Asked by Unknown on Aug 23, 2019 2:25 PM

Is the Shockwave legal to own in NJ

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3 Answers
Unknown 7 months ago

I finally got an answer at my local sheriff’s dept. If I carry it in my vehicle just covered up behind my front seat of my van, then anyone sitting in that 2nd row of seats must have a cwp since they would have open access to the gun. I’m legal to carry it anywhere in my vehicle as long as all others in the vehicle have their cwp. So I guess I won’t be carrying it in the car after all, unless I’m by myself or with my husband since both of us are cwp holders. Thanks to all who offered advice and suggestions.

Unknown 7 months ago

yes it is legal in NJ but as it is NOT classified as a shotgun you must be 21 to purchase "*We're currently not shipping this firearm to CA, MA, or OH ****

Unknown 7 months ago

Frank, yes, the Shockwave is legal in NJ. ***We're currently not shipping this firearm to CA, MA, or OH***

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