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MasterPiece Arms is known for their high quality pistols and with the MasterPiece Arms MPA10 Semi Auto Pistols you can be assured that your personal and protection needs are met.


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    I just purchased the latest one and I am extremely happy I didn't listen to people who said these things were junk. Maybe older ones were I cant speak about those. All I can talk about is my experience with mine.....Fir...stly..that old metal rear sight with the holes is gone and has a proper elevated sight on it now. also the front is an adjustable AK style. The trigger is amazing and has no slap,,,it must have the new trigger in it. As far as reliability...I have 300+ rounds threw it in the first weekend and have had zero problems. Best part is how accurate this gun is. I took this along with my Glocks,Sig,and S&W.......I was more accurate with this due to the incredibly smooth light trigger. When I say I was putting holes in holes at 25yrds with my eye....I aint lying...........I was surprised to. This is truly as much fun...maybe more so than my AK. Honestly I cant believe the quality of this gun for the price. If you have been thinking of getting it!! you will love it!! Just make sure its one of the newest ones like the one I have more

    December 5, 2017