Pietta Model 1858 New Army Target

Pietta Model 1858 New Army Target



Reviews: 79
Total reviews: 79
Positive: 58
Mixed: 14
Negative: 7
Retail Price: $319.00
Used Value: $207.35
Sale Price: $319.99

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Pietta Model 1858 New Army Target Info

The Pietta Model 1858 New Army Target .44-Caliber Black Powder Revolver is a highly realistic reproduction of the Remington Model 1858 single-action revolver with target sights for increased accuracy, blued steel construction, a polished brass trigger guard, octagonal barrel and walnut grips. Rear sight adjusts for elevation and windage. Easily removable, replaceable cylinders make reloading extremely fast.

Pietta Model 1858 New Army Target Specifications

BrandPietta Model
ActionSingle Action
Caliber.44 Magnum
Gun TypeRevolver
SightsFixed Sights
Primary Uses

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MSRP $319.99
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Pietta Model 1858 New Army Target Reviews

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  • 20

    Barrel and cylinder are different calibers
    I found the revolver shoots 10" high at 25 yards with the sights set as low as they will go. In addition, if you point the barrel straight up, set a ball on the end of the bore and measure the distance the ball stic...ks out of the muzzle ( with the depth gauge of a vernier caliper ) you will get exactly the same dimension as when you do the same thing with the cylinder. This indicates the bores in the cylinder are exactly the same diameter as the lands in the barrel. they should be about .001" larger than the diameter of the grooves in the barrel. Essentially it has a .44 cal. cylinder with a .45 cal. barrel. This would explain the lousy, 5 to 6 inch at 25 yard, groups it shoots. I met another guy at the range who had the same pistol with the same issues. I don't know if both our pistols were from a bad batch, or if they're all like this. since Cabelas has a "no returns on firearms" policy it looks like I just bought a very expensive paperweight. more

    January 5, 2018
  • 100

    44 cap and ball pietta
    this is agood looking revolver and sooots great 1858 army

    December 13, 2017
  • 100

    Worth the wait
    I was lucky enough to get this puppy on sale. Everything is in perfect working order, sadly I have not shot it yet, just got it in the mail today and I live in Suburban Connecticut so it's gonna be a while til I can get ...a buddy of mine to take me to his hunting spot in the woods to test in on cans and bottles. But yeah it was definitely worth buying and waiting for, I would've bought it for the full price. Was actually saving up until I saw the holiday sale. more

    December 4, 2017
  • 100

    Nice reproduction. Very close to an original
    I have been shooting since I was a kid, and that was several decades ago. What impressed me with this gun was how close it is to an original Remington in appearance. The sights on my gun needed adjustment initially, then..., once set, the gun shot dead accurate at 20 meters. Several people mention it shoots high. This has not been a problem for me. I use .454 141 gr round balls over either 25 grains of fffG Goex black powder or 20 grains of fffG Triple Seven and it shoots at point of aim. The gun likes CCi or Remington # 10 primers. The only complaint I have is that at half cock, the hand interferes with the cylinder making it hard to remove. I found the only way to easily remove and exchange cylinders is to pull the hammer back just far enough to lower the cylinder lock, then just let the cylinder drop out in your hand. So far, the gun has worked fine. I have a couple hundred rounds fired through it and it has always fired correctly. The trigger is now broken in and smooth feeling after a couple hundred shots fired. I will admit I have not used the ram on the gun to load it. I have always used a small black powder revolver loading press to load my cylinders. I have this model as well as the 12" brass frame one. The 12" brass frame Buffalo version is also accurateand has proven just as reliable so far. I do recommend a proper cleaning every time you use this gun. Failure to do so will cause things like rust and the nipples to be impossible to remove from the cylinder. I actually put a light bit of grease on the threads of each nipple before reinstalling them into the cylinders. Turbine or Mobil1 oil works great on the cylinder pin to keep it from jamming up if you fire several different cylinders when using this gun. I have the cylinder that came in the gun and three extras. I like to load all four cylinders so I have 24 shots before needing a reload. Hornady .454 balls work excellent in these guns and when you load them you get the proper lead ring every time. Considering the price, this is a very good gun. There are some rough edges here and there, but for a fun to shoot gun, this thing can't be beat. With originals so expensive, this gun is a natural for any Civil War re-enactor or for someone who just plain wants to get into black powder shooting without breaking the bank. more

    July 27, 2017
  • 80

    Very good, except sights
    I will echo what most others say about this pistol. Well built, shoots and handles well. I kind of wish I had bought the standard sights though. As others have said the adjustable sights won't adjust low enough, as least... at 25 yards. So being a welder I popped out the front sight and added some material to top and refiled it. Looks factory still. Another bonus is that it can meet the requirements for big game hunting with a black powder in my state; the barrel and caliber is large enough and you can cram 45 grs in the cylinder and still fit a ball or semi wadcutting in it. more

