Remington R51 Handguns

Remington R51 Handguns



Reviews: 78
Total reviews: 78
Positive: 36
Mixed: 13
Negative: 29
Retail Price: $267.00
Used Value: $186.90
Sale Price: $209.99

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Remington R51 Handguns Info

The Remington Model R51 is fine-tuned by Remington engineers to deliver intuitive shootability so you can be ready and stay safe when it matters most. To dramatically reduce recoil, it features an optimized grip angle and Pedersen block design. With a 3.4″ barrel and smooth, rounded edges it conceals easily and deploys like lightning. The CCW trigger system is consistent, light and ultra-crisp, with a trigger guard undercut for near-zero disturbance when firing. The sub-compact frame and two flush magazines enhance conceal-ability. And it all comes with a confidence-boosting 7+1 rounds of 9mm +P.

Remington R51 Handguns Specifications

Caliber9x19mm Parabellum
FinishBlack Anodized
Sights3 Dot
Barrel Length3.4"
Primary Uses
Personal Protection
Personal Protection

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MSRP $267.00
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Remington R51 Handguns Reviews

Positive: 58 Mixed: 0 Negative: 20
  • 40

    Not easy to reassemble after a cleaning
    My husband cleaned it and had a pin in Wrong somehow. Still loaded sometimes. Even fired once. I don’t like the gun won’t buy another. Not good for a beginner gun person.

    August 24, 2018
    Coonhunting fam
  • 80

    Despite a lot of Remington R51 negative press over the last three years, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase a "Gen 2" redesigned version of the handgun with a truly exceptional $100 factory rebate. I have had... no problems with this firearm, and it has successfully fired hundreds of rounds of 9mm FMJ and JHP without a problem. more

    August 22, 2018
    Robert M
  • 100

    Well made, accurate and reliable
    This is a great little gun. It functions perfectly and is very accurate. The quality and workmanship is just what I expected from Remington The design makes for a great carry gun which smoothly slides out of a holster. I...'m very happy with the purchase of this gun. Its destined to be a classic. more

    August 13, 2018
  • 20

    1st of all, it is 6+1 not 7+1. It jams alot with all ammo types. They say, run +p, it does not matter. Double feeds. Sent in to Remington 2x for repair. No joy Run from this gun.

    August 7, 2018
  • 100

    This pistol caught my eye with it's looks. I also liked the price and purchased it. I have yet to fire it. It is a bit different to break down and I would suggest watching a video showing how before getting into it. My f...irst time was a real challenge. more

    August 7, 2018
    Walter B
  • 20

    1st of all, it is 6+1 not 7+1. It jams alot with all ammo types. They say, run +p, it does not matter. Double feeds. Sent in to Remington 2x for repair. No joy Run from this gun.

    August 6, 2018
  • 100

    very pleased with purchase of R51, shoots great and have not had any problems with it. Have taken it to the Range 5 times so far and shot 500 rounds of various manufacture's ammo. Would recommend this purchase to others.... more

    July 10, 2018
    Barry T
  • 100

    July 6, 2018
  • 20

    Procrastinating at its finest! Purchased in 09/17 and just now shooting. What a disappointment.. 3 out of 6 FTE in first mag, nose dives, slide wont feed now, filled out return request to Remington for repair. Sad that a... new pistol out of the box won't work! more

    May 27, 2018
    Dave S
  • 80

    The only issue that I have with mine is that I can not load a round in the pipe and have the mag loaded to full capacity,7+1, for if I do than it will jam when trying to feed the first round from the mag. I dont have any... issues if I load it 6+1. I have fired Winchester White Box ammo and Honady Critical Defense out of it without any issues. As for recommending it to a friend I would be on the border with that question. Yes for collecting and something different, no for someone that may have a hard time disassemble it for cleaning since it isnt the easiest pistol to disassemble. more

    April 11, 2018
  • 80

    The only issue that I have with mine is that I can not load a round in the pipe and have the mag loaded to full capacity,7+1, for if I do than it will jam when trying to feed the first round from the mag. I dont have any... issues if I load it 6+1. I have fired Winchester White Box ammo and Honady Critical Defense out of it without any issues. As for recommending it to a friend I would be on the border with that question. Yes for collecting and something different, no for someone that may have a hard time disassemble it for cleaning since it isnt the easiest pistol to disassemble. more

    April 10, 2018
  • 100

    Great gun, shots extremely well, never miss fired.

    March 16, 2018
    James F
  • 100

    Initial tear down for prefiring cleaning and inspection very difficilt as was reassembly. Hope this is a good sign of flawless shooting experiance. Over all comfort feel,balanced well, will report after range time

    March 16, 2018
    John O
  • 80

    Almost great
    Have had the R51 since Aug '17. Has functioned flawlessly, and shoots dead on. Am only shooting brass cased ammo thru it.Liked it so much, bought another for my Dad. Issues with his mags being VERY stiff until having run... 3-4 loadings thru them. Also, this one does not like loads with bullets heavier than 125 grns; 147's shoot way low in it. After going to lighter bullets, gun shoots dead on. Biggest complaint with either pistol is disassembly/reassembly beyond removing the slide assembly is practically impossible if you don't have 3 hands, and/or any of the ones you do have are sore or weak. Still love to shoot it though and confident with using it as daily CCW. more

    March 13, 2018
  • 100

    This is one fine product and I like shopping at Bud's.

