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Critic Consensus

Rugged and more versatile than past M1A carbines, this is a powerful workhorse that can be quickly adjusted to fit any shooter. The adjustable stock on the Socom CQB made the rifle an easy fit for different-sized shooters. Theres no question that shooting the rifle from positions required less effort compared to its traditionally stocked stable mates. Connecting the contour of th... Read critic reviews...

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For over 230 years, the name Springfield Armory has been associated with proven combat arms. This storied tradition continues with the all-new SOCOM 16 CQB. A modernized descendant of the distinguished M14 and M1A rifles, the SOCOM 16 CQB is designed for serious defensive use as its Close Quarters Battle name implies. Nearly ten inches shorter than the M1A standard model, the CQB offers quick and easy handling for defensive use indoors or out. The authoritative .308 chambering with optional 20-round magazines wont leave you wanting more fight-stopping effectiveness. If youre looking for a defensive rifle, youll find the CQB outfitted right out of the box with the features that can make all the difference when it counts. The adjustable buttstock, with 5 position length and 2 position adjustable cheek piece, is mounted on a standard AR-type commercial buffer tube, so you can always choose the perfect stock for your needs from hundreds of AR-compatible stocks. The AK-style pistol grip places the exact grip angle and distance desired between the hand and trigger, and the CQB accepts any standard AK-style replacement. The CQB stands ready for the addition of your favorite gear with the M-Lok compatible system. One seven-slot and two three-slot rail segments, factory installed, that can be mounted at the three, six, or nine oclock positions. Also there is a fixed top rail that provides the perfect location for a scout optic should your needs dictate engaging from a distance. Out of the box, youll be ready to hit your target quickly day or night. An XS front post front sight with tritium insert appears effortlessly through the aperture rear sight, and an optional factory CQB rifle comes equipped with a proprietary Springfield Armory clip guide red dot mount. Not to leave out the finishing touches, weve packaged this new SOCOM 16 CQB in a custom ballistic nylon tactical case complete with internal supports, owners manual storage, and pockets for up to three magazines. When it comes to protecting the ones you love, trust the First Name in American Firearms, Springfield Armory.

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