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The MG3 (MG1A3) is an open, fully automatic weapon for sustained firing and firing in bursts. It is a "recoil-operated weapon" in which the recoil forces are used to feed and load the cartridges and to extract and eject the spent cartridge cases. A blank firing attachment which can be screwed onto the muzzle instead of the recoil booster permits the use of blank cartridges for training and exercise purpose. Feed device: Disintegrating and non-disintegrating belts(DM-1, DM-6 and M-13 kinks). Type of fire: Fully automatic. Open sighting, using front and rear sights from 200 to 1200 metres. No. of rifles/twist is 4 grooves with right hand twist. Muzzle velocity (Vo) is 820 metres/sec. Muzzle energy (Eo) is 3200 NM. Width of gun is 130 mm. Height of gun with 'AA' sight raised is 270 mm. Height of gun with 'AA' sight lowered is 205 mm. Length of barrel with locking piece is 565 mm. Height of muzzle with bipod unfolded is 300 mm. Weight of weapons with bipod & sling is 11.5 kg. Weight of weapon without bipod & sling is 10.5 kg. Weight of barrel is 1.7 kg. Effective Range is 800 meters (on bipod) or 2200 meters (on tripod). Pakistan Ordnance Factories is the largest Pakistan defence industrial complex under the ministry of defence production, producing conventional arms & ammo to international standards. POF Board head quarter is at Wah Cantt. Presently POF comprises of 14 ordnance factories and three commercial subsidiaries.

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