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Critic Consensus

The Kolibri Pistol is a nice piece of history and cool novelty gun. It most recently made an appearance on the video game Battlefield 1 and has the weakest damage out of any weapon in the game, which is an accurate depiction of the firearm. Beyond scaring a dog or shooting your eye out, it was nothing more than a neat tiny firearm that a watchmaker made over 100 years ago. If you... Read critic reviews...

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The Kolibri (Hummingbird) pistol was single action semiautomatic pistol designed by Austrian watchmaker Friederich Pfannl and chambered for the very small 3mm Kolibri centerfire cartridge. The Kolibri was designed for ladies self-defense in 1914 and it had no sights. The Kolibri was made in two calibers: 2.7 x 9mm Kolibri and 3mm Kolibri. Barrel of Kolibri is not rifled so there is no spin of the bullet after the shot is fired. The Kolibri was made until 1927.

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