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Critic Consensus

The XPR offers a two-position thumb safety, a highly visible cocking indicator, a bolt unlock button that allows the chamber to be unloaded with the thumb safety in the on-safe position and a detachable polymer single-stack box magazine. Read critic reviews...

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The Winchester XPR Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle combines proven concepts from Winchester's time-tested Model 70 with modern manufacturing processes and materials to produce a great hunting rifle at an affordable price. This XPR Hunter package comes with a composite stock, featuring full TrueTimber Strata camo, and a Permacote FDE finished barrel and receiver. TrueTimber Strata is an excellent all-purpose camo pattern that blends into nearly any environment at any distance. An innovative Inflex Technology Recoil Pad absorbs recoil considerably. A factory-mounted and bore sighted Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40mm scope, with a BDC reticle, allows you to obtain the rifle's true accuracy potential. Precision accuracy is ensured with a solid steel receiver that sits solidly in the polymer stock with a cross-mounted recoil lug, and a free-floated, target-crowned barrel. The XPR uses a newly designed M.O.A. Trigger system that's adjustable for both over-travel and pull weight. The bolt on the XPR has 3 locking lugs with a short 60 lift. The Winchester XPR Hunter bolt-action rifle has a 2-position thumb safety that locks the bolt when engaged. The bolt can also be cycled when the safety is engaged by using the bolt release button. A cocking indicator on the bolt shroud can be seen or felt by the user to know if the rifle is cocked and ready to fire. A detachable, single-stack magazine facilitates loading and unloading the rifle.

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