Asked by Unknown on Aug 23, 2019 2:25 PM

Legal in Washigton, DC?

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3 Answers
Unknown 7 months ago

This firearm is legal in DC, same as MD. It is classified as a firearm by the BATF and is legal for purchase if you are at least 21yrs of age. Of course the final decision will be by your local transferring FFL whether or not they will transfer. Just call to make sure they will. (***Buds is currently not shipping this firearm to CA, MA, or OH***)

Unknown 7 months ago

I suggest calling the only FFL listed in Buds list CS Exchange 300 INDIANA AVE., NW, ROOM 1140A WASHINGTON, DC 20001 Phone Number: (301) 577-1427

Unknown 7 months ago

It appears to be legal in DC (DC is not MD laws) however I would check with a local FFl to be sure

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