    March 10, 2018
  • 100

    I bought the Crimson Trace (CT) version. Cabela's had a sale, and Remington had a rebate, so I got the CT version for about the same price as the regular price for the standard model. I wear glasses, and have an add-on l...aser pointer on my fullsize 9mm, so I wanted to try the integrated CT system. I was also intrigued by the slimness of the single-stack grip and the idea that the low bore axis should reduce muzzle flip. Before the first range session, I cleaned and oiled the gun. I did experience some feeding issues with HP ammo, mostly with loading the first round from a full mag. I cleaned and oiled the gun before my next range session. I brought several different ammo types to the next session; HP, FMJ, Golden Saber; by Remington, Winchester, and Hornady. I had no feeding issues this time. The laser is dead on at 25' and really boosts my confidence in the R51 as my new carry gun. And it's accurate, and muzzle flip is less than with my fullsize 9mm I'm pleased. more

    February 28, 2018
  • 60

    I had reservations about buying the R51. I almost bought one when they were initially released in 2014, but after reading the negative reviews and having Remington recall them, I put them out of my mind. When Remington c...ame out with the gen 2's, my interest was again raised. Surely a company with their history would get them right after a second effort. After watching many of the videos on the pistol, I was in doubt. It seemed like people either loved them or hated them, so I decided to find out for myself. I ordered one last Monday morning and picked it up at my FFL on Thursday evening. Bud's service really is outstanding. One of the smoothest transactions I have ever made buying a handgun on line. The weather has been too cold to take the pistol out to the range. However, I have become quite familiar with some of it's idiosyncrasies. The pistol seems to be well made, but the seven round magazines are really only six rounders. When inserting a magazine with seven rounds into a pistol with the slide closed, it is impossible to retract the slide to chamber the top round. With the slide open, you can release the slide and the top round will chamber. The advertised 7 1 capacity is a myth. I have manually cycled seven rounds and all rounds chambered and ejected with no "nose dives". This was with hardball ammo. I realize this isn't a good reliability test, but it was heartening after reading some reviews. Now the big kicker is the disassembly procedure. I have watched the videos and I have gone through the actual breakdown over half a dozen times in the last couple of days. I am an old man and have been around guns for well over sixty years. I have field stripped Woodsmans, Rugers, all manners of 1911's, Lugers, P-38's, M1's, Berettas, Glocks, XD's, etc, but nothing was as painful as breaking this pistol down. Hand strength isn't an issue, but pain tolerance is. You will get pinched and your thumb will become raw from pushing on the sharp edges of the barrel lug or feed ramp. The recoil spring cap will become scratched after a couple of breakdowns and you shouldn't attempt the procedure in mixed company. I do love the size, feel, sights and trigger (5.5 lbs on my scale) on the gun. I will give an updated review on the pistol once I get it out to the range. I can live with the seven round max capacity and my fingers will heal. I hope the pistol performs as well as it looks. more

    February 10, 2018
    Donald B
  • 100

    Best compact hangun purchase to date
    I bought an R51 over the Black Friday holiday last year. Couldn't be happier. Functions 100% of the time. Over 300 rounds to date and no failures of any kind. I think this little pistol is continuing to be maligned for n...o reason. Most comfortable carry gun I own. I am considering purchasing another. On thing though. 99% of all nosedives and failures to feed are caused by the lip that is bent inwards on the front of the magazine. If that lip is straightened after your purchase, you can be guaranteed to have flawless function. That is what I have done with mine and I have yet to have a problem. more

    February 5, 2018
    P K Grant
  • 60

    Although I was somewhat hesitant to purchase this item due to the rather negative history of the pistol, with Bud's price and the rebate I figured that it wouldn't be a horribly expensive gamble. I also added the Bud's w...arranty in case the pistol lived up to its negative reviews. I have taken the pistol out once to the range so this is a preliminary report as the gun is not broken in with the usual 200 to 250 rounds. The first cartridge in the first magazine (Blazer brass 115 grain FMJ) dove into the ramp and jammed the gun. After clearing the firearm and reloading the magazine, the first cartridge in the magazine again jammed into the ramp. I then loaded the second magazine that came with the pistol thinking that perhaps it was a defective magazine. The second magazine had the same result. I found that if I downloaded the magazines they would feed the FMJs until later in the magazine the empty case failed to extract and it jammed again. There were multiple FTEs but eventually I made it through a box of 50. Next time I take it to the range I will take some other brands and weights of range ammunition as well as some hotter personal defense loads to see if they feed and eject more reliably. As a comparison, that same week I completed my official qualification using a new, unfired, out-of-the box Glock 19 Gen 4 that I had purchased a while back and hadn't yet fired. No failures to feed, no failures to eject, and as usual I qualified without problems. The R51 was purchased as a curiosity and unless it performs much more reliably after a couple of hundred rounds, it will be limited to range duty. Due to the fact that I haven't had the chance to fully break it in, I will give it a middle rating and update the rating when I hit 250 rounds. Bud's is rated 10 out of 10 for excellent pricing and delivery to my dealer. If I still find the R51 to be lacking, I will see how Bud's warranty service is as well (although when I purchased the additional warranty I hoped not to need it). more

    February 4, 2018
    David M
  • 80

    Still not sure Remington has worked all of the bugs out of these. Maybe a little more break-in time will tell? Cool little gun....if it functions properly?!!

    January 28, 2018
    Michael L
  • 20

    Constantly jams.
    I have shot over 200 rounds out of this gun and didn't seem to ever break in. About 50% of the time loading the first round it will jam up. Then about 1 in 15 rounds after that will jam as well. The Sig Sauer 9mm rounds ...seemed to be a little better. Also My wife is not a wimp and she had a very hard time pulling back the slide. For a gun this expensive it did not perform well. Also advertised as laser being factory sighted in at 50 feet, it wasn't even close. more

    January 25, 2018
  • 100

    I have previously reviewed this gun. It's a great gun. I just purchased a second one. I could not pass up the $100 rebate from Remington.