    April 22, 2017
  • 100

    good revolver
    This revolver is one of the nicer ones for the money

    March 9, 2017
  • 100

    Pietta 1858 New Army Target
    WOW! Where do I start? This is one WELL BUILT pistol. Everything fits nice and tight and is ROCK SOLID. I use Orange Pledge to clean the wood, Hot water and soap on the steel and Nev'r Dull on the brass. I took it to my ...gunsmith for a once over and he was mowed over by the action and compared it to a S&W 1911 Pro Series. (Yeah, I know, two different beasts but the trigger pull is pretty dang close) He asked me what I'd done any trigger work on it and I just told him that I took it out of the box, broke it down, cleaned and oiled it, put it back together. He asked me when I planned on shooting it because it is so clean, that's when I reminded him that I had shot over 150 rounds by then. The finish is immaculate! The bluing is perfect and the grips are a nice and tight fit. From what I've read on guns of that era, the finish is pretty close to period correct. I know they didn't have target sights but I couldn't pass this one up!The 1858 is great because of the full frame with top strap and cylinder retention set up. I have two cylinders (so far) and (try to) keep one loaded when I'm at the range at all times. Another plus of multiple cylinders is you can let one cool off while shooting the other one. This gives any stray embers a chance to completely burn off before reloading.This is the first revolver I've shot in nearly 30 years and, after a couple shots got the feel of it and was getting decent groups by the third cylinder load. My groups keep getting tighter with every trip to the range. I've put over 350 rounds through it so far(this month) and have never had ANY issues with it. I keep it clean and lightly oiled after EVERY time I shoot and am sure I'll be teaching my grand kids how to shoot with it in the far off future.Now I'm waiting on the Fort Worth store to get a shipment of the non-target and 5 in versions in stock.If you are thinking about an addition to your collection, get one. If you're looking for your first BP gun, you will not go wrong with this one, easy to clean and fun to shoot! more

    September 18, 2016
  • 100

    Great revolver
    I simple love this revolver. Great finish and function. Shoots really good. I bought a conversion cyl. for 45 colt and have shot 100 rounds with it, simply great to use. Have shot 200 or so balls with it also and shoots ...just as well. Very fun gun to take to the range I'm going to get the 1851 navy 44 with the short barrel now to use. Buy this gun by all means you will love shooting it, very fun. more

    September 16, 2016
  • 100

    Good shooter! Had to adjust the sights, but it will put .451 round balls where you point it. The finish on the stock could be a little nicer, but...

    July 13, 2016
  • 100

    Followup: Main spring problem corrected.
    I must say that Pietta immediately corrected the main spring malfunction that I commented on by sending me not one but two replacement main springs. After I installed one of the new springs the revolver has performed fla...wlessly, and I am more than satisfied with the company's prompt service and initiative in correcting this problem. The main spring problem was just one of those flukes that occurs once in a great while. A company that takes such an interest in their customers satisfaction must be applauded. I will, in the future, not hesitate to purchase from Pietta as their service and concern for the customer's satisfaction has been outstanding. more

    June 18, 2015
  • 100

    Smoking Gun
    Great black powder guns. The only con is the manufacture could have been a little detailed in powder charging figures and break down for cleaning.

    June 9, 2015
  • 20

    Main spring failure
    Purchased this revolver two weeks ago. Have not fired the gun, but approximately 2 weeks after purchase I was shocked to find that I could not cock the gun. Having owned many revolvers, I took the grip off and found that... the large main spring that extends into the grip area and operates the cocking mechanism had catastrophic failure literally snapping into two pieces. I am extremely disappointed and am now reluctant to purchase any products in the future. Tomorrow, I begin the tedious process of trying to either exchange or get a refund for this less-then-satisfactory firearm. more

    June 4, 2015
  • 100

    Pietta 1858 New Army Target Model
    Great fit and finish. Action works smooth and precisely. Sights look good and I expect this pistol to shoot at least as well as the other 4 piettas I've bought from Cabela's. Very pleased with this purchase and highly re...commend both the product and vendor. Thanks more

    January 21, 2015
  • 80

    Pretty nice...
    Nice fit and finish. Shot 25 yards from rest and got 4" group with 30gr powder and a .451 ball. Moved it out to 50 yards and got a 6" group. The only big flaw is that while the sights are adjustable, it shoots ...high. So either make the front sight taller or make the rear sight lower, neither which you can do. Nice shooting gun though. more

    December 27, 2014
  • 100

    Black Powder Shooter's Dream
    I ordered the Pietta 1858 Army Target Model 'on Sale' only to discover it was backordered. A few days later I happened to be in the vicinity of Cabela's Buda, Tx. store, so I dropped by and to my amazement and good fortu...ne found they had it in the store in stock. I took one home with me that day and took it to the range the next. I already own a Buffalo model of the same revolver so I knew it was a quality piece; I was not disappointed. Shooting off a bench with Round Ball and 25 up to 30 grs FFFg I was able to set the sights where I was keeping the shots inside the 10 ring at 25 yards. Moving out to 50 yards didn't seem to affect the grouping much. I'll be interested to try some conicals and SWC style cast bullets, but I need to get a loading stand first. The opening for the loading ram is a bit small to accomodate anything taller than a round ball, so they'll have to be loaded outside the gun. You can't go wrong with one of these guns: well made, accurate, and a lot of fun for a reasonable price. more

