Ruger SR-22RDS

Ruger SR-22RDS



Reviews: 2
Total reviews: 2
Positive: 2
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Negative: 0
Price and Used Value
Retail Price: $578.00
Used Value: $375.70
Sale Price: $521.40

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Ruger SR-22RDS Description

Ruger rotary magazine. Standard Ruger 10/22 action inside an all-aluminum chassis that replicates the AR-platform dimensions between the sighting plane, buttstock height and grip. Picatinny rail optic mount. Round mid-length handguard mounted on a standard-thread AR-style barrel nut. Barrel support block which is installed in the handguard ensures accuracy while allowing the standard 10/22 V-block barrel attachment system to be used. Precision-rifled cold hammer-forged alloy steel barrel. 1:16 right hand twist. Rapid Deploy Sights. Black synthetic stock and pistol grip.

Ruger SR-22RDS Specifications

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Ruger SR-22RDS Pricing

Used Gun
Fair Market Range $532 - $555
Fair Market Price $544
MSRP $578.00
New Gun
Price history for Ruger SR-22RDS
  • Highest Price: $580.63 - October 24, 2018
  • Lowest Price: $534.33 - January 28, 2019

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Ruger SR-22RDS Reviews

Positive: 2 Mixed: 0 Negative: 0
  • 100

    A great looking, great shooting gun. Does not come with picatinny rails on the front and sides (to add attachments like an angled grip or light) but they are available. You might also consider adding sling swivels and a The iron sights are great but you could also add optics. more

    June 7, 2018
    Ronald P
  • 100

    Awesome .22 and very well built.

    August 27, 2018
    Phillip B