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Critic Consensus

The .22 LCR from Ruger weighs in at 14.7 ounces and has 8 holes in the stainless steel cylinderotherwise its the same as its .38 and .357 brothers, including the patented Friction Reducing Cam trigger system that gives the small-frame revolvers one of the best trigger pulls I... Read critic reviews...

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The Ruger LCR Double-Action Revolver makes a lightweight, fast handling concealed carry gun that is quick to get on target. The innovatively designed LCR (Lightweight Compact Revolver) has a monolithic frame of aerospace-grade, 7000 series aluminum; a streamlined fluted stainless steel cylinder; and a stainless steel barrel insert, threaded into the aluminum frame. The frame is finished in non-reflective matte black, optimum for self-defense weapons. To keep overall weight to a minimum, the LCR uses a polymer grip frame that houses all the fire control components. The LCR has a concealed hammer that prevents the gun from snagging while being drawn rapidly from a holster, pocket, or purse, allowing the firearm to function when an emergency situation calls for it to be purposely fired from inside a pocket or purse. The double-action trigger pull on the LCR is as smooth as silk, which is due to Ruger's refined trigger geometry and spring rates. The non-stacking trigger allows a shooter to maintain a constant sight picture while cycling the cylinder and firing the revolver. A front-sight blade is pinned to the frame and can easily be replaced with aftermarket sight options, and the fixed rear sight consists of a groove on the top of the frame. The Ruger LCR Double-Action Revolver is a reliable firearm that is easy to operate for most any shooter, regardless of experience, making it a perfect firearm for concealed carry and home defense. Made in USA.

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