    January 24, 2018
    Joseph M
  • 60

    Thus gun is easy to rack. The magazine release button is very hard. Even my husband had trouble with it. I haven't fired it yet.

    January 23, 2018
    Gwen A
  • 60

    As usual Bud's was awesome. Thank you. As for the R-51. Well out of the box it groups 9 inches to the right at 7 yards. Terrible if you ask me. Takes a 3 handed rocket scientist to disassemble it. 8 pages in the manual o...n how to clean it. 8 pages ? Other than that it fired and ejected perfectly. The grip angle is great , low bore axis is very nice for quick follow up shots. Which also helps reduce felt recoil. No problems so far with 200 rounds thought it. 8 pages ? Yes 8 pages. more

    January 22, 2018
    David R
  • 20

    No quality control. 25 failure to feeds, 3 jams, and 2 mis-fires in 120 rounds shot. The last jam was so bad I could not even open the slide to clear it. The instructor at our local range could not open it either and rec...ommended taking it back to Cabela's. The problem arose when I tried to return it, could not bring into the store because I didn't know if the round was dead or live that was jammed in the chamber. After speaking to the manager on duty she recommended taking it to a local gunsmith to have it cleared and they would refund me the charge when I returned it to have sent in. All fine and dandy but I don't feel a new gun should have this issue and then to put it on the consumer to try and get it fixed is crazy. The gunsmith did clear the chamber and looked at it, he said the chamber was unfinished and the ramp was unfinished, he could fix it for about a quarter the price of the gun by polishing both! Like i began with NO QUALITY CONTROL AT REMINGTON. Cabela's has since sent the gun in for repair, so here I am out the cost, no gun to shoot, and 4-6 weeks waiting on Remington. We will see how they handle the refund when it comes back..........will update then. more

    January 21, 2018
  • 100

    My New Remington R-51 - This is a very light weight, and compact pistol. I put nearly 200 rounds through it (Remington 115gr FMJ) with one misfeed early on. It is quite accurate too. The Pederson Hesitation Lock mutes th...e recoil quite a bit. This lightweight gun does not have much recoil. The slide force needed to cock is very low, how interesting is that? Once you get used to the trigger feel and cycle, your patterns shrink big time. I think I am going to like it. more

    January 20, 2018
    Brad D
  • 40

    The great price buds had on this fine looking firearm is what lead me to this purchase. Along with the rebate I figured I couldn't loose,however after seeing and reading reviews I couldn't help but to feel concerned that... Remington didn't fix the problems associated with this fine looking weapon. After receiving the pistol I immediately took it apart cleaned and lubed, loaded the mags and began racking rounds into the chamber,only to experience failures to feed .I was very disappointed to see nose dives in the mag just as I had read from other reviews.this is very unacceptable to me and this pistol must go.I'm not going to waste my time or ammo firing it .it will be sold or traded for a more reliable side arm. more

    January 20, 2018
    Malcolm L
  • 100

    I was pleasantly surprised in the accuracy and the out of the box performance, This is a CCW weapon for me and it needs to be reliable and accurate. So far it exceeds expectations despite many negative reviews. The first... test I ran Magtech 9mm Luger without any misfires or malfunctions. I am not a fan of the mag release button which is nearly flush with the grip. However it is easier deployed from the opposite side with your index finger. I will run more rounds thru it and then after more assessment I will utilize this weapon. I am very pleased with it and expect it will not disappoint. Great value as well. more

    January 18, 2018
    Kenneth M
  • 100

    Good pistol, easy to rack.
    I like it. It's different than all the other pistols and has unique style. Racks really easy and shoots well. Never had any issues or complaints with it.

    January 16, 2018
  • 100

    the gun is a shooter right out of the box. Bud's price and service spot on as usual.

    January 1, 2018
    John R
  • 100

    Has quickly become my favorite CC. The slab sides make it narrow and unlikely to print, while the grip fills out the hand nicely. Points very naturally for point-and-shoot drills. Very low recoil considering its small si...ze; probably because of the low bore axis. I don't understand the grousing about cleaning; yes, it's a little harder than a Beretta or a Glock to break down, but not much, and once you've done it two or three times it's second nature. I bought a second one for the vacation house. Thanks for sticking with the project, Remington. Excellent job. more

    December 31, 2017
    Martin K
  • 20

    I had high hopes that Remington had made improvements on this beautiful looking gun (I can they re-release a gun without making it perfect?). I will say, it shoots accurately and the recoil is very manageable.... I like the sights a lot, and how it feels in my hand. Everything else that follows, I want you to know that I did break it in with 100 rounds. All of the following issues continued (they were always there, and did not improve) after that break in period. If the magazine is full, the slide will not pull back all the way (unless you really beat on it) and gets stuck on the round. I was shooting with an experienced shooter, and it made them very nervous (to the point where they just set it down and had my take care of it, even the Range Master seemed nervous). Then, if you manage to get a round chambered, the second round in the magazine nosedives into the magazine. I am seeing the exact issues that I'm seeing on YouTube with the Gen 1. I was told by a Remington representative that nothing is wrong with these guns. Well, there is definitely something wrong with the one I purchased. A couple of times the slide jammed open while loading a new round (I had to drop the magazine, which chambered the round) I have never had any of these issues with my other brand firearms (M&P, LCP, Beretta). I would NEVER recommend this gun to anyone. It is scary to shoot, especially when loading a new magazine, you don't know what to expect. Spend your money on a better product, regardless of how much money they are giving you back. My cousins Hi-Point is much more reliable than this thing (and not much harder to disassemble) There is no way I can trust it as a carry gun, so it's a $240 paperweight. Maybe it'll turn into a Remington 1911 when they recall all of these. I think that's the only good thing that could come from this (or my money back). I really wanted this thing to work. I love the size, and how it looks. It was going to be my primary concealed carry firearm. I've actually gone out and bought a S&W revolver to never deal with a jam again (yeah, I know, nothing is perfect...but this sure made me nervous shooting it). I have contacted Remington, and am waiting for a reply. If I was having other issues, I may be able to understand, but these are many of the Gen 1 issues...I'm amazed that this gun was re-released in this condition. more

