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Critic Consensus

The .357 Magnum Raging Hunter is a spurred hammer DA/SA revolver with a seven-round cylinder. The rear sight is fully adjustable for those who favor open-sight shooting, or an optic can be mounted to the integrated Picatinny rail. Read critic reviews...

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Winner of the 2019 American Hunter Handgun of the Year Golden Bullseye Award, the Taurus Raging Hunter is a next-generation, big-bore revolver that's first in innovation-and built to last. A fun and effective alternative for short- to medium-range hunting scenarios, this 357 Magnum, seven-shot revolver is available in Matte Black or Two Tone finish. Its revolutionary angular barrel design cuts down on overall weight, while its factory tuned porting and gas expansion chamber reduces muzzle lift for quicker target acquisition. Cushioned insert grips ensure a comfortable, controllable shooting experience.

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