Remington 870 Wingmaster 20

Remington 870 Wingmaster 20



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New In Box. Part Number:6949 Buds Item Number: 96949

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Barrel Length26"
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  • 100

    WIngmaster is NOT the same basic gun as theExpress
    Just understand that the 870 WIngmaster is a finely made pump gun. The Remington 870 Express is a very roughly made gun. While they have the same basic action, the Wingmaster is very very smooth, has a better stock fit f...or most, and is MUCH lighter as it uses walnut vs. the maple or beech in the Express which adds at least a pound...even if they list it as close - its not. So know what you are buying. The Wingmaster is worth the extra cash. more

    August 27, 2018
  • 100

    The greatest pump shotgun ever made
    The Remington 870 Wingmaster is the greatest pump shotgun ever made. Rugged, reliable and beautiful. As a waterfowl gun it has no match, it keeps shooting when the others can't hang. Buy one, you'll be glad you did. Buy ...American, Buy Remington. more

    December 5, 2017
  • 100

    I've had one of these for several years. Fantastic shotgun. The 20ga frame is smaller and lighter making it an excellent woods gun. I use it for trap shooting and small game hunting. The engraving on the receiver is beau...tiful. Remington did an excellent job with these guns. more

    March 6, 2017
  • 60

    Good gun, but QC is lacking.
    I purchased a new wingmaster a while ago. When I got it home I cleaned it and took it to the range. The gun would not easily eject rounds. Matter of fact, I had to hold the slide and bang the stock on the ground to get t...he round out of the chamber. Not something I was too happy to do to a brand new pretty gun like this. I tried several different loads. I was not happy. After some internet research checking into the failure to eject shells, I found that the chambers on many of the new remington shotguns are very rough. This is common to the expresses and wingmasters alike. I looked at the chamber on my gun and there were lots of tooling marks that allow the case to bite into upon expansion. The good news is that the problem is easy to fix. There are videos on youtube that will show you how to polish the chamber and remove the tooling marks. more

    September 29, 2016
  • 100

    Some Wingmaster Reviewers Very Confused
    Please take note: Most of the negative reviews and negative statements posted here apply to the Remington EXPRESS shotgun or other Remington models. HOWEVER the EXPRESS is not the Remington WINGMASTER. The WINGMASTER is ...a flawless, seemingly indestructible shotgun that is accurate in the extreme and pleasing to the eye, a work of art, really. Beautiful, functional, indestructible -- WINGMASTER. [No, I do not work for Remington.] PLEASE pay attention and keep reviews of other shotguns out of this posting area. Thank you. more

    September 24, 2016
  • 100

    Remington 870 Express 3"
    I have heard recent bad reviews of the 870 Express, however I bought a black synthetic 870 in February 2014 and have had absolutely no problems with it. I have used mine for trapshooting and pheasant, grouse, duck and tu...rkey hunting here in Montana and have been very pleased with it. I have hunted in rain and snow and below zero temperatures with it and it has performed great, I have not experienced any rust issues with normal cleaning. With over 1,000 rounds through mine so far I haven't had a single failure to feed or eject. In my opinion the current production 870's are still an excellent shotgun. more

    April 22, 2015
  • 20

    870 not what it used to be
    You will hear many folks refer to the remington 870 as the greatest shotgun ever made. And I would agree, only if referring to one built before 1990. Afterwards, the quality has really crumbled, and it keeps going down. ...I have had several friends buy one, only to have it break down after light use in moderate conditions. These are not what they used to be. So many other pumps and shotguns on the market considerably better, just spend another $75. more

    February 18, 2015
  • 100

    Excellent first shotgun*
    My review gets a 5 star rating, but with an asterisk. I have experience with 870's and they have performed very well. I purchased the 870 Express with the 3" chamber, however it states "Express Magnum" on ...the receiver. Don't let this confuse you as the gun does NOT shoot the 3 1/2" magnum shells. This one is a quality product, with solid and tight fitting construction, but I have seen some isolated failures on other 870's. The floor model I tested had a bent action bar which pretty much broke the gun in my hands, however I am sure this was due to being a very roughly handled display model. When I first shot it on the skeet range, with about 36 rounds, it performed flawlessly with no jams or hangups, even when using cheap target loads bought from the range store. The modified choke is pretty much all I need in the thin air of Colorado. The action is silky smooth and the gun is very easy to clean. I did try to put a Remington brand polymer stock on it but the buttstock needed modification to fit as the back of the receiver has a shallow stock fitting and the polymer had a longer fitting that didn't match the receiver. For a first time shotgun buyer with a budget, the 870 Express should be a consideration. more

    January 15, 2015
  • 100

    Was very pleased with the shotgun. No surprises and that is what I like.