    December 29, 2017
    Nick D
  • 80

    Bought the R51 because the price was right and I liked the styling. As always, I disassembled and cleaned the weapon before firing it at the range. Disassembly and reassembly is a nightmare. I had to go to YouTube to get... more help. I finally got it done and took it to the range. I shoots well, has good sights and weight. I'm sure with a little practice, I'll be better at disassembly and reassembly. I hope. more

    December 28, 2017
    Ian M
  • 100

    Remington had a rebate deal on the R51 Handguns. I checked with all of my local dealers and they had none, so I went to the internet and found the gun that I was looking for at Buds Guns the price was good and the transa...ction was quick and easy. It has been a joy to do business with Buds Thank You RussT more

    December 20, 2017
    Russell T
  • 20

    The good=concealability, pretty accurate The bad=The most difficult gun to breakdown and reassemble on the planet, can't load more than three rounds without jamming, first round has to be at an exact angle to chamber at ...all Buds service= excellent as always Remington service= we are going to find out Conclusion? Look elsewhere, this gun is a pain in the a..s more

    December 9, 2017
    Jerry C
  • 80

    I have shot approximately 250 rounds through the R51. It is breaking in nicely and is shooting very accurately. I recommend the Remington to anyone, especially those that want an alternative to a plastic/steel firearm. I...t also has a unique look which I like. Be prepared for a unique take down procedure as others have mentioned. Bud's had their usual excellent service and price. It shipped the day I purchased! more

    December 1, 2017
    Ron H
  • 80

    Very satisfied with product. Was skeptical when purchasing after reading other reviews but my experience after shooting are all positive. Very accurate! Feels good in your hand, feeds good,recoil excellent. I'm giving it... 4.5 stars. The only reason for 4.5 and not 5 is lack of thumb safety. Would definitely recommend. more

    November 29, 2017
    Louis C
  • 60

    Buds always delivers on time and packages my products well. No complaints there. However, Remington's R51 is not a reliable carry piece. It suffers from the classic single stack nose dive problems. When the magazine is f...ully loaded with 7 rounds, the first 2 or 3 do not have enough tilt up to reliably feed every time. Especially true with defence rounds and to a lesser degree the roundnose. If you load only 5 or 4 rounds, the mag feeds reliably. So, if you want reliable feeds, you'll have to go with 5 rounds instead of a full mag. Also, it's difficult to learn the tricks of field strip and reassembly. Watch the Remington video and the guy does it effortlessly, but it's just difficult for an average person. Watching the reviews of this pistol is amusing just because everyone has so much trouble putting it back together. But, I really like the looks and grip of the R51. It's got potential so maybe it's an issue of breaking in both me and the gun. more

    November 29, 2017
    Robert B
  • 100

    I wanted to buy a Remington R51 during the pre Black Friday Rebate. I did the Live Chat to see if they had one in stock and if the sale could be completed by the deadline for the Rebate. They shipped the gun to my FFL same day and it arrived 2 days later! I don't think you beat that kind of service anywhere. That was Free Shipping too. The Remington R51, I just bought it as a novelty, a collectors item. I don't have enough strength in my hands to field strip it. I don't like the grip safety, I don't have enough grip strength in my "bad hand" to disengage it. Bud's rocks!! Happy Camper more

    November 29, 2017
    Thomas N
  • 80

    like the looks and design of this handgun...bought one of originals and sent back during recall...they have made changes internally and although the workmanship does not appear to be the old REmington quality, is a very ...pleasant weapon to shoot... more

    November 28, 2017
    Lawson M
  • 40

    First impression of the R-51 was a 10. Sexy, sleek and good fit and finish. The grip fits my hand perfectly - oops - the grip safety was horrible and pinched the web of my hand. Never happened with the multitude of 1911'...s I have fired over many decades. And what's with the wobbly plastic trigger? The magazine release leaves much to be desired. The magazine itself has an odd fit. At the range, my very first round fired was dead on at 4 yards. What a pleasant surprise. Felt recoil for me was definitely light for a 9mm. The rest of the rounds made a fairly small group about 3 1/2 inches @ 5 o'clock. What? Two or three more magazines also shot very low. Next day. Same results. First shot point of aim. Remainder of rounds way low with a small group?? There were a few random failure to feeds with nosedives. Most people say that the take down is weird and difficult. I agree. Be prepared for a pinch or two and some frustration. This firearm is a definite pita but in spite of its shortcomings, I am having fun with it. It is a perfect size and shape for concealed carry but I would never do so. I know and trust my Ruger LC9s. And thanks Buds. My last 5 firearms have been purchased from you due to your prices and service. more