    April 20, 2014
  • 100

    Target sights make this revolver a serious shooter
    While I have traditional style 44 Pietta 1858s for CAS, it was important for my 63 y.o. eyes to have one with modern sights for general shooting, and the improved accuracy gained is a great confidence booster. Putting wh...ite paint spots on the sights also helps hugely. Using 45LC cartridge conversion cylinders (loaded with low pressure cartridges, either CAS smokeless, or BP and substitutes) makes this revolver a viable carry gun. I bought the Triple K holster (sold by Cabela's) specifically made for this model with the 8" barrel. A nice snug fit, it will gradually wear in, and, using a Triple K belt as a bandolier, it all works together perfectly as an effective shoulder rig for concealed carry under a jacket (no need for any extra straps, but can easily be added if desired) besides as a hip rig. Unreservedly recommended for lovers of SA revolvers. more

    March 8, 2014
  • 100

    Nice Revolver
    Shoots well with both balls and conical, made well, all good quality, blued finish was good, stands up to rigid cleaning well. I had a front sight screw break, I e-mailed Pietta and they immediately responded and sent me... 4 screws at no charge. Excellent customer service. The only thing I would change is the rear sight, it adjusts from two separate screws trapping the sight blade instead of the better ones that adjust for windage with one screw. The sight is well constructed, but poor design. I would recommend this gun over any other black powder I have bought, it is one of my favourite guns and I have owned a lot. more

    November 26, 2013
  • 100

    Best shooting and accurate black powder pistol out there

    November 4, 2013
  • 100

    Fun Gun
    Fun to shoot!! Well made firearm - certainly a worthy purchase. After shooting it the first time, in 100 degree+ weather, I cleaned it with hot soapy water. Because I was using Pyrodex, I added a touch of vinegar to the ...hot soapy water (mistake) and set the cylinder in for a few minutes. When I pulled it out, all the bluing was gone. I cold-blued the cylinder and it looks fine now. Easy (and fun) to load and a blast to shoot. Everything a guy dreams about: stinky dense smoke and noise! more

    July 18, 2013
  • 100

    One of the best BP pistols I own!
    This pistol is simply beautiful,and groups very well at 75 yards!I love it!

    June 11, 2013
  • 100

    worth every penny!!
    I am a very serious black powder revolver targetshooter, and out of all my black powder revolversthis 1858 44cal. new army target is perfect for targetshooting with adjustable sights. I purchased two 186044cal. pieta col...ts and sent both back because thecylinder pins would keep coming loose. I wouldn'trecommend purchasing those to anyone. their nothingshort of expensive junk. the 1858 44cal. new armyhowever is a great gun and well worth your hard earnedmoney. more

    May 27, 2013
  • 60

    1858 Rem
    Very good except that trigger was not as good as I expected, kind of heavy and jerky.

    May 25, 2013
  • 100

    Excellent pistol
    I've read about different swag ball sizes. According to the Data, the Remington 1858 44cal pistols take the .454 size.I have many cap and ball revolvers. The Pietta seems the best. This model and the huge long Bison 58 a...re great. I haven't noticed a difference between the Brass and steel back straps. No stretching at all. My first Traditions 1851 in 44cal I abused to the limit as a test bed. I loaded up to 40gr of Triple 7. I do not recommend this!!! It does not improve accuracy and over pressurized the barrel. I had no stretching. I guess the modern metals are far superior than those of the period. more

    April 17, 2013
  • 100

    Great Gun
    This is a great gun, feels good in the hand and shoots well.

    January 27, 2013
  • 100

    Best revolver purchase in years !!!
    Beautiful to look at, form and finish!! Also my first black powder firearm. Was easy to load and accurate - fired at coffee can targets at 25 ft, 75 ft, and 100 ft. One miss high at 25 ft. Loading cylinders at one time (...have 3) gives me 18 rounds and they are quickly changed out. (I was surprised) One more cylinder on order. I am much more than pleased with my 1858 "Star Wars" wheel firearm !!!Has rifleing so just can't call it a (wheel gun)Okie Mike more

    May 12, 2012
  • 80

    Top Quality
    This would be a 5 star for sure if I wouldnt have had to file the rear sight down because there wasnt enough adjustment to sight in with. Now after filing it down this is the most accurate pistol I have. This thing shoot...s straighter and more accurately than my 22 pistol with the 9 1/2 inch barrel. This is so much fun to shoot and I plan on getting another cylinder when i can afford one.Red more

    May 11, 2012
  • 100

    Love It!!!
    The gun is everything I expected it to be and more! It shoots suprisingly accurate. I have only target shot it a this point, but I intend to hunt with it this fall!

