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Critic Consensus

The short magazine makes the rifle somewhat lighter at the muzzle than one normally expects with lever action, though this certainly helps when attempting to follow a moving target. Accuracy leans heavily upon the ammunition in use, but with the correct choice made, then groups between two and three inches are possible at 100 yards for the moderately practiced shooter. Read critic reviews...

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This Marlin 375 is a lever-action rifle that, as the name suggests, is chambered in 375 Win. Originally introduced in 1978, the 375 Win cartridge was created as an updated version of the 38-55 Win from the 1880s, which at the time was one of the most effective cowboy rounds available. Slightly shorter than its ancestor, the 375 Win packs a powerful big bore punch. The Marlin 375 was introduced two years after the 375 Win cartridge, with a lightweight, handy design and capable of taking down big game. Overall, this rifle is in good condition. There is one large scratch on the buttstock, some marks, scratches, and dents on the wood, and marks and surface pitting on the receiver, lever, and barrel/mag tube. Front and rear swivels are ready for a sling.

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