    November 28, 2017
    gordon w
  • 20

    This is a very good looking firearm.It is on sale and I wanted one for my collection.I received the firearm and conducted clean up and applied lubrication to the moving parts.Doing so I cycled the slide several times and... to my horrified observations I found metal shavings located at the feed ramp that resulted from just the action of moving the slide.The lower receiver is damaged,I still can't believe what I was looking at.Conclusion.I will never load or fire this gun.I can only foresee the gun being completely ruined after a few magazines are run through it,oh well live and learn/ more

    November 23, 2017
    Rocky L
  • 100

    First, fantastic service from Bud's. I will buy again. Second,, I love the R51. Picked it up, took it out of the box, wiped it down and started shooting.. Three different kinds of ammo. A couple rounds failed to feed wit...h steel and aluminum but when it came to brass it ran them through with out a problem. A friend shot it and liked it so well he bought one. As for breakdown,,it isn't that hard to do. Watched a video on it and took ti down fine. You do have to have some pretty strong fingers to compress the spring but I imagine that will loosen up a bit as it is used. I am very happy with the pistol. more

    November 22, 2017
    Carol S
  • 60

    I'm not 100{71589fa2398459161674a042c0a079a66943a2c30c3df3764c92321b68eb9705} sure of the exact reason that I bought this gun. I've read countless reviews that should have deterred me from buying it. I've watched the You...Tube vids about the takedown and re-assembly of it. The complaints were endless. Yet, there was something about this weapon that was a bit irresistible that made me buy it. I've only owned one other Remington in my life. It was a Remington 1100. This was a great shotgun. I own others as well but I love my 1100. Maybe that was it. Maybe it was the style and look of the R51. Maybe it was the fact that Bud's had the R51 cheaper than anyone else. Maybe it was the fact that not only did Bud's have it cheaper and that the FFL fee was cheaper than the sales tax if someone locally would dare match Bud's price. Maybe it was the fact that Remington offered a $100 rebate on top of Bud's low price. Maybe it was the fact that I have a hard time resisting temptation. Maybe it was all of it. Maybe it was none of it. I don't know. But whatever compelled me to buy the gun, I am now the proud owner of a gun that I'll probably rarely shoot, if ever. What? Buy a weapon and rarely shoot it? Why??? Why would you do that? It's not like it's a rare gun or a collectors item. Maybe the first gen is collectors item. Y'know, sort of like owning an Edsel. You own it but NEVER drive it. Ahhhhhh. So many questions. So little time. But why own a so-called "carry" that you'd never shoot? Well, that wasn't the intention. Maybe it was the fact that I never shoot a new weapon until I've taken it down, cleaned it, and re-assembled it. I always do that. Here's another fun filled fact I'll bet you didn't know: I do the takedown and reassembly twice. I do that because I am anal and want to know the weapon and want to know that I've re-assembled it correctly before pulling the trigger for the first time. So I watched the vid Remington has put up on YouTube of the takedown and re-assembly. ( Then I posted my review of the video below it. It was the only review of the one year old video. How strange is that? One year old and no other reviews? Seems suspicious. Maybe Remington has a way of deleting the bad-mouthing reviews. That would explain the reason for absolutely no reviews. Either that or people really do what mama taught them: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." That would also explain the reason there are no reviews of that video. Or maybe all of the guys that watched that video couldn't write a review because their fingers were so badly mangled from taking down the R51 that they had to go get stitches first. Or worse, they lost a digit (or two) and couldn't type anything at all. I don't know. But I do know why I may not shoot this weapon at all. I haven't shot it yet so I can't write a review of how well it worked (or didn't) or how accurate it was (or wasn't.). The reason I haven't shot it yet is because like I said above, I am anal. I'm one of those guys that go to the range, run 200-300 rounds through my weapon, then run home and clean it. So with that being said that would mean that I'd have to run home and clean my R51. That would mean I would have to do a takedown and re-assembly. OH! NO! Not another takedown and re-assembly! No! No!!! I don't have the nerves to do that again, let alone the fingers. My mind is still reeling and my nerves are still in tatters from the first time. I don't know if I could put myself through that again. Maybe I'll wait a while. Maybe I'll wait until my fingers heal. Maybe I'll wait until I get a refill of my Xanax scrip first. Maybe I'll just sell it. After all, who wouldn't buy a weapon that has never been shot??? more

    November 22, 2017
    Thomas T
  • 100

    This is an outstanding compact 9mm! Despite its initial teething problems, it's been well worth the wait for the problems to be corrected. This is my second R51 - I bought my first one in the fall of 2016, as soon as the...y were re-released after the recall. I have shot it a number of times, and now carry it almost daily. It is a superior concealed carry handgun, in my opinion. I've carried a Heckler and Koch P7M8 for over 30 years, and this is the first handgun that has tempted me to replace it as a daily carry gun. It has very similar virtues, at an incredibly affordable price. It fits the hand very nicely and points naturally. The slide is easy to operate, due to the fact that the hesitation lock does not require as strong a recoil spring. (This one is for my wife to use, and it's almost the only 9mm that she can cycle easily by hand). The grip safety is automatic, so there are no controls to operate after the draw except the trigger. The trigger pull is a crisp single action. When shooting, it has low felt recoil and comes back on target very quickly due to the low bore axis and low felt recoil. It has excellent three-dot sights, and the rounded rear of the slide never snags on anything when drawing. It has an ambidextrous magazine release that is very convenient - I like to use my trigger finger to drop the magazine, which does not require any adjustment to my grip). One thing about the magazines - they do not fit in my standard 9mm single stack magazine carriers. I have found that they fit perfectly in .45 ACP carriers, so that is what I use. My only reservation is that it is not as easy or intuitive to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning as some other pistols - the arrangement of the barrel, recoil spring, and breech block take some getting used to. I will probably not disassemble the slide after every shooting session, but will just hose the slide/breech out with a spray cleaner/lubricant, and run patches through the barrel using an Otis kit while the slide is retracted. Maybe as I do it more I'll get the hang of it, but it is quite a different mechanism from other pistols. All in all, I think this is the best compact 9mm currently on the market for concealed carry. I already thought that about my first R51 (for which I paid almost full MSRP last year), and at the current street price of around $300 I think it's an amazing deal. I had to restrain myself to keep from buying two! :) more