    April 14, 2012
  • 100

    Loads of Fun
    This was my first blackpowder Revolver now i want others this is an excelent gun and the price is great it wont break the bank. You get a great bang for your buck it is an awsome gun

    February 24, 2012
  • 100

    1858 REM

    February 21, 2012
  • 100

    Really impressed with fit and finish.I've only tried it at 25yds.Extremely happy with the accuracy.Just about all touching at 25yds. from a rest.I did have to go to .454 instead of .451 and the charges were from pistol f...lask that supposed to measure 30gr.I guess if I weigh each charge and projectile it will tighten the group up even more and make it effective out to 50yds.So buy yourself both sizes of projectiles,.451 and .454 when you order.When I used the .451 in mine you could here the sound change from round to round and wasn't getting that lead ring when loading.Switched to .454 and now I get sliver of a ring and much better accuracy.My buddies fires great with .451 so get both sizes and maybe you can trade off with someone. more

    January 7, 2012
  • 80

    1858 New Army Target Revolver
    Received revolver after it was back-backed, manufacturer failed to meet its own production time-line. No fault of Cabelas, the fit and finish was OK, there were some gaps between the back strap and wood grips. Hope the c...ase-harden finish holds up, modern finish processes are not as durable as the older processes.Overall it is fine for now, until Cabelas offers the authentic Colt replicas this will have to do. more

    January 3, 2012
  • 100

    Cap & Ball
    I have purchased two of this model. The first was a gift for my son. I was impressed with the accuracy and purchased the second for myself. Well built, accurate, and fun to shoot.

    November 24, 2011
  • 100

    Tack-driving accurate. Reliable. Well worth the money, especially when you can get one on sale. I'm having my barrel cut to 5" and the loading lever cut to match, front sight raised slightly, nickle plated and a set... of stag grips fitted. This will be the second gun I've had modified like this. My wife took the first gun and refuses to give it back. She has a .45 LC conversion cylinder to match. You can't go wrong with a Remington 1858! Buy one! more

    September 6, 2011
  • 100

    Beautiful Firearm. Good Quality, worth the money
    This gun is Bar none one of the prettiest replicas i have owned. The 8" barrel is a nice size. Has good weight and trigger pull isn't as bad as people say it is. At least for me. The finish is nice. and the removal ...of the cylinder is so much nicer than the 1861 i used to own.I also am glad i spent the extra money for the target sights, its much nicer than the original. I plan to install either a Kirst or R&D conversion for 45LC. Love Blackpowder but hate the cleanup. For you newbies if you have never messed with let me tell you if you don't like getting your hands dirty then don't shoot blackpowder. And if you don't clean it up afterwards you WILL have a rusted piece by the end of the day. Anyway back to the gun. Cant wait to get it out and ready to shoot. Worth the money i paid for sure. more

    July 23, 2011
  • 100

    Forgotten Fun
    This piece is more fun than I remembered it being. Was using a Walker Dragoon when attending re-enactments in the sixties. Even with a full load, the 1858 .44 seems to shoot lighter than the Walker with blank loads. Fini...sh is good and the action is smooth. Take up on the trigger before release seems a bit rough. A thoroughly enjoyable shooter. Cleaning is still a mess. more

    May 23, 2011
  • 100

    Good Deal
    I bought the 1858 target model as my first BP revolver. For the price, it's well worth it! It's not S&W quality but it's worth the $$. I like it...fun to shoot. I just ordered the Buffalo stainless model.

    February 22, 2011
  • 100

    1858 New Army BP
    This is a Pietta model revolver, after receiving I cleaned and checked all tolorences and it is a very well made firearm. I would have no problem recommending this to anyone. It compares to other models higher in price, ...this is well worth the value . more

    February 15, 2011
  • 80

    it's got True Grit
    Very Happy with this revolver,I was not sure at all what to expect out of this gun,I always kinda wanted one. I am Very happy with it.It actually groups! Glad I got the adjustable sights asIt was shooting High & left... out of the box. the finish on mine is quite good, you can see some tool marks on the hammer and some of the small parts, but in my opinion the price to finish ratio is quite high.I chose this model over the others because of the ease that the cylinder can be removed from the frame, makes cleaning easy.Oh one last important thing I found out about black powder shooting.-If You Don't like to clean guns,Black Powder Is Not For You.it's Fun to shoot,but Very messy & you must clean soon after using asblack powder residue is corrosive. more

    February 3, 2011
  • 80

    Good Deal!
    This target model is great deal! Good quality at a great price. Beautifully finshied and everything fits well. The action is authentic, it feels exactly like the original Remmington 1858s. The trigger pull is a dream. In... the cocked position the cylinder is locked tight. The reason that I did not give it 5 stars is that:1. The loading lever had not been completely machined and had a place where the plunger would catch, preventing it from correctly engaging into the cylinder. I fixed this in less than 10 minutes with a needle file.2. The hammer spring was set way too tight. I had to back out the adjusting screw out past flush to get the correct amount of tension. Not a big problem.3. The hammer did not contact the nipples squarely. This is kind of serious because coupled with too tight of a hammer spring, this condition can damage the nipples. Once the nipples are damaged, the #10 caps will no longer fit properly. This can lead to both chain firing and non ignition. I fixed thhis by using my Dremel tool to re-grind the angle on the contact surface of the hammer so it will hit the nipples squarely. This seems to be a problem with these reproductions. I also bought the stainless steel model and it had this problem too. In this case I did not discover it until the nipples started showing signs of damage. more

    January 9, 2011
  • 60

    1858 New Army Target .44 Caliber Revolver
    First of all this is a fun gun to shoot. Very accurate right out of the box. I was dead on at 25 yards. Don't let the weight of the barrel throw you. It keeps the recoil down nicely.

