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Critic Consensus

It's been out I think for about a year and I really wasn't aware of it and It's pretty cool, it really is, I've been shooting it some and I'd like it. It's a new one, it's not a JN model or anything like that and I enjoy new ones every now and then. They're really expensive the finishes, and maybe color case hardening, they really do some incredible work. Read critic reviews...

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The Marlin Model 336 is a lever action centerfire rifle and carbine produced since 1948. It is distinguishable from its predecessor the Model 36 by its open side ejection port and features a steel flat top receiver chrome-plated breech bolt and takedown design. Micro-Groove barrel rifling was implemented in 1956. A Model 336s year of manufacture may be inferred by the letter at the beginning of its serial number. Several variants are currently in production and most feature a pistol grip wood stock and semi-buckhorn rear sights.

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