    November 16, 2017
    Bradley F
  • 100

    I would like to start by saying that this product far exceeded my expectations; and my expectationswere high. My purchase was prompted by my facination with the hybrid (blowback / recoil) design. As an engineer I was int...rigued the almost 100 year old Peterson design. I was expecting some magazine issues and maybe some malfunctions in thr first few rounds, but that didn't happen. I ran 200+ rounds of varying weights and bullett styles through it without a hickup. Muzzle flip was extremely reduced and accuracy was excellent. I could not be more pleased! more

    November 13, 2017
    Joseph M
  • 100

    Super fast service from Buds. Ordered one day and received it the next! Can’t do any better than that! As for the Remington R51, quality seems very good especially at this price point. I know that Gen 1 R51’s had fee...ding problems, but my Gen 2 is reliable. Had three FTF malfunctions during the first 20 rounds. Then the gun seemed to break-in. It has been very reliable after those first 20 rounds and I have tried a bunch of different bullet weights, from 74 grains up to 147 grains, in both FMJ and JHP styles. Out of the box, the gun shot low and to the right. I drifted the rear sight to correct windage. I use a 6 o’clock hold which may explain shooting low. Gun may be sighted for point of aim equals point of impact. Some rounds, Winchester 147 grain train and defend for example, shot very low. About 8 inches at 25 yards. Hornady 115 grain Critical Defense seems to shoot close to point of aim for me so that is what I carry in it. Ergonomics are very good. Does not feel top heavy like polymer frame guns. Gun does take some effort to strip down and clean. About the same effort as a 1911 and much more than a Glock. Still, it’s not that bad. Overall, I am pleased with this gun. more

    October 24, 2017
    Terry L
  • 20

    Cannot recommend
    Bought an R51 Crimson Trace. Loved the way it felt in my hand and looked forward to using it as my EDC. Cleaned it and took it to the range with my son. 20 failures in 100 rounds of new ammo (no reloads). I am fairly cer...tain that it was the mags but since there are no after market mags available for it I’ll never know for sure. Put it back in the box and the store was kind enough to take it back as a warranty return. No gun should ever have that many failures, especially after they recalled the entire first gen. I would encourage you to look at other manufacturers after my experience. more

    October 10, 2017
  • 80

    What Remington and all the gun reviewers didn't tell you about the R51, is that for it to be dependable, you have to shoot P ammo. I have had the R51 since June of 17 and have put several hundred rounds through it. With... standard ammo it just doesn't function right. All kinds of issues, stove pipes ,failure to feed problems to many to name. You would think I didn't like the gun, but I do. when I use p ammo, It is flawless I have fired at least 200 rounds of Hornady 124 and 135 through it and nary a hic-cup. The gun is marked 9mm p on the barrel. That is what it likes. It is difficult to break down and reassemble but after a few cleanings you get used to it. After all is said about it. It is a Dependable gun as long as you use the correct ammo more

    September 25, 2017
    Bruce T
  • 60

    The slide sits so low on the frame I kept getting nicked on my thumb joint - I guess it depends on how you hold it but for me was too uncomfortable. I sold it.

    September 16, 2017
    Steve B
  • 20

    Sent back to Remington for feed issues. Rather than fix the pistol that is unable to feed 7+1, Remington altered the magazines. This is on the Gen 2 that was supposedly perfected. 1 unhappy customer.

    September 5, 2017
  • 100

    This was my first purchase from Buds and I can honestly say it was just wonderful! The entire process was simple enough and the gun arrived at my local dealer (selected from Buds' list) in less than a week. The price cou...ld not be beat as well. I'll be going back for more, that's for sure! Thank you, Buds, for a great website and a great purchasing experience. more

    August 14, 2017
    Kenneth B
  • 100

    I received my pistol a couple of weeks ago. I had read reports both good and bad but decided to try it as I own a mod. 51 original and like it. I took it home and disassembled it and inspected it. I purposely did not it or oil it. Took it to the range next day. Gun operated fine. I had the second mag fall fall out when I closed the slide. Upon looking I realized I had not seated it properly(my fault). I was more careful after that.Gun ran without a hitch after that. Went home an cleaned and lubed it.Took it to the range today and it was perfect. I like the pistol.Drawbacks are it is a bear to take apart and put back together and the plastic trigger is kind of schlocky. Neither of witch affect shooting. I'm happy with the pistol and with Bud's service. I would not hesitate to carry this pistol in harms way more

    July 26, 2017
    Gerard F
  • 100

    Purchased this gun back in April. Great service from Bud's. The pistol arrived in 3 days. Not sure what all the hype is with this pistol. It is an awesome shooter, shoots everything I feed it, and it is spot on accurate.... It can be challenging the first time you disassemble it but, with practice, it is easily mastered. This is a definite must have item more