    January 9, 2011
  • 100

    A Winner
    Upon initial viewing of the 1858 Remington made by Pietta, I was amazed at the quality. Everything, brass, steel and wood mated perfectly. The finish is superb. After shooting the gun at the club and returning home, as I... do with every range gun, I tore it apart to begin a trigger job. The original trigger pull was pleasant and several of the members who tried it liked it. I like a 2 to 3 pound pull for my revolvers. The insides of the handgun were as pristine as the outside. You find a lot out about a gun and the manufacturer when you put a stone on the parts inside. The hammer and trigger/sear where as hard as expected. The channels for the cylinder prowl where without major burrs. Both springs where of good quality. Occasionally, I find even a good manufacturer will have some bad internal parts. Not in this gun. The only thing that I find hard to believe is how Pietta and Cabela can sell this gun for this price. The groups shot off the bench where quite good. One hole 5 shot groups at seven yards where the norm. I still have powder optimization to do. You want an attractive gun that shoots well? This is the gun you are looking for. Cabela also adds their own black powder manual along with Pietta’s in the box. I am positively impressed about everything concerning this purchase. more

    November 19, 2010
  • 100

    1858 New Army Target .44
    This is my first black powder pistol made by Pietta, got this one 20 years ago. This is one of the best pistols sold. This one is a real straight shooter. I've come to use 30 / 35 gr's of pistol P powder, with that load ...I can get 3" and under from 25 to 50 yrds, when adding more powder then thats when the groups start to open up, or spread out. those large powder chargers make a target look like a shootgun hit it with buckshot. This is a well made pistol, and you could go with 40 gr. charge that some like to do, but I don't believe they could hit a pop can if it was 15yrds. away doing that. I don't think these pistols shoot very accurate with that much powder put in them, this one don't, plus you wear out your pistol dong that for a long period of time. Don't let people talk you into loading these pistols like they are walkers, cause they are not walkers. about 500 rds. have been fired with this pistol, 30 to 35 grs. and it's still going strong. Have not even had to replace the nipples yet. I know that most all of the new pistols need #10 rem, caps, but I've been lucky with #11s with this one, and don't know why. The fit and finish on this gun is still at 95 % with the bluing, and the grips fit just fine, only this ones grips shine, most all the new ones don't. I do want the same pistol without the target sights, with the same 8" bbl. if you like good black powder pistols pietta makes one of the best out there. Cabelas is the best place to buy them. I like talking to the people that work at cabelas, and if you need anything just pick up the phone. I do have other pistols from cabelas, and will write reviews under their review page. I want to thank all the people that wrote all the reviews, I know I have looked at all of them at least twice, and learned from a lot of your reviews. more

    September 29, 2010
  • 100

    1858 New Army
    Recieved this fine piece of hardware today, very fast service from Cabelas. Unpacked and cleaned the 1858, found it very well put together and great quaility. Had to take it around to my friends to look at needless to sa...y their mouths we watering down at the gun shop. The quaility of the 1858 New Army and the leather Remington holster I ordered were just as I had hoped for. Great job Cabelas on this fine piece of history, I'm sure once I fire it I will like it even better. Will be ordering another for my friend once he sees it this next week while we camp. more

    August 29, 2010
  • 100

    excellent value looks good and great balance.
    I would recommend and did to my shooting buddy and he was so impressed with mine he purchased one as well . I have not had a chance to fire the revolver yet I will be trying it at the range in September. and will let you... know how it goes. the revolver was shipped to me in less than 7 days. in my book Cabelas can't be beat for the products and services they offer. keep up the great work Cabelas. more

    August 20, 2010
  • 80

    My second BP revolver, my first strait shooter
    Forty years ago I got a wife and, on the same day, a '51 Navy Colt that didn't shoot strait. The wife turned out great but I hung the gun on the wall. I recently purchased the 1858 New Army Target with renewed enthusiasm... for a strait shooter. I got a great one with only a minor reason not to rate it five stars. It was a little high at 25 yards with the rear sight at it's lowest position. The sight blade is removable so a little filing was an easy matter. Thanks to Pietta for the craftsmanship and to Cabelas for there service and price. more

    August 17, 2010
  • 100

    Very Nice Indeed
    I bought the Remington 1858 target revolver and a spare cylinder from Cabela's and it arrived in 3 business days which was quicker than I thought. Nice work Cabela'sThe Remington copy is by Pietta and it is nicely done. ...It is certainly not, in my opinion, quite the quality or fit of a Ruger Old Army but it is still quite nice. The cocking was a bit stiff but after a few rounds has gotten better. This is a fuction of the technology that they copied more than a manufacturing input. The sights are reasonably good and the cylinders swap easily.I took it to the range today and I was pleaseantly surprized by how accurate it was. I tore the middle out of a 6" "shoot and see" three times.The only problem I did have, and I can solve, is that the nipples do not hold on to no 11 caps very well. I did not have anything to crimp the caps with so I had a few dropped caps. Also one of my cappers would not fit into the Remington copy. Not a big problem in my opinion. Just make sure you get a capped that fits.I started out using 30 grains of Pyrodex P but switched to 33-35 grains of triple 7. The gun handled it fine. The accuracy at 15 yards was very good. It puts a lot of the semi-autos at the range to shame. Plus it is a BARREL of fun.If this were your only gun would you be under gunned? I don't think so. It is certainly powerful enough for small game and could , and I know this goes against the grain, be used as home protection if you do not have other options. I recommend this one all they way around plus I recommend it from Cabela's as well. more

    July 23, 2010
  • 100

    Great Pistol
    Great Pistol, extremely accurate and a lot of fun at the range.