    October 13, 2014
    smokey c
  • 80

    Wonderful gun for beginners to experts
    I bought the 870 supermag for duck hunting and it has been a beautiful gun to shoot. I only had problems the first time I took it out (Also the first time it was ever shot). It hung up on me once. I had to dis-assemble i...t in the field and put it back together. From that point on I have not had one single issue with it hanging or cycling. Highly recommend running some shells through it at the range before hunting. This gun is perfect for hunting most game and every accessory you could want for a shotgun, its available for this gun. Cant beat its versatility for the price. more

    September 4, 2014
  • 100

    Excellent Shotgun
    I did a lot of research before purchasing this shotgun. I was looking for somethingthat I could mostly use for trap/skeet, as well as the occasional hunting trip.I also wanted to be able to easily put a slug barrel on it.... I was lookingbetween an 870, a Winchester field gun, and an 887. I did not like that theWinchester was made In Turkey. After all my research I finally decided on the870 express. I went in to Cabelas to buy it and I saw that the 870 express supermag had a rebate which brought the price down to not much more than the standard870 express. I liked the feel and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Yes, itis no wingmaster but the quality is still top notch. Very smooth cycling and itis very easy to disassemble to clean. I like that I can shoot 3 1/2 inch shellsbecause I plan on trying turkey hunting in the future. I was worried about therecoil prior to purchasing, because I am only about 140 pounds. Even with thestandard recoil pad it is a dream to shoot. I use federal target loads and theyare great. Even after more than 1000 rounds I never had a problem with the gunor the federal rounds. I do have to note that I cleaned the gun after every tripto the range. I really liked the high gloss look of the wingmaster so I finishedthe wood with a gloss spar urethane and it really looks one of a kind. Before Ipurchased I was wondering if the laminate stock was real wood, and it is. It isjust thin slices of wood glued together. I do not have a single problem withthis gun and I know it will provide a lifetime of use. Just clean it and oil itperiodically and you won't regret buying it. I highly recommend it. more

    August 10, 2014
  • 100

    One of the best shotguns ever
    I bought my shotgun a couple of weeks ago and love it. I have put many rounds through it not one problem cycling rounds. But I do have one complaint about the gun my barrel is hard to take off and I don't know why this i...s not my first shotgun so I know how to take a barrel off. I am able to get it off but it is just harder than normal. It still shoots fine. more

    July 17, 2014
  • 100

    Probably will return to buy another
    I bought mine in 1982. Sold it in 1990. Wish I hadn't. After a long while away from the sport I am returning to buy another Wingmaster. I didn't realize it was such a great shotgun. You can't go wrong with it. Right now's between this and a BPS more

    May 16, 2014
  • 100

    Amazing pump gun
    I have a 20 Ga. express 3" mag.and I have harvested teal to geese with steel shot. Harvested turkeys and squirrels. I purchased a rifled barrel and I have harvested 4 deer already. It never jams just pump the gun ha...rd and it's flawless. Watch when you load the tube for shells so they click. If not you will get the shell stuck. Good trap/sporting clays gun also. So you can judge if this gun covers what you would use this gun for. more

    April 7, 2014
  • 100

    Remington Express Super Magnum
    I have shot my 870 for the past 10 years, needless to say my gun has functioned flawlessly. If you are looking for a gun that can do it all, then look no further. From the dove fields in early September, all the way to t...he spring turkey woods, this gun is a must have for the avid outdoors man! Yes, there are some other great pump models out there as well,but the 870 has proven its self over time. Its all about what fits the shooter and what your most comfortable with. With that said, give the most durable pump ever made a try, I don't think you will be disappointed !! more

    January 24, 2014
  • 20

    Poor quality
    My family and I have all owned countless Remington shotguns over the years and I am terribly sad to admit that the quality of Remington shotguns has dropped so far, that I feel I owe it to you all to leave this review. I... have always been a TRUE believer in Remington products, but I have had so many issues with their new shotguns, coasting me more money, time in the field, and wild game I had in my sights. Ignoring other bad reviews, I recently purchased a brand new 870 express combo and took it out rabbit hunting. The shotgun wouldn't even eject the shells leaving me with a single shot gun and having to slam it on the ground to get it to eject. Remington wants me to send it in with a 2-4 week turn around which would leave me out of the field for 2-4 weeks. I could trade it in but I would have to pay the difference of a "used" "new" gun. Spend the extra $ and upgrade. Trust me, it is worth it! Word of advice Remington, go back to the old 870 blueprints, you know the one that put you guys on the map. more

