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Ohio no sale

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Unknown 7 months ago

James nailed it. The only option for OH is to get an 18" barrel version with a pistol grip. On the bright side, you will get two more rounds in there, and 50 state compliance. If you found this answer helpful, please mark it as the "Best Answer". Thank you.

Unknown 7 months ago

2923.11(F) of the Ohio Revised Code provides: "(F) Sawed-off firearm means a shotgun with a barrel less than eighteen inches long, or a rifle with a barrel less than sixteen inches long, or a shotgun or rifle less than twenty-six inches long overall." Emphasis added. The Mossberg Shockwave has a barrel length of 14". Accordingly, with a barrel of less than 16" long, it is considered a "Sawed-off firearm" under Ohio Law. In Ohio, there is no barrel length exception, even with an overall length of 26” or greater.

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