    July 10, 2010
  • 100

    Black powder is addictive
    I found ordering from Cabela's a relatively painless process as Illinois law make you jump through extra hoops. The ordering representative was very helpfull in my request and answering my questions. The revolver was shi...pped to my front door and first exam showed fit and timing to be excellent and better than I hoped for.The only down side to the other wise decent finish and excellent bluing was the fact that the inside of the brass trigger guard was left unpolished and grinder marks were plainly visable. I removed the trigger guard and finished it and polished it while taking an annoying sharp burr off the bottom of the trigger.Pietta proudly marks up the side of the barrel with their name and date code.After waiting for a nipple wrench to arrive that fit the revolver, I found them to all be loose and not seated? There seemed to be some kind of red lube on the threads, so I cleaned them and seated them. more

    July 7, 2010
  • 100

    Nice Reproduction Revolver
    I am very pleased with the fit and finish of this, my most recent 1858 Remington. The fit and finish was excellent, the cylinder locked up tightly, and the timing was perfect. 27gr of fffg will put five roundballs into 3..." at 25 yards all day long. more

    June 8, 2010
  • 100

    1858 new army target
    i've wanted one of these things for a few years and finally got one for christmas. this thing is sweet!!! out of the box this thing is beautiful, after cleaning all the grease off i took out all the nipples and put anti ...seize on them and went to the backyard to shoot. i am among the few people fortunate enough to have a shooting range on my property, anyways first two shots with .451 balls and 25 grains of powder were right on target at 15 yards. i was very impressed! if you do not own a bp pistol buy one you will have a blast! i would recommend buying at least one spare cylinder because it does take awhile to load. i use triple 7 fffg usually between 25 and 32 grains and it works great, i have used both .451 and .454 balls buy the .451 easier to load and i think more accurate, again these guns are very well made and i would recommend one to anyone who wants to try something a little different from a modern day firearm. the only problem i've encountered is after shooting two cylinders and letting it sit uncleaned for a week the pin became jammed and i had to soak in hot soapy water and use a piece of wood to tap it out. user error and not at all the guns fault. buy one, shoot it clean it and it will last forever if you take care of it. more

    January 25, 2010
  • 80

    nice gun but!
    On the outside it looked great but I had problems. Nipples were so hard to remove I had to bring in a friend to get them out for me. A burr on the loading lever latch cut my finger the first time I open the lever. A litt...le filing took care of that burr plus the one on the end of the trigger and two more on the inside of the frame. One was on the screw hole that adjusted the main spring and another on the screw hole that holds the cylinder pin and loading lever into the frame. It shot high to the point the target sights would not bring it on bull so I epoxy a brass piece on top of the front sight to fix this. The gun is fun to shoot and groups well. I found that .454 balls work best in my gun with a load of 25 grains of 3f black powder. I use crisco with a touch of bees wax to stiffen it up a bit in the summer time. Cabela's has been nice to deal with. Given the price I paid I would not consider the above problems a real big deal. I would recommend gun screw drivers if your going to work on revolvers much. more

    September 7, 2009
  • 100

    Not my first, won't be my last!
    This is for the 1858 Remington Target in .44.I own several cap and ball revolvers and this one, bought from Cabelas, is one of the best. Comparable and even surpassing the fit, finish, and QC of some modern cartridge rev...olvers. If you are just getting into the hobby of black powder firearms, looking for your first C&B sidearm, or if you're a veteran enthusiast, this is THE best deal your gonna get! Hurry up and get one while they're inexpensive and available!I've always used #11 magnum caps with this and all my revolvers. Just give'em a little crimp before placing them over the nipple if they seem loose. Beeswax or candle wax works much better/cleaner than the greases and butters out there to lube and seal the cylinders. Although the little over the charge lubed fiber wads work pretty good. more

    August 23, 2009
  • 100

    fantastic pistol
    my wife bought me this gun for christmas a few years back what a great gun very accurate easy to shoot and easy to clean. would recommend getting the leather target holster

    July 16, 2009
  • 100

    If Clint Eastwood had one of these i would probably say any ones luck just ran out!!!!