    December 29, 2013
  • 100

    Remington 870 Express Magnum
    I just got this gun last year. Used it for duck, goose, and pheasant. Unlike most or all 12 gauges in this price range, this gun is SOLID. My whole family uses the Remington 870's and they all love them. They're tough, r...eliable shotguns that will stand up to almost anything. My friend also has an old 870 Wingmaster with over 1500 rounds through it and it still works like a charm. I won't be buying any other pump guns from now on more

    October 29, 2013
  • 60

    Wingmaster and Express should be rated separately"
    My experience with the wingmaster is very good. Smooth cycle, nice fit and finish. My experience with the express is quiet the opposite. I bought a remington 870 express 12 gauge for turkey hunting and flat out could not... get it to pattern. When I removed the barrel from the gun and looked through the barrel from the chamber end, I discovered that the barrel had ripples or what resembled planer chatter on the inside of the bore just beyond the forcing cone. It is becoming more apparent that remington is spending their money on something besides quality control. If you are considering a shotgun purchase then I would strongly urge you to look at the benelli supernova or perhaps the winchester sxp. . I like to give the most positive reviews I can on products but sometimes honesty is needed over flattery. more

    October 17, 2013
  • 100

    Great Gun
    Shoots great, can't go wrong with a Remington 870.

    April 1, 2013
  • 60

    similar problems
    i had similar problems with my 870 as alot of other people did, if i shoot low brass target loads they cycle through very well and no problems, but every other high brass shell will get stuck in the chamber, i clean my g...un almost excessively, i treat all my guns like their my children but i continue to have problems with my high brass. more

    March 11, 2013
  • 100

    Best Pump I've Shot
    There is a reason why this gun has been around forever and sold millions. It's reliable and priced right.

    February 16, 2013
  • 100

    Best shotgun I have
    Shot 1,000ands of rounds threw it and it hasn't jammed yet different kinds of ammo and different shell lengths good job remington

    January 29, 2013
  • 100

    If you only buy 1 gun, this should be it!
    The Rem 870 express was my first gun i ever owned. I love the versitility of this gun. I use it to hunt and for home defence. The amount of after market parts is a plus too. Fun and to shoot. reliable. comfortable.

    December 21, 2012
  • 100

    What can you say that hasn't already been said? There is a reason 10 million have been sold. It has never let me down and I don't baby it. Tear it down and clean it when your done and it will always take care of you.

    November 19, 2012
  • 100

    Remington 870 Express
    After my purchase of an 870 Shotgun two and a half years ago, I have yet to be disappointed. In short, this is the most reliable and most modifiable shotgun for the money on the planet.

    November 15, 2012
  • 100

    34 Years of Faithful Service
    I got my 870 Wingmaster in, September of 1978.I never have had a problem with my Wingmaster. No jams, no pump lock, just flawless! After a few times out with it, I sold off my other shot guns. The Walnut wood and blueing..., still look new.There is only one problem with my Remington 870 Wingmaster, my son and son in law's "Sucking Up, of who gets the Wingmaster, After I take the "Big Dirt Nap"! more

    October 6, 2012
  • 100

    i have a 1966 remington 870 wingmaster, and it is as reliable as they come..never jams, always knocks down the birds. ALWAYS! my hunting partner shoots a 3.5 inch load out of a benelli super black eagle..and lets just sa...y hes not the one to limit daily!!! this thing is unstoppable! or is that me? more

    October 6, 2012
  • 40

    Super Mag Issues
    Bought the super magnum as it seemed like a good overall shotgun that will shoot steel. Took it dove hunting and it would not eject shells. Cleaned and brushed the chamber and took it trap shooting and the same thing. I ...have to literally beat the stock on the ground to clear the chamber. Called Remington and they are aware of the issue. They said the problem may be inexpensive shells with low cases. Bought some more expensive shells with high brass to try tomorrow. Don't really want to have to ship it back to the company for repairs, even though Remington is willing to let me do that. Disappointing, especially since this seems to not be an uncommon problem with new 870's. Meanwhile, my twenty year old 1100 and my Model 300 keep on ticking. more

    September 8, 2012
  • 100

    Fabulous all-around pump shotgun
    A Cabela's salesman recommended the 870 Express 20-gauge youth model as a general use and home defense shotgun that could be handled my my small-stature wife. She loves to shoot this gun, as do I. The 870 is extremely so...lid, functions flawlessly, operates smoothly and is pleasing to look at and handle. Every time I think of getting a fancier shotgun, I end up back at this one, finding that I already have one of the best guns out there for quality, durability, and value. more

    July 29, 2012
  • 100

    I have had my 870 pump for almost 10 years now. I have fired hundreds and hundreds of all types of ammo in all weather conditions as well.

