MasterPiece Arms MPAR556

MasterPiece Arms MPAR556



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Retail Price: $670.00
Used Value: $469.00

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MasterPiece Arms MPAR556 Info

Other than determining where you will go for your hunting trip, the most important consideration for your hunting trip is choosing the right rifle, and with the MasterPiece Arms MPAR556 Semi Auto Rifles you can be assured that your hunting trip will be a success.

The Masterpiece Arms R556 is a semi automatic sporting rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO and features a 16.25″ barrel, combat muzzle brake and full length rail. It features a locked bolt short stroke piston system, MPA aluminum handguard, non-reciprocating side charger with forward assist. The MPAR 556 also has a side folding collapsible buttstock and wil accept any standard pattern AR-15 magazines

MasterPiece Arms MPAR556 Specifications

BrandMasterPiece Arms
Caliber.223 Remington
Gun TypeRifle
SightsAdjustable, Adjustable/Night Sights
Primary Uses

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MasterPiece Arms MPAR556 Pricing

Used Gun
Fair Market Range $618 - $645
Fair Market Price $632
MSRP $670.99
New Gun

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MasterPiece Arms MPAR556 Reviews

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  • 100

    The MPAR is as stated a heavy gun. It is great for taking to the range. The short piston design is the main reason for my purchase. Mine came with the pictured fore grip but no flip up sights. I put gen2 magpul sights. is very little recoil using 223. Sig or AK users will be more at home using this config.Side folding stock is a plus. Not too bad for under $800 more

    April 14, 2016
    Tim K
  • 100

    Seems like a good rifle, shoots very well and is very accurate. I didn't have to buy any new gear to go with it as it uses my current assortment of Magpul magazines and .223 Rem ammo. This sucker seems heavy as hell comp...ared to my trusty RM400 Sig and does not have points for a sling. It didn't come with the forward grip like the ad picture implies, it was sent with an inferior vertical handle that does work but would not have been what I picked my self. the barrel isn't chrome lined and this baby will make a great club if you run out of ammo. To do it again I would buy something a little more refined and that could have a real tactical use. However, it looks good in the gun case and turns a few heads at the range. Nice to play with but if you aren't looking for another toy to play with and need something you can defend yourself with and you can only afford what really works as a combat/defensive weapon, then don't buy this one. more

    January 1, 2015
    BamaBoy in Mexico