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Critic Consensus

Accuracy from the PPQ is good, averaging 3-inches at 25 yards. While not amazing, this is more than adequate for plinking, pest control and target practice at practical distances. The pistol has enough recoil to make plinking exciting for new and younger shooters and is reliable enough to keep them from being frustrated. Read critic reviews...

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The PPQ M2 is a true breakthrough in ergonomics for self-defense handguns. The sculpted grip meshes smoothly into the hand. The trigger is the finest ever on a polymer, striker-fired handgun. The styling is elegant and trim. What's more, the PPQ M2 has been updated with a new traditional reversible mag release button. Specifications: Model: PPQ M2 # of Mags: 2 Overall Length: 7.1" Additional Info: 100% Pre-Cocked Striker Additional Info: Cross-Direction Textured Grip Additional Info: Front & Rear Slide Serrations

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