    July 17, 2012
  • 100

    870 Express
    Just bought the 870 Express as my first shotgun. Couldn't be more pleased. The thing is built like a tank and points very well. If I had the money, I think I definitely would have gotten the Wingmaster. This is a gun tha...t I would have no problem with taking into the woods to hunt with and because it is inexpensive, it isn't the end of the world if you get a scratch in it. I highly recommend getting it in a magnum receiver though. more

    July 14, 2012
  • 100

    Have to admit I'm more a pistol guy, but I picked the 870 express as my first shotgun. And I was not disappointed! A great gun, fun to shoot!

    June 3, 2012
  • 100

    My first shotgun
    My first shotgun was a remington 870 express 20 ga. and i still have it and use it and it works flawlesslyhigh quality gun

    May 15, 2012
  • 100

    awesome gun
    My dad recently bought me an used Super Mag express as a "rainy day" trap gun. I have not had any problems with it. I think that the finish on this gun is great. there is only minor rusting caused by poor care ...from the previous owner. I have found that this gun is better for trap than the other gun i was using, and am now using it every saturday for trap. I love this gun, and recommend it to anyone buying a first gun. more

    April 12, 2012
  • 100

    Great shotgun
    It's reliable and tough. Simple design makes it easy to clean and maintain. Lot's of optional parts available. SuperCell recoil pad works great for softening the blow of the 12 Ga. Reasonably priced and a much better than many in the same price range. Salt water will make the Express finish rust pretty fast, but fresh water and rain don't bother it much. Just wipe down with Rem Oil after using it and the finish is fine. Minimal care will keep it running smoothly. Handles well, carries easy. 3" loads kick hard, but that's a given. more

    March 13, 2012
  • 80

    Pass it along
    These guns are known for being handed down from generation to generation and keep on performing, there may be better shooting guns out there but not more durable and reasonably priced.

    February 1, 2012
  • 100


    January 8, 2012
  • 100


    January 4, 2012
  • 100

    Best Shotgun Ever Made
    I bought the Remington 870 combo with both field and slug barrel over the summer of 2011. I have put hundreds of rounds through this gun and it has never failed. The gun is pretty accurate and in my opinion one of the shotguns ever built. This gun takes anything you put at it . I plan on using this gun on many hunts next year. The gun is very easy to take apart and clean. The only thing I do not like about the gun is the factory sights. The sights on the slug barrel have two white dots in the rear and one whit dot in the front which for me often makes it hard to find. I have recently mounted a TruGlo Red Dot sight which I have not properly sighted in yet but after I dot the gun should be dead on accurate. more

    December 23, 2011
  • 100

    Remington 870 410GA &12 GA
    I bought the 410 about 16 years ago and the 12 Ga about 5 years ago and love them both. Ive shot hundreds of rounds out of each and never had an issue with either. Consistant shots and they look great. I will be giving m...y son one day this 410 to learn on like i was and im sure it will last for his son also. Always satisfied with Remington guns and i am a loyal customer to them. A great price for a great looking and a great shooting gun. more

    December 17, 2011
  • 100

    Great firearm!
    This shotgun is amazing. I have the 12 gauge model and I shoot 2 3/4 shells. I can go 50 for 50 shooting clays on most days. Good for a close quarters coyote gun too.

    November 20, 2011
  • 80

    Get the wingmaster
    I love my wingmaster. I had the usual pump lock ups, but way less than my friends with the express. That problem has not happened in years. I think it takes a few hundred rounds to break in.... maybe throwing some heavy ...3 inchers in would speed it up? Also the glossy finish makes for a smoother action, and you get a little pride in a pretty gun.My friends with the express have more pump lock ups and the forend splintered just from being put in a gunsock. more

    November 15, 2011
  • 100

    The gun has been faithful. Never let me down or had any problems with it. Good utility gun. Good price.

    November 11, 2011
  • 100

    pink camo shotgun
    My husband bought me this gun for Christmas last year and I love it. It shoots like a dream, fits my arm length which is shorter then the guys and the guys even think it's cool.

