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Walther Concealed-Carry (CCP)

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Reviews: 67
Positive: 38
Mixed: 12
Negative: 17
Retail Price: $352.00
Used Value: $285.12
Sale Value: $308.65
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Walther Concealed-Carry (CCP) Specifications

Brand Walther Arms
Category Uncategorized
Action Single
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Capacity 8+1
Finish Stainless
Barrel Length 3.5"

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Walther Concealed-Carry (CCP) Pricing

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Fair Market Range $324- $338
Fair Market Price $331
MSRP $352.00
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  • Highest Price: $386.73
  • Lowest Price: $385.07

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Legend Ammo
Retail Price: $352.00
Used Price: $285.12