Remington 870 FieldMaster Review



March 6, 2024


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The Remington 870 FieldMaster is a popular shotgun known for its reliability and versatility. It’s widely used for hunting, sport shooting, and home defense.

Remington 870 FieldMaster Overview

The Remington 870 FieldMaster is a pump-action shotgun loved by many for a long time. It’s built strong and works smoothly, making it a reliable gun for different kinds of shooting. Whether you’re hunting in the woods or hitting targets for sport, this shotgun stands out for its ease of use and consistent performance.

Its design makes sure it fits comfortably in your hands, allowing for accurate and confident shooting every time. This blend of durability, reliability, and comfort has kept it as a top choice for shooters everywhere.

An image of Remington 870 FieldMaster

Remington 870 FieldMaster Specifications

  • Gauge: Available in 12, 20,
  • Barrel Length: 26 or 28 inches
  • Capacity: 4
  • Weight: Varies based on model and gauge
  • Pull: 14″
  • Finish: Satin
  • Barrel Type: Vent Rib Rem Choke
  • Sights: Bead Sight

Remington 870 FieldMaster Features

Image of Remington 870 FieldMaster


One of the key strengths of the 870 is its ability to adapt to different purposes. Whether it’s hunting waterfowl, shooting clays, or defending your home, the 870 can be configured to meet your specific needs with various barrel lengths and choke options.


The Remington 870 is built to last, with a solid steel receiver and a tough synthetic or wood stock. This makes it capable of withstanding tough handling and harsh conditions, ensuring it remains reliable over time.

Close-up of Remington 870 FieldMaster
Safety Features and Trigger of Remington 870 FieldMaster

Safety Features

Safety is paramount with the 870 FieldMaster, incorporating features like a manual safety mechanism and a firing pin lock that enhances its safe operation, making it a trusted choice for responsible gun owners.

Walnut Stock Set

The Walnut Stock Set of the Remington 870 FieldMaster elevates the shotgun with its natural beauty and superior craftsmanship. Walnut, known for its durability and resilience, ensures the stock can withstand the rigors of extensive use while providing a stable and comfortable grip. This choice of material not only enhances the shotgun’s appearance with its rich, distinctive grain patterns but also contributes to a more balanced and refined shooting experience, making the 870 FieldMaster a cherished piece for both its performance and aesthetic appeal.

Stock of Remington 870 FieldMaster


The Remington 870 FieldMaster is known for working really well. It has a pump-action that’s easy to use, so you can shoot again quickly. This is great for hunting or in competitions where speed matters. People trust this shotgun because it performs well in different weather, like rain or shine. It’s built to last, so it keeps working well even after lots of use. Whether you’re shooting for fun or in a serious competition, the 870 FieldMaster is a reliable choice that helps you shoot with confidence.

Remington 870 FieldMaster Pros and Cons

  • Reliable and durable
  • Versatile for different shooting activities
  • Wide range of customization options available
  • Smooth and reliable pump action
  • Can be heavy, especially with longer barrels
  • Limited shell capacity compared to some semi-automatic shotguns


The Remington 870 FieldMaster shotgun requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Here are the key maintenance steps for this shotgun:

Ensure Safety

  • Make sure the shotgun is unloaded. Check the chamber, magazine tube, and receiver to ensure there are no shells in the gun. Always point the shotgun in a safe direction.

Disassemble the Shotgun

  • Remove the barrel. Unscrew the magazine cap and gently slide the barrel off the front of the shotgun.
  • Slide out the fore-end and bolt assembly. After removing the barrel, you can slide the fore-end forward and off the magazine tube, allowing access to the bolt and slide assembly, which can then be removed.

Clean the Barrel

  • Use a bore brush. Attach a bore brush to your cleaning rod and apply solvent to it. Push the brush through the barrel several times to scrub out fouling.
  • Wipe the barrel clean. After brushing, run a cleaning patch soaked in solvent through the barrel until it comes out clean. Follow up with a dry patch to remove any remaining solvent.

Clean the Action

  • Clean the bolt and action. Apply solvent to a cleaning cloth or brush and clean the bolt, action bars, and inside the receiver. Pay attention to removing any buildup of fouling and debris.
  • Lubricate moving parts. Once clean, lightly apply gun oil to the bolt, action bars, and any other moving parts to ensure smooth operation.

Inspect and Clean the Magazine Tube

  • Inspect for debris. Look inside the magazine tube for any debris or rust.
  • Clean with a cloth. Use a solvent-soaked cloth to clean the inside of the tube. Dry and apply a light coat of oil to prevent rust.

Reassemble the Shotgun

  • Reinsert the bolt and slide assembly. Carefully place them back into the receiver.
  • Slide the fore-end back on. Make sure it aligns correctly with the bolt and action bars.
  • Reattach the barrel. Slide the barrel back into place and screw the magazine cap back on securely.

Check the Function

  • Perform a safety check. With the shotgun reassembled, ensure that all parts are secure and the action cycles smoothly without any resistance or unusual noises.
  • Check the safety mechanism. Engage and disengage the safety to make sure it’s functioning correctly.

Wipe Down the Exterior

  • Clean the exterior. Use a lightly oiled cloth to wipe down the outside of the shotgun, including the stock and barrel, to protect the finish and prevent rust.