    October 17, 2011
  • 80

    I am fan of this gun because of an older wingmaster i have. I bought a new one about a month or so ago, and went to take it appart before shooting it. It wouldnt go back together. I know a good deal about guns an have al...ot of experianceworking on them. But the action arms would not go back into place. The Powder coat?blueing was to thick. It took over 2 hours to correct the problem and get it back together. Then it wouldnt sycle properly. Again i know a good deal about guns so i ground down some parts and she works great. If you going to buy one just make sure they completly disassemble it infront of you. After my work it shoot just as expected. more

    October 6, 2011
  • 100

    The best there is
    Bought a 870 Express as my first shotgun and it has never failed me once. Fires every single time I pull the trigger without fail. There is a reason millions of hunters use this gun, the quality cannot be beat. Highly re...commended more

    October 6, 2011
  • 60

    Pink and camo
    i bought this gun 2 years ago and have been happy with it other then the barrel doesnt like slugs very well and so now after figuring out why my shot wasnt consistant i have to get eaither a rifled choke or rifled barrel... to be more consistant it shoots turkey shots and bird shots great throughe a full choke. another thing that really made me upset was when i would open the chamber to put the slugs in, it would sometimes get stuck and not close. i had brought it in to get fixed and was told that there was a bur from the manifacture and was told it was fixed. it wasnt and it still gets stuck. the only way to get it to close is by sticking ur finger up through where you put the extra shells and popping the orange button. i just hope it doest do this to me when im in need of a quick second shot. other then this problem i love the gun. more

    October 1, 2011
  • 80

    Still a solid gun
    I have an older 20 870express from my grandfather it works like a charm. So I decided to get the 12 and I do have to say that I had the same extracting problem for the first few boxes of mixed shot (buck,bird,slug). So i... took the gun apart and cleaned and oiled it up real good. Haven't had a problem since. Don't know if it just worked it's self out or what. All in all I still believe in and trust Remington shotguns. more

    September 30, 2011
  • 100

    I love this shotgun! Very light and a great rabbit hunting gun. I am very pleased with Bud's prices and will shop with them again! Thanks Bud's!---Jerry

    September 27, 2011
    Jerry H
  • 100

    bird beware
    my dad has owned a 12ga 870 quite a while,it was usedto shot bbb shots and finely broke the slide, he still uses it a little. he may want a benelli, but try to guess what i want, that right, a remington 870.

    September 18, 2011
  • 100

    New Realiable
    just bought the gun a few days ago and am very impressed. would buy again. the only thing that i dont like is that the forearm wiggles.

    September 2, 2011
  • 100

    best gun i ever used
    The 870 wingmaster runs great never jams very smooth acton and never missfires the best gun ever it will last you forever very worth the money.

    August 13, 2011
  • 100

    Best Gun on Earth
    I received a Remington 870 Super Express Magnum as a Christmas present for Christmas 3 years ago.After 3 years of heavy duty,cold Idaho winters with lots of use still looks brand new.Great gun for either a starter or vet...eran waterfowl or upland hunter.Fires the heaviest 3 1/2 inch shells with no effect on the gun.Would definetely buy another.And its gonna be in the blind this year again! more

    July 13, 2011
  • 100

    870 20 Gauge
    I bought an 870 20 gauge last year and I found it was a great gun for the price. Sure it gets a little rusty if you hunt while raining, but you just make sure you clean it then once you get back home and it's fine. Don't... think it can't take down ducks just because its a 20 ga either, I've done it at about thirty yards. Also it is better for small game and birds, you won't pulverize the meat as much. It only jammed once, but as long as you have your kees or a knife with you, you can wedgeit between the two shells and lift it into the chamber. This is an easy to manage gun that is good for all hunters. more

    June 5, 2011
  • 100

    Good solid ShotgunPumps Nice , Smooth Action ,

    May 12, 2011
  • 100

    Great performance for the price!
    I bought an 870 Express:laminate stock and it's a worker! The pricing was great and affordable.The forearm pump slides very easily but I recommend lubing up all moving parts to ensure maximum performance. I haven't dropp...ed it yet(thankfully). I am going to buy sometime a rifled barrel to shoot slugs out of it. I can't hardly seem to miss with it! Also one of my main favorites: it's just plain fun to shoot! Remington has done it again! more

    March 26, 2011
  • 100


    February 18, 2011
  • 100

    Super mag waterfowl
    I have owned remington shotguns all my life i needed a new waterfowl gun so i bought the super mag waterfowl in mosy oak duckblind the best shotgun i have ever bought. it chews through the 3 1/2 like nothin. i perfier shottie over my super nova. i use a kicks black cloud mod choke tube with black cloud #2 3 1/2 i bring down birds at 50-60 yards. i just love remington shotguns! more