    July 15, 2009
  • 100

    1st Black Powder Pistol
    This purchase has turned out to be more fun than it should be lawful to have. My son said it well when we were first loading it. He said it feels like we are doing something wrong and our parents are going to come and ye...ll at us. The first few shots were pretty poor because the excitement level was high. On my second time out I controled the emotions much better and was shooting much better with it than my 9mm's. more

    July 11, 2009
  • 100

    Good Gun
    I'm joining the good gun group on this one. I was pleasantly surprised at the fit, finish and function. I didn't have to touch the adjustable sights, they were right on at 25 yards. Overall the PIETTA worked every bit as... well as my Colt Signature .36 Navy and better. more

    June 9, 2009
  • 100

    nice gun
    I have shot nearly 200 rounds out of this revolver. At 25 yards it is easy to put them in a 3" group or smaller. At 50 yards, a 5" group. I have not noticed a difference between .451 and .454 balls. It is easie...r to press the .451 in so that is what I am going to use. I also use bore butter or Crisco on top of the balls instead of the wads. The grease keeps the barrel clean. I have shot over 40 times without cleaning the barrel and the balls will still group fine. more

    March 19, 2009
  • 80

    1858 New Army
    I just purchased a 1858 New Army Target Model and find it very accurate at 25 yards, in the area of 2 Inch groups if I do my job. I have a few things however I didn't like.

    December 26, 2008
  • 100

    1858 New Army Target .44 Cal. Gift for my Son
    He loves it, it loads and shoots great. 30 gr of "P" .451 balls some bore butter and #10 caps, but you do have to crimp them some to keep them on (#11 too big and fall off the nipples) and its hand canon, very ...acurite good looking piece.I also have the Buffalo Model with the 12" barrel and its just as fine as this one. I Highly recommend both of these fine weapons. and cleaning is a breeze. more

    December 22, 2008
  • 100

    Excellent pistol
    Just about like a Ruger Old Army, only available and a lot cheaper. You can get a conversion cylinder from Midway that lets you fire 45 long colt live ammo in this, fantastic.

    December 15, 2008
  • 80

    Pietta's has improved
    My new 1858 Target model has surprisingly good fit and finish. Only one fault, lot of trigger creep, but that is an easy fix if your a graduate of the Wiley E Coyote School of Gunsmithing. The TINY screws on the rear sig...ht are a pita, once you get it sighted in you can loctite them and they are secure. Over all a great bang for the buck. more

    October 30, 2008
  • 60

    OK but not the best.
    This revolver is pretty well made in terms of fit and finish. The cyclinder timing is good. My main complaint is the loading. When loading the ball, the cylinder must be in EXACT position with the barrel. If the cylinder... is rotated just slightly past the barrel cone, the ball will jam. The only way to clear the jam is to manually drive the ball into the cylinder. This is a major annoyance. On the other hand, the pistol shoots well. Given the choice, I would opt to pay more money for a better designed pistol. more

    October 26, 2008
  • 80

    Money well spent
    My 1858 target model arrived with a cracked left grip. Not all the way through, but close enough. Cabela's customer service instructed me to order new grips from a 3rd party and fax them the invoice, they'd then send a r...efund check (aside from the grips, I was very happy with the product, so didn't return it). more

    October 19, 2008
  • 60

    Mixed rating
    Looks great, shoots great, as accurate as any of my modern pistols. However, the plunger link pin fell out the first time i used the gun and will not stay in (hole is too large or pen is too small). Therefore, I give an ...overall 3 stars. I have not tried to contact Cabelas yet, hopefully they will send new parts, as the gun shoots so well I do not want to get rid of it. more

    October 10, 2008
  • 100

    I highly recommend this revolver. The quality is very high and this is the second 1858 revolver I have bought. Ive used the original 1858 for more than 10 years and it still looks and operates like the day I first receiv...ed it. I expect no less from this revolver. These revolvers have very smooth actions and will hold up well for many years if cared for properly even with extensive use. more

    April 19, 2008
  • 100

    Results, 1858 Target Model
    I've been through 200 rounds with the pistol. I use .451 round balls with a precut patch beneath it and 30 gr of triple 7 and a little grease on top. All the screws stay tight, its easy to clean. Its my fourth cap and ba...ll revolver and my last because this one is perfect. Standing and holding with two hands, I can keep a group in a paper plate at 150 yards. Yes, I said 150 yards. I zero'ed the sights at 100 yards and I shoot 1 1/2 inches low up close. I considered a conversion cylinder but the results are so nice now I'm leaving it be. more

    March 21, 2008
  • 100

    good value
    Purchased this black powder pistol on a recomendation and allthough i have not shot it yet i was very impressed on the quality as soon as i opened the box for the money it is a very good buy.

    February 11, 2008
  • 100

    good pistol
    i am new to black powder pistol shooting this pistol is a well made and is very atractive looking. it does take alot a of practice to shoot and u will need time to develop a load perfect for accuracy. this is a very nice... pistol. go with the hornady.44.454 muzzleloader balls and be sure to get the cabelas pistol lube i never got any and i am curious to see how it could afect my acuracy. i just use a lubed wad and that prevents all chain fireings. practice and you will develop skills with this pistol. more

