impressed
    Bought my Kimber 8400 Mountain Accent rifle in 300 Win Mag.Was very impressed with the light weight of the rifle and mounted a Leupold 3X18 lightweight CD scope on it. Rifle trigger, control feed, safety and reduction of... recoil with mussel break worked extremely well. Went thru extend brake in process of 2 shots clean between for 10 times, them 3 shots clean between 10 times and then 5 shot clean with three different factory brand bullets. Let rifle cool down a bite between. Found the rifle loved Federal Nosler Partition 180 grain bullets. At first, I was concerned about MOA promises as it took getting use to shooting a light weight rifle. After process finished, shot two three round all touching 1/4 MOA groupings at 100 yards. Took time, but overall very worthwhile & very impressed with the results. more

    November 27, 2017
  • 20

    4-5" Groups at 100 yds
    Worst rifle I've ever owned. Tried many different factory and hand loads. Best bench accuracy was 4.5" at 100 yards. Final straw was misfires on factory ammo. Dented primer but didn't ignite. Read many on-line repor...ts of similar issues after the fact. Returned gun to Kimber, they replaced virtually everything. I lost all trust in this rifle and got rid of it. Terribly expensive lesson learned. more

    August 28, 2017
  • 100

    Kimber Mountain 7mm
    Sweet gun so far love it light tuff and accurate love the muzzle brake

    May 18, 2017
  • 100

    Outstanding rifle
    Camo is not my first choice, I prefer wood or laminate stocks but I can live with it. I bought the Mountain Ascent in 6.5 Creedmoor a few days ago. I already have another brand .300 Win Mag and .308 and am bored with .27...0 so wanted something else. The 6.5 Creedmore round had good reviews and is less expensive than 7mm-08 around here so why not. My youngest son and I took it to the range today. I had a Nikon 2.5-10x40 BDC scope on it. I didn't have to do 3-round groups to sight it in because the first 2 of each group were touching or same hole, so it didn't take long to do. I used Hornady 129 gr Whitetail ammo because it was the least expensive and wanted to see if it liked it. The skinny barrel does heat up but I didn't fire more than 4 shots before letting it cool down a bit. The muzzle brake isn't as noisy as my last one and the recoil pad works well. I shot the 200-yard gong next because I was too lazy to walk down range and put up paper, and other than pulling one each my son and I hit the gong every time. Next time out I'll put paper at 100 and 200 but overall I am totally impressed. I got used to the internal magazine pretty quickly, it fed rounds reliably. The action is very smooth and the trigger is crisp and was set fine from the factory. Great job Kimber. more

    May 17, 2017
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    Poor Factory Quality Control
    I have owned my Mountain Ascent 30-06 since May 2014 .I had waited since July 2013 when I put down my deposit . In my excitement at delivery , I failed to notice that when the rife was cocked it was extremely difficult t...o get the safety to go to the fire position .I sent the unfired rifle back to Kimber along with a scalthing letter about poor quality control . Three weeks later I get the rifle back ( no Apology ) and put a Zeiss Conquest 3x9 scope on it . Safety is fixed . I fire 10 rounds of Nosler 180gr. bulletts with CCI primer 30-06 handloads . I have 3 misfires . Same bulletts including the 3 misfires go BOOM! when shot in my Rem. 700 and Browning Bar . The primers from the Kimber fired cases are not dented as much as the Rem. or Browning fired cases . I call Kimber and tell them my story . Their answer " We don't reccomend Reloads ". So ....I have a very expensive rifle I can only shoot factory ammo but no more misfires . I've killed a coyote and whitetail with it . No dangerous game hunts , thank you . I have a trust issue with this rifle . more

    November 29, 2016
  • 100

    lite & extremely accurate
    My rifle, in the 270 Win. caliber, proved to be very finicky when working up a load for, antelope and deer. Most of my groups were 1-3 inches at 100 yards, but when it found a load that it liked, it grouped under a 1/2&q...uot;. Because of the rifles lite weight I thought I might have a problem holding it steady for shooting at longer distances. Never tried shooting off hand at any distance, but during my antelope hunt I used my shooting stix and the rifle was rock solid. This rifle is a solid performer and well worth the cost. more

    September 19, 2016
  • 100

    Awesome out of the box
    I couldn't be more happy. I waited until Kimber brought it out in 300 WSM. An abosute tack-driver.

    July 13, 2016
  • 100

    Best mountain rifle
    This is a quality light weight rifle with excellent accuracy and perfect for mountain hunting. Mine is 308 and recoil is moderate so have removed muzzle brake when hunting. The mountain ascent is quite particular on fact...ory ammo. Best factory ammo found for sub MOA group was Federal Vital Shok 165 grain trophy bonded tip (P308TT4). This is now my favourite medium game rifle. more

    August 25, 2015
  • 100

    love this rifle!
    Looks great, feels great and shoots fantastic! Picked this up in 280 ackley improved, shooting balistic tip and accubond noslers, .50 groups at a hundred right out of the box! Trigger is a dream! Suspected to take a on the recoil due to its light weight, muzzle brake does its job very well, could shoot this thing all day long. And as far as brakes go, this one is not that loud. Treat yourself to a fine rifle, you wont regret it. Sales staff were wonderful thru out the tranaction! more

    July 16, 2015