    July 21, 2017
    William D
  • 40

    Having owned several Remington long guns over the years I decided to try this nice looking Remington handgun. I bought the gun because Remington had again released the gun after recalling the initial release of the gun a... few years ago. They had reportedly worked on the problems the gun had on the initial release. I thought the gun might be an option for my wife's concealed carry. After 50 rounds at the range I don't know what to do with the Remington R51. Every clip fired had at least 2 jams as the result of nose diving at the clip. More rounds or an after market clip might eventually eliminate this issue. The gun fit good in the hand but firing was terrible with recoil banging on the backstrap. It sure got everyone's hand sore. No way will I let my wife fire it. I have several different 9MM handguns and have fired many more. None were as unpleasant to shoot as the Remington R51. more

    July 6, 2017
    Charles M
  • 80

    After ordering the R51 I read a number of reviews that made me doubt my decision to purchase. When I picked up the gun I was impressed with the fit and finish. Took it to the range yesterday and ran 100 mixed rounds thr...ough it with nary a hiccup. Great trigger and as accurate as you could expect from such a short barrel. Really like shooting this gun. Now to the downside. I only rated the gun 4 stars because the disassembling and reassembly of the gun for cleaning is as difficult as one could imagine. The dark, mostly illegible photos in the owner's manual are practically useless. The Youtube videos are somewhat helpful, but not much. The process can be mastered but its not easy. All in all, I'm happy with the gun. more

    July 4, 2017
    Alan R
  • 100

    My R 51 pistol arrived in a few days via Fedex to my local gun shop. I walked out the door within 10 minutes with my new 2nd generation Remington R 51 pistol. I fired 100 rounds of Federal 115 grain ammo and loaded 5 rou...nds in each magazine. The R 51 performed flawlessly. I also fired 20 rounds of Federal 124 grain HST, as well as 20 rounds of Federal 147 grain "High-Shock" ammo. It fired all ammo with no jams or problems whatsoever! The R 51 was never cleaned during this shooting session, or after I received the pistol, other than wiping of any excess oil when I opened the box. The R 51 is one of the most accurate and finest pistols I have ever fired. There is a lot of negative press because of the problems of the first generation R 51 pistol, which had many problems. Remington corrected all problems with this fine pistol on their 2nd production run. With the Remington rebate of $50 dollars, and Buds great pricing I walked away with this pistol for only $250! I did purchase an extra magazine with the pistol. This R 51 is now my everyday carry pistol and I would bet my life on it!! I am happy as can be with my purchase!! I carry it in a fanny pack, and it replaces my M40 Firestar, which was at the end of it's service life, and way to heavy for concealed carry! more

    July 1, 2017
    KIM K H
  • 100

    really nice gun at a great price easy and quick doing business with Buds thanks so much

    June 28, 2017
    mark p
  • 100

    Very fine small handgun
    Despite some bad reviews, I bought my R51 about 7 months a ago. I disassembled, cleaned and lubed it and carefully reassembled it (make sure to reconnect the tiny slide stop spring!).

    May 23, 2017
  • 20

    No quality control
    Never shot it because when I got it home the barrel was covered with machine marks and etched. The inside of the slide was covered with white powder. A factory second that could not have been quality inspected. Sent it b...ack next day. more

    May 18, 2017
  • 100

    First-rate fit and finish, accurate, reliable -- altogether a nice piece. Big enough to get a proper grip on, and shoot comfortably, without being too big to hide. The only cons (if they could even be called cons, since ...they have nothing to do with function) are the rather cheap-looking plastic trigger, and a somewhat unusual takedown procedure that must be learned (in the manual). Well worth the price. more

    April 28, 2017
    Anthony T
  • 80

    The gun had some issues with FTEs & failure to feed starting out. I had cleaned the gun prior to shooting it, but didn`t really lubricate anything as I should have... The next cleaning included lubricating the slide & th...e magazines a bit. After that; it ran flawlessly & is a very accurate pistol. There is less muzzle flip with this gun vs. my Century arms M88A or Taurus G2 The felt recoil is more straight back than up. I think it helps keep the gun on target better. I love the looks & the sleek design, but haven`t shot it enough to stake my life on it... My M88A runs perfect every time, no matter what ammo I put thru it. That said: I had to modify the sights a bit to get it on target. The Remington on the other hand is extremely accurate & lighter to carry! more

    April 22, 2017
    Stephen S
  • 100

    Well first I want to give Buds a hats off for so many years of excellent service. About the R51. I love this pistol. Took a chance on the purchase. I think we all know the history. We'll Remington did a great job making right. I've shot about every type of 9mm ammo through it. No jams, no failures of any kind. Nothing but dead on accuracy and reliability. I have put exactly 500 rounds through the R51.....Glad that it worked out well for the R51 gen 2. Based on the one that I have. I highly recommend it. I'm currently carrying it in a custom kydex IWB holster. Made by gunholsters. I am sure that you'll love the new R51 gen excellent reliable and accurate shooting compact handgun. more

    April 5, 2017
    Kelvin C
  • 40

    I have wait for this to be reissued. It turned out to be an excellent shooter. the only drawback I found was the disassemble was difficult to say the least. However I will getting one of these for my wife.

