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Critic Consensus

The SR1911CMD is an excellent package, and its good to go right out of the box. My friends Ted Murphy, AJ Stuart and Irv Gill helped me test the SR1911CMD at our local gun club. We shot the SR1911CMD the way it came, with no additional lubrication (this was an accident, as I simply forgot to apply any) and only very limited manipulation or dry firing. AJ started the shooting and... Read critic reviews...

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Model: SR1911 Caliber: 45AP Action: Single Action Capacity: 8+1 Finish: Black DLC Coating over Stainless Steel Stock: Unique Fancy French Walnut with Ruger Logo Sights: Fixed Novak 3-Dot Barrel: 4.25" Length: 7.75" Features: Polished Black DLC Coated Slide Flats/ Spl. S/N\'s

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