    February 9, 2011
  • 40

    wish i still had my old one
    ive always loved the 870 express shotguns . not sure when they went to the mat finish on the barrels but i know i hate it. i take pretty good care of my guns but i really have to spend more time keeping the outside of one lubed or it will rust. the experts told me it was due to the rough cheep mat finnish. i bought a 12 and 20 ga for me and my son 2 years ago and both of them after about 3 boxes of shells are hard to extract an empty. the ejecter on the 20 ga however hasnt jammed the gun yet ,just barely gets the hull out of the gun and drops the empty between your feet. the 870 shotguns ive had in the past worked like nothing ive ever seen and would outlast ten mossbergs and i never had one to rust either. im going to get a new gun soon and im thinking on a BPS. i know you can have problems with any gun but when a person buys two guns that have the same sticky extraction problems that a lot of others are having with the newer remingtons, theirs gotta be something wrong. more

    January 21, 2011
  • 100

    Old Reliable
    I have taken this gun through many hard conditions, shot all kinds of different loads through it, and skimped on my cleaning a little, but needless to say this gun is always accurate, smooth cycling, and downright deadly.... My go to gun for all shotgun hunting. more

    January 9, 2011
  • 100

    4th 870
    Just recently purchased my 4th 870. Can't say enough good things about them. My dad has one from the early 60's and it still shoots true.

    December 22, 2010
  • 100

    I have 3 of these guns now and none of them have ever had even the slightest hiccup even with 3 1/2 shells in the super mag. They work in the worst wheather and never rust. total iv had at least 2000 rounds through them ...most in hunting situations. Great gun i think its worth the extra money for the super mag. more

    December 10, 2010
  • 100

    Nice for the price
    With rifled barrel my 12ga 870 is very accurate. I can shoot over 100 yards no problem. This thing is like a rifle. Some reviews say gun jams, but I have not had this happen. Tried all different kinds of ammo with no pro...blem. I really like this shotgun and the price makes it even better. It is actually more accurate than some higher priced shotguns. I got mine in 2009 and have had nothing but good experiences. Action is smooth, parts fit together well, and it can take a beating. Beware, I'm not sure about all 870 models, but mine is not drilled/tapped for a scope. A saddle mount is available but if you are going for deer this won't work well. So if you want a percise scope you will have to break out the drill press and taps, or have it professionally worked. more

    December 6, 2010
  • 100

    great gun
    this gun is not only great for skeet but it is also is great for turkey hunting i assure you if you buy this gun you will be impressed

    November 30, 2010
  • 100

    favorite gun
    im 14 but im pretty small this gun is the best shooting and probably my favorite gun. i use it small gaming and for turkey.

    November 26, 2010
  • 100

    i have many of these, all work great. mossbergs also work good too. get one of each.

    October 10, 2010
  • 80

    Remington 870 Express Magnum
    The Remington 870 is, in my opinion, without a doubt the top preforming pump-action shotgun available on the market to sportsmen today. I have had my 870 Express in 20 guage for over 8 years now, and have harvested more ...animals and busted more clay targets with this scattergun than all others in my cabinent combined. The reliability and ease of use and maintenance has been incredible and with a little common sense and humility in asking for help if you are unsure, there is no reason this firearm cannot be used and maintained properly and generate decades of service. As can be seen, I did only give the 870 four stars and this is for two reasons, mostly personal preferences I would personally love to have on mine. First, I do not like the fact that Remington only makes an 18 1/2" Factory Replacement Barrel for the Cantilever Scope Mount Barrel. While I can function with the 20" Fully Rifled Barrel, the ability to have my scope remain intact with the barrel would be amazing. I prefer to have a minimum of 22" of rifled barrel for increased precision and honestly feel even better with a 24" barrel. Second, I am curious to see how long Remington will continue to stay with a trigger that has just the standard trigger pull available, requiring gunsmithing tools to adjust. With the increase in popularity of such user-adjuster trigger pulls, I would think they would catch on to their popularity. In Illinois, we cannot use centerfire rifles to hunt big game, only smoke poles and scatterguns. With the exception of some large ducks and most sizes and ranges of geese, my 20 guage 870 with both Field and Rifled Barrels will allow me to hunt anything I want to in Illinois. Plus, if it's been around for over fifty years and has had more than 10,000,000 models sold - they must be doin somethin right. more

    September 29, 2010
  • 100

    Best Pump Shotgun Ever Made
    I have 3 870's. One 20 ga Wingmaster Lightweight Magnum from the early 80's, One 12 ga Wingmaster Magnum from the early 90's and one 12 ga Express Magnum from the early 2000's. I use them for dove, duck, goose, pheasant,... grouse, and slug deer with an additional rifled slug barrel for my express. They are extremely easy to take apart and clean. If you keep them clean they will never fail you and will last forever. My dad has a Wingmaster that is from 1962 and we still use it. Great balance and easy to aim. Keep it clean and you will never need another shotgun. more

    September 25, 2010
  • 80

    Great Gun
    A little more rickity than the benelli, but still very effective. Its all I used for about 6 years. Difficult to take a part, but they may have changed that since I owned one.