    April 4, 2017
    Mark O
  • 40

    Had numerous failures to feed using both supplied mags. The R51 would not reliably feed 115, 124, 147 grain ammo of differant brands. The only ammo that would feed 100{15350678a2b2ecca456c4b3252fcfedaf8c7962bc279d6e36d08...97fb9a45794d} was Independance brand 115 grain hollow points. I would not recommend this pistol. more

    March 23, 2017
    Jeffrey A. D
  • 100

    Remington R51
    Don't hesitate to buy this gun. Mine has shot perfectly out of the box with multiple types of ammo. It is different to disassemble/re-assemble but that is because of the Pedersen system which makes this gun unique. My wi...fe loves it, it fits in her hands perfectly and doesn't have as much recoil as similar sized guns. Remington has got it right this time. more

    March 20, 2017
  • 40

    I thought long and hard about this pistol, and in hindsight, wish I had thought longer and harder before buying it. I really like the looks of it, but beyond that I didn't find much I really liked. Taking it apart was a ...complicated affair for me, and putting it back together was just as arduous for me. I took it out to fire and only ended up putting less than 100 rounds through it before deciding this was not for me. I found the trigger to be less than smooth, and the pistol just did not fit very well in my hand when firing. I know that everyone is different, but for me, it just didn't feel right. I had hopes of this becoming a possible conceal carry option, but instead I ended up selling it within a week after getting it. For others, this may be an awesome pistol, but for me it ended up being a regretful purchase. Kudos though to Bud's for their very prompt service. more

    March 18, 2017
    Michael F
  • 60

    This is a good gun to buy if you have 30 or more other handguns. It looks cool, has a fairly unique operating system, and is accurate. However, it has enough issues that I would only recommend it to collectors. While I d...o appreciate a good trigger, I don't have a problem with the R51 trigger or more specifically its lack of reset feedback -- the trigger is fine and does not impact its accuracy. I took it to the range without cleaning it as it came from the factory well lubricated and clean to the eye. I fired 200 rounds of FMJ, 124gr ammo. It would consistently drop the magazine out after three rounds fired. Both supplied magazines, every time, unless I curved my pinky under the grip. The magazines seem overly complicated compared to most other magazines -- never a good sign. In one out of four magazines inserts, the top round would hit the bottom front lip of the bolt face block the full insertion. Probably enough issues for a trip back to the factory. Neat gun, but likely to be a project. more

    March 11, 2017
    Paul M
  • 100

    Love this pistol!
    I bought this pretty much out of curiosity when it went on sale and had a rebate from Remington after reading some good and some bad reviews. I was (and am) intrigued by the Pedersen system and the overall look and feel ...of the pistol. I have now put around 400 rounds through it and haven't had a single malfunction of any kind in the last 250-ish rounds, including 50 today (see my IMI review). This is one of those pistols that has a definite break-in period and I'm really glad I put up with the few problems I had (and there were only a few) in the initial stages. I've put all kinds of ammo through it, btw, from 115 gr to 147 gr in a variety of brands. more

    March 10, 2017
  • 100

    After 500 rounds of Winchester 124 gr fmj no issues. The gun is more accurate and softer shooting than other similar sized pistols I have shot, it just fits better in my hand. With another 500 rounds for confidence it ma...y become my daily carry. I like it, and am glad Remington came back out with it simple and straight forward. more

    January 21, 2017
    John K
  • 60

    Adequate-sort of
    Have had my R51 for a week now. Finally found a practice load and a defense load that work reliably. Therefore, I will use it for a carry gun instead of sending it back to Big Green with a nasty note!

    January 7, 2017
  • 80

    does need tweaking
    So, I bought this gun based on some reviews I had read all over the net, and thought if I had any issues "Remington" being the gun maker they are, would certainly stand behind their product, especially since th...e Gen 1 was completely recalled and removed from sale! Well here you go: Pros: fit and finish are great for guys like me who have small hands. Have shot at least 6 different types of ball ammo as well as hollow points, plus P ammo, and the only issue I had was with the steel cased ball ammo, and the hollow points taking a nose dive when the feed ramp on the magazine follower caused the hollow point to hang up. Solution: polish the living daylights out of the mags, as well as the barrel itself! Once I did this, the only ammo that still had issues was the "steel" cased ball ammo of which I have similar issues in my Walther PPS 9mm. Note to self, buy boxer primed brass ammo only! This gun loved the winchester brass cased 147 grain hollow point sold locally.Cons: As stated above, does need a high quality polishing of mags and barrel ramp (I did the entire barrel) making for a better finish as well as performance. This gun is now my every day carry weapon and have not had any issue since my tweak. Note: it does shoot low out of the box, but range time changed that! more

    December 27, 2016
  • 40

    Nice gun if reliability isn't an issue
    I love the feel and looks of this gun but after 100 rounds I have experienced 18 jams and 2 misfires. I have tried several different makes of ammo and all have the same results. This gun would be a fantastic carry gun if... you could count on it but you can't. Until Remington fixes the issues look elsewhere. more

    November 23, 2016
  • 100

    A Remington 51 for the 21st Century
    After reading and watching all of the available reviews on the Remington R51 Gen 2 (Note: the Gen 2), I decided to purchase one through Cabela's. When I received my R51, I tested it out with Hornady hollow-point 9 mm amm...o and did not experience a single malfunction. So far, I am pleased with the pistol: extremely pleased with its ergonomics, impressed with the updated Remington 51 design, and satisfied with the reliability. I haven't given it a 1,000-round torture test -- but, seriously, if you expect to engage in a 1,000-round firefight, better get an Uzi or a Schmeisser. more

    October 29, 2016
  • 20

    Never got one shot off before sending it back.

    October 23, 2016
  • 100

    Great gun
    Big fan of the Remington shotguns, now a big fan of the Remington hand guns. Love the design and the accuracy is right on target. The R51 is a great gun for concealed carry.

    October 16, 2016
  • 100

    This gun is just the perfect size weight and feel of a great carry gun and it is also designed to be snag free when you withdraw it.. I have fired a couple hundred rds of various ammo and have had no issues !!

    October 1, 2016
  • 100

    Good purchase
    So far so good. great handling gun.Bullseye on first clip. Easy shooter.

    September 9, 2016