    January 11, 2008
  • 100

    cap & ball
    I had to wait over the thanksgiving holiday but when I got it on monday I was really excited. It still only took a week to get to me though. The action is tight but not to tight. There were a couple rough spots on the si...ght that I will debur. I shot it today first thing almost killed me to wait overnight. I used FFFG Triple Seven powder at 25 grains and a .451 round ball. Next time I will drop it to 20 grains. Triple Seven burns real rast so it takes less. It still shot awesome. (Just think 25 grains was a bit to hot as its the max. The max for pyrodex is 37 grains the book said.) I was using bore butter not crisco way to messy. Not the most accurate, but I think it was me as I have not shot pistols in quite a few years. After shooting it I can say (as a North American Hunting Club life member) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! If you can swing it buy the parts kit and spare cylinders. Should always have spare parts on hand with black powder. This pistol is for certain worth the price hands down. more

    November 25, 2007
  • 100

    Click BOOM!!! Smoke and a Hole in the Target!
    I recently purchased a T/C inline black powder rifle. Liked the way things went with that. So I bought this Target Model 1858 Remmie. I had no idea what to expect? The Pistol made it across the pond from Italy just fine.... The craftsmanship is there. Only minor finishing marks on the inside of the frame area were the cyclinder goes. After I did my initial cleaning making sure to get all the grease was off the pistol. I started loading and shooting. Working up a load slowly I found that 24 grains of "P" fffg Pyrodex and 451 cal balls over a felt wad #10 caps and a little bore butter over each cylinder hole was accurate enough too get 2' inch groups free hand standing postion at 15 yards. Two of the six were touching eachother. The recoil is very mild. The pistol is a real pleasure to shoot. The trigger smoothed out real quick. Also locks up tight with the hammer cocked. This is the only wheel gun I own. Would recomend an extra cyclinder and a nipple wrench. Also purchased a CVA flask and the Brass pistol powder measure. This gun feels real good in your hands and has a personality of its own. You will learn the limits of it's power quickly. Once you know what it can do you'll appreciate the purchase. I might just use it for turkey hunting in the spring. Can tell I will get lots of use out of it. Really happy with the price and performance of the New Army Target Model. Once you shoot these ball and cap pistols you can get a better understanding of what the past was like. Still trying to get used to cleaning a pistol in the kitchen sink...LOL more

    October 25, 2007
  • 80

    .44 caliber wads
    I get better accuracy by placing a wad under the ball, but when placing a wad over the ball it sometimes hangs up the cylinder, overall performance was great.

    September 3, 2007
  • 100

    1858 New Army (Target)
    I have just purchased a 1858 New Army, Target model, revolver with an extra cylinder. This revolver shoots very well and holds a great pattern at 20 yds. Using 24gr of powder this gun will shoot consistant in a 3' dia ci...rcle. The extra cylinder works well, both lock up tight and in line and accuracy is consistant. This is the third B/P revolver I have purchased from Cabelas, the other two are 1/2 frame colt styles. Black powder is a fun relaxing new way for me to shoot.I am now looking at the shorter version of the New Army. more

    August 7, 2007
  • 60

    1858 New Army Target .44 Caliber Revolver
    Just received the gun and haven't fired it yet. The finish has tooling marks on the frame and the inside was full of metal shavings. I ended up having to completely strip down the gun to remove all of the metal flakes an...d shavings before I could cock the hammer or move the loading lever down. I was suprised by the lack of quality control on this gun and was expecting better. I hope shoots better than it looks. more

    July 20, 2007
  • 100

    1858 blued target model.
    This revolver was smooth as silk right out of the box. Everything. Bringing the hammer to full battery, the trigger pull, rolling out and rolling in a cylinder, all smooth and good. The fit and finish was very good. Thos...e sights are very good, and it shot right to point of aim. I'vd only had this model for a few short months, but in two days I am ordering another one for a backup. I just got through talking to Cabela's about it. This is a fine revolver, no doubt.. more

    May 30, 2007
  • 100

    Great looking Gun
    This is a great looking gun for the money and i intend to purchase the 5 1/2 barrel model.

    May 22, 2007
  • 100

    1858 New Army Target .44 Caliber Revolver
    The 1858 New Army Target .44 Caliber Revolver is a great gun to carry when deer hunting. I love it it shoots great and is fun.

    March 11, 2007
  • 80

    1858 New Army Target .44 Revolver
    This cap-and-ball revolver is a close copy of the Remington New Army, used in the Civil War and the post-war West. Made by Pietta, the revolver has excellent fit and finish, a beautiful dark bluing. I bought the Target m...odel with adjustable rear sight so I could work up a load that grouped well and then dial it into the bullseye. While the Target model isn't strictly authentic, it makes for a better shooting experience. more

    November 17, 2006
  • 80

    .44 target remington
    this is a solid bp revolver that gave me no problems. it is a lot of fun to shoot. i use a .451 round ball. accuracy at 15 yards is pretty good but i am not a pro.

    November 17, 2006
  • 100

    1858 Army Target Revolver
    I purchased ths Pistol about a month ago. I fired about 250 rounds througt it. The action is very smooth, I'am very happy with the trigger pull,( no travel). The sight adjustments, and feel of the Revoler are very good. ...I found that using Traditions Round Balls in this Revolver makes a good combination for accuracy. I also recommend you purchase the extra cylinder. Breakdown and cleaning are simple, and easy. I'am real pleased with the look and quality of my Revolver. more

    November 4, 2006