    September 15, 2010
  • 80

    Remington 870 Special Purpose Synthetic
    I like this gun.Nothing perfect about it, tis reliable,light,and good looking.For me it gets the job done when hunting waterfowl or small game.I'm not some princess who has to have the best gun like a Berreta or somrthin...g else totaly expensive.Just dont try to kick the shell out to quickly or it'll jam.Good,good gun. more

    September 8, 2010
  • 100

    Remington 870
    You will never find a better gun than the 870. I have shot all the pumps and this one wins hands down. I have literally used my gun as a canoe paddle, walking stick, and anything else you could imagine in a duck blind. Y...ou just keep pumping shells in to it, and it keeps firing. I currently own 4 different 870s, i wouldnt trade them for anything. more

    September 2, 2010
  • 100

    Great shotgun
    I own 2 of these one in 20ga (was my first gun) and one in 12ga. both work flawlessly even in some pretty bad conditions. my only complaint is they rust very easy. and if you want them to look nice keep them clean.

    August 22, 2010
  • 100

    best gun ever
    only thing about this gun is the choke i had to chang it to a full choke tube.i shot some squirrels with it.this gun is very accurate.

    August 20, 2010
  • 80

    rem 870 super mag
    I went to cabelas and got the remington 870 super mag at a very cheap price... Ive used it for grouse and turkey... very light weight considering the hike distance... very accurate and reliable... although i did have it ...jam up on me the first time i used it... keep it oiled well and no other problem... more

    June 27, 2010
  • 100

    The 870: best pump shotgun ever, period!
    I started hunting back in the mid 60's and having no use for autos, have tried or used pretty much every pump shotgun that has come down the pike. Additionally I'm a 30 year LEO with the vast majority being a patrol supe...rvisor and SWAT team leader, so I have more than passing familiarity with defensive shotguns. The pump shotgun I choose for hunting, professional use, and home defense is the 12 gauge 870. The 870 is simply the best, most reliable, easiest to maintain pump shotgun ever made, period... more

    June 16, 2010
  • 20

    remington shotguns what has happend? once they were trusty. 11-87= problems nation wide. 870= pump jam, even if the gun is cleaned all the time. seen to many problems in the last few years. will have to say im gonna try ...out benelli, great ratings. remington rifles are still pretty trustworthy. more

    May 10, 2010
  • 100

    reminton 870 exprees
    These guns are indistuckible Had mine for a long time

    March 31, 2010
  • 100

    best shotgun ever
    i got this gun with a laminated stock and its amazingly reliable, a bit heavy, but its very well ballanced, very reliable.i would reccomend this gun to anybody, its great for turkey,duck,upland hunters and if you put a r...ifled barrel i wouldnt doubt it would be a great hog gun all the way up to taking moose.very good gun more

    March 6, 2010
  • 100

    Remington 20ga. Remington 870 wingmaster
    this is a great starter gun and i killed a lot of birds with this gun in just 2 1/2 years hunting

    February 16, 2010
  • 100

    No problems
    I purchased my 870 in June 09, after my brother had purchased one in May. Both guns have had several boxes of ammo through them with no problems. It is a great gun. I'm not sure about the issues that other reviewers are ...having, but I would recommend a Remington 870 to anyone. more

    February 11, 2010
  • 40

    I thought Rem shotguns were supposed to be good
    I think maybe older remington shotguns had better quality. I bought this 870 and it would jam with almost every shot. after firing a shell, you had to use all your might to get the chamber open. I tryed all different bra...nds of ammo, and still jams. I ended up taking a 12 gauge mop brush, wrapping it with ultra fine steel wool, connecting it to mi drill, and running it back and forth through the chamber with it spinning. I did this for quite a bit. now it doesn't start jamming until you have about 35 rounds through it.old Rem might have been quality, but new rem shotguns are something to stay away from. your better off with mossberg than rem more

