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Ruger LC9

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Reviews: 102
Positive: 80
Mixed: 8
Negative: 14
Retail Price: $358.00
Used Value: $272.08
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Ruger LC9 Specifications

Brand Ruger
Category Handguns
Action Double Action Only
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Capacity 7+1
Finish Black
Sights 3 Dot
Barrel Length 3.12"
Primary Uses
Personal Protection
Personal Protection

Ruger LC9 Variations

Variation Frame Finish MSRP
Ruger LC9 3212 Black $419.00
Ruger LC9 3226 Black $402.00
Ruger LC9 3221 Black $325.00
Ruger LC9 3227 Black $358.00
Ruger LC9 3220 Black $294.00
Ruger LC9 3211 Black $363.59
Ruger LC9 3306 Black $443.93
Ruger LC9 3207 $428.48
Ruger LC9 3206 Black $368.74

Ruger LC9 Pricing

Used Gun
Fair Market Range $330- $344
Fair Market Price $337
MSRP $358.00
New Gun
Price history for Ruger LC9
  • Highest Price: $284.98
  • Lowest Price: $284.98

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Legend Ammo
Retail Price: $358.00
Used Price: $272.08