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Critic Consensus

There are some pretty ridiculous theories and stories concerning the .22 and its bouncing around in the body, even that it can travel in a vein to the heart. Please consider the science and reality involved. A .22 is actually faster than many revolver cartridges and has something that is an aid in wound potentialpenetration. It doesnt have fr... Read critic reviews...

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This Rossi R98 Plinker is chambered in 22LR with an 8-round capacity. The single/double trigger offers a clean, easy pull in either designation. It features solid steel construction with a fiber optic front sight, adjustable rear sight, black Ribber Grip, and a stainless finish. Rossi revolvers feature the Taurus Security System, including a transfer bar safety. It is available with a 2", 4", or 6" barrel.

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