  • Store in a dry place. Ensure the shotgun is stored in a dry, safe location to prevent moisture buildup and unauthorized access.

Additional Tips

For beginners using the Remington 870 FieldMaster shotgun, here are some additional tips to enhance safety and shooting proficiency:

Tips Icon
  1. Prioritize Safety: Always treat every firearm as if it’s loaded. Make it a habit to check and clear your shotgun before handling it further, whether for cleaning, maintenance, or storage.
  2. Invest in Quality Cleaning Supplies: Good quality cleaning kits can make maintenance easier and more effective. This includes bore brushes, cleaning rods, solvent, lubricant, and soft cloths. High-quality tools are gentle on your shotgun and ensure thorough cleaning.
  3. Familiarize Yourself with Your Shotgun: Spend time learning about your Remington 870 FieldMaster. Understand its parts, how it operates, and how to safely load and unload it. Knowing your firearm inside and out increases safety and confidence.
  4. Practice Regular Maintenance: Don’t wait for your shotgun to malfunction before giving it attention. Regular cleaning and maintenance after every use prolongs its life, maintains performance, and helps in identifying any potential issues before they become serious.
  5. Learn and Practice Safe Storage: A shotgun should always be stored unloaded in a secure, dry place, away from children and unauthorized users. Consider using a gun safe or a secure gun cabinet with a lock.
  6. Use Proper Ammunition: Only use ammunition that is suitable for your shotgun’s gauge and design. Using incorrect or substandard ammunition can be dangerous and damage your firearm.
  7. Protect Yourself: Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting. This not only safeguards your health but also enhances focus and performance.
  8. Seek Professional Training: While self-learning is valuable, professional instruction can drastically improve your shooting technique, safety practices, and overall confidence. Look for certified instructors or shooting courses near you.
  9. Join a Community: Connecting with a local shooting club or online forums can provide valuable insights, tips, and support as you grow in your shooting journey. The shared experiences and advice from seasoned shooters can be incredibly beneficial.
  10. Be Patient and Persistent: Shooting is a skill that requires time, practice, and patience to develop. Don’t get discouraged by early challenges. Consistent practice and a positive attitude will lead to improvement.

Remington 870 FieldMaster Performance Review

AspectReview SummaryScore
AccuracyThis shotgun is super accurate. It hits exactly where you aim, which is perfect for hunting animals or hitting targets in competitions.9/10
ReliabilityIt works great all the time. It made it tough to handle any weather and hardly ever got stuck or broke down. You can count on it when it matters most.9/10
CustomizationYou can change a few things, like the chokes to control how the shot spreads. But, you can’t change a lot compared to other guns. Some people might wish for more options.6/10
ErgonomicsIt’s made to feel good and comfortable when you hold and shoot it. It’s balanced well, so it won’t make your arms tired, even if you use it a lot.8.5/10
ValueIt’s a bit pricey, but it’s a good deal because it’s built to last and does a great job. If you really like hunting or shooting sports, it’s worth the money.8/10
OverallPutting it all together, this shotgun is really good. It’s especially recommended because it shoots well, is dependable, and feels nice to use. A few downsides but still great.8.3/10


The Remington 870 FieldMaster is a highly reliable and versatile pump-action shotgun that has been cherished by shooting enthusiasts for its solid performance and enduring build. Its adaptability for various shooting activities, combined with its comfort and durability, has established it as a top choice for both hunting and sport shooting. While it may have some limitations, its overall performance and dependability make it a valuable addition to any shooter’s arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Remington 870 FieldMaster used for? The Remington 870 FieldMaster is widely used for hunting, sport shooting, and home defense due to its reliability and versatility.
  2. What gauge options are available for the Remington 870 FieldMaster? The Remington 870 FieldMaster is available in 12 and 20 gauge options.
  3. What is the typical barrel length for the Remington 870 FieldMaster? The barrel length for the Remington 870 FieldMaster is typically 26 or 28 inches.
  4. What is the capacity of the Remington 870 FieldMaster? The capacity of the Remington 870 FieldMaster is 4 rounds.
  5. What are the key features of the Remington 870 FieldMaster? The Remington 870 FieldMaster is celebrated for its versatility, durability, safety features, and the option of a walnut stock set for enhanced aesthetics and comfort.
  6. How does the Remington 870 FieldMaster perform in different weather conditions? The Remington 870 FieldMaster is known for performing well in various weather conditions, maintaining its reliability and functionality.
  7. What are the maintenance requirements for the Remington 870 FieldMaster? Regular maintenance for the Remington 870 FieldMaster includes cleaning the barrel, action, and magazine tube, as well as ensuring proper lubrication and storage.
  8. What are some tips for beginners using the Remington 870 FieldMaster? Beginners are advised to prioritize safety, invest in quality cleaning supplies, familiarize themselves with the shotgun, practice regular maintenance, learn safe storage practices, and use proper ammunition.
  9. What makes the walnut stock set of the Remington 870 FieldMaster special? The walnut stock set enhances the shotgun’s appearance with its natural beauty and superior craftsmanship, offering durability, resilience, and a comfortable grip for the user.
  10. What should users prioritize while using the Remington 870 FieldMaster? Users should prioritize safety, invest in quality cleaning supplies, familiarize themselves with the shotgun, practice regular maintenance, learn safe storage practices, use proper ammunition, and protect themselves with eye and ear protection during shooting.



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