    February 7, 2010
  • 20

    870 Express Super mag
    I bought my 870 express super mag real tree apg in November of 2009, brand new thought i was buying a great gun always really liked 870s. Got it out of the box took it out and shoot a few rounds and the gun jammed it wou...ldn't let me eject the round i just fired, mailed it off to the Remington's gun smith and got it back he had ruined the inside finish of my chamber and didnt fix the issiue. So I E-mailed Remington to tell them about the issiue I didnt even get a responce they sent me a number to call so i called the number and they werent any use. They said mail it in and that was it i called back and i asked them if enstead of fixing the gun they'd just mail me a replacement after all i did pay for a new gun and they wouldnt do it. They made me feel like an idiot for asking( why isnt that a liget , thing to ask for after all i did pay good money for a gun would work) I am 20 years old and have a lot of time left to buy guns but this really made me think twice about Remington. more

    February 2, 2010
  • 100

    Great Shotgun
    This is my first shotgun that I have purchased and have had nothing but great luck with it. The first pro about this shotgun is the price. You cant find a better shotgun priced as low as this one. Remington has been shel...ling out 870s for a long time and they have perfected it. Another great thing is the durability. This waterfowl season was my first ever, and I didnt realize how banged up your equipment can get. But the shotgun stood up to everything and still looks great. A few scuffs on it, but I wouldnt change anything about it. I do recommend getting the Super Mag in order to shoot 3 1/2" shells. Just a nice perk to be able to really reach out there and get that goose that doesnt want to fully commit. more

    January 28, 2010
  • 100

    870 Wingmaster
    I've had my grandfather's Remington 870 Wingmaster 16 ga for over 25 years and have never experienced anything other than sheer joy and uncanny reliabilty with it. As a result, I just purchased my son a brand new 28 ga W...ingmaster so he can join me in pheasant and rabbit hunting next year. The fit, finish and quality is every bit as fantastic as my "old" 16 ga. There's never been a more reliable pump-shotgun produced - ever. more

    January 27, 2010
  • 100

    A Real Working Mans Gun
    This gun is unbeatable in its price range. I have had an Express for about 15 years now and not one single complaint. It has only ever malfunctioned one time, a piece in the trigger assembly broke and had to be taken to ...the gunsmith for repair, but considering it happened after firing 5,000 rounds I can not complain. more

    January 16, 2010
  • 100

    Great gun
    I have recently bought the 870 super mag on sale at my local store. I took it duckhunting a couple of days later, and it worked great. The recoil was very managable even with the 3 1/2s I was using.

    January 15, 2010
  • 80

    remington 870 express
    I got this gun a year ago and it works great. The only advice I would give is to keep it oiled really good because if u dont it will get stuck and jam. I would give it 5 stars if it didn't need oiled that often

    December 28, 2009
  • 20

    I bought this gun and I will sell it as soon as possible. I jams more than it shoots and I will never buy another. I bought a Benelli Nova and I love it it has never had a hiccup. I would recommend getting a Nova over a ...870 anyday! more

    December 27, 2009
  • 100

    I love this gun !!!!!!!
    I love my rem 870 because it has the most accurate aim. I also support this gun because it has a very good stock to me. It helps me on the trap feild also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    December 12, 2009
  • 100

    i have owned this gun for a while and i have never had a problem. i have dropped it in the water and the sand. i picked it up and BOOM BOOM BOOM it still worked perfectly. this is an excellent gun.

    December 9, 2009
  • 100

    31 years of the 870 wingmaster and it never fails
    my dad bought an remington 870 wingmaster in the early 70's and he gave it to me. the shotgun was in mint condition. today i use the shotgun for waterfowl and trap shooting. the gun always fire and it shoots any shotgun ...shells out there. i went trap shooting yesterday and shot a two 25/25 !!!! back to back !!!! it holds up to 3inch mag. it is the best waterfowl and trap shooting shotgun ever delveloped. the gun has many years to come until i give it to my kids. more

    December 7, 2009
  • 100

    GOOD purchess
    i got the laminate super magnum express and all i can say is i have shot ever thing from birds to varmits with it i use it to turkey hunt it is my home protection gun also it is a all around every day any time any weathe...r gun. best shot gun in the world !!! more

    November 29, 2009
  • 100

    i bought this gun last saturday i took it straight out of the box and went hunting with it is easy to shoulder and fire. i got some quail with it. i love this gun

    November 26, 2009
  • 100

    I got this gun for Christmas and it is one of the best guns I have ever shot. I use it for shooting trap to hunting and it always comes through for me. Remington is an excelent gun maker and their guns will always have a... place in my gun safe. more

    November 14, 2009