Asked by Stewart Northey on Aug 23, 2019 6:25 PM

Legal in Wisconsin?

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2 Answers
Stewart Northey 10 months ago

Joe, this firearm is completely legal in Wisconsin Sir. ***We're currently not shipping this firearm to CA, MA, or OH***

Stewart Northey 10 months ago

Joe, this SHOULD be legal in Wisconsin but if you have any doubts I would highly recommend you consult with the proper law enforcement authority on the matter to be sure. Assuming there are no Wisconsin-specific restrictions you should be able to purchase this as you would any other firearm. The ATF does not view this as an AOW or SBS, rather it is a "firearm" due to specific design considerations by Mossberg to work around potential ATF no-nos. In any case, it is not subject to NFA paperwork or tax stamps.