Ruger 57 Review: What Makes This High-Velocity Pistol a Must-Have?



June 10, 2024


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In a market crowded with high-performance handguns, the Ruger 57 stands out as a formidable contender. With its sleek design, innovative features, and chambering in the high-velocity 5.7x28mm cartridge, it has captured the attention of both enthusiasts and professionals alike. This review delves into the nuances of the Ruger 57, exploring what makes it a must-have addition to any shooter’s arsenal.

Design and Build Quality


One of the Ruger 57’s most impressive aspects is its ergonomics. Designed with user comfort and control in mind, it features an easy trigger reach that accommodates a wide range of hand sizes. The robust slide release and reversible magazine release latch are thoughtfully positioned, making it user-friendly for both left and right-handed shooters.

The textured frame of the Ruger 57 provides a secure grip, enhancing handling and reducing fatigue during prolonged shooting sessions. This attention to ergonomic detail ensures that the pistol remains comfortable and stable in the hand, even under rapid-fire conditions.

Materials and Construction

Ruger has spared no expense in the construction of the Ruger 57. The pistol boasts a through-hardened, billet steel slide with lightening cuts that not only reduce weight but also add to its striking appearance. This slide is drilled and tapped for easy mounting of optics, allowing for customization to suit various shooting preferences. Optics can be conveniently mounted using a separately available adapter plate from

The barrel, crafted from alloy steel and treated with a black nitride finish, offers superior wear resistance, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The steel magazine supports a double stack capacity without adding unnecessary bulk, balancing capacity and ergonomics effectively.


Visually, the Ruger 57 is a blend of form and function. Its sleek lines and modern design are complemented by practical features, creating an appealing look without sacrificing utility. The lightening cuts on the slide not only reduce weight but also contribute to its aggressive, high-tech appearance.

Controls and Features

The Ruger 57 is equipped with a range of features that enhance its functionality and safety. The windage and elevation adjustable, serrated rear sight, paired with a rapid acquisition fiber optic front sight, allows for quick and accurate target acquisition. This combination is particularly beneficial for shooters who value precision in high-pressure scenarios.

The Secure Action™ fire-control system is another highlight, combining a protected internal hammer with a bladed-safety trigger. This system provides a short, smooth pull, a clean break, and a positive reset, making each shot consistent and predictable. For added convenience, the pistol can be taken down without the need for tools or even pulling the trigger, and it includes an inspection port for visual confirmation of a loaded or empty chamber.

Additionally, the Picatinny-style accessory rail offers easy mounting of lights and lasers, enhancing the pistol’s adaptability for various shooting needs. Safety features are comprehensive, including an integrated trigger safety, a light-weight firing pin, a neutrally balanced sear, and a hammer catch that prevents accidental discharge unless the trigger is intentionally pulled. The magazine drops free on release, facilitating rapid and convenient reloading.

Performance and Shooting Experience


When it comes to accuracy, the Ruger 57 does not disappoint. The combination of its ergonomic grip, adjustable sights, and crisp trigger pull translates into consistent precision. Whether you’re aiming for tight groupings at the range or focusing on rapid-fire accuracy, the Ruger 57 delivers reliable performance that meets high standards.

Recoil and Handling

Despite the high-velocity nature of the 5.7x28mm cartridge, the Ruger 57 manages recoil effectively. The well-designed grip and Secure Action™ fire-control system help mitigate recoil, making it manageable even for less experienced shooters. This allows for quick follow-up shots and better overall control, enhancing the shooting experience.

Trigger and Sights

The trigger on the Ruger 57 is a standout feature. Its short, smooth pull and clean break are complemented by a positive reset, which is crucial for maintaining rhythm during rapid shooting sequences. Coupled with the adjustable, serrated rear sight and fiber optic front sight, the pistol offers a shooting experience that is both precise and intuitive.


Reliability is a hallmark of Ruger firearms, and the Ruger 57 is no exception. It performs consistently over multiple rounds and in various conditions, from casual plinking at the range to more demanding defensive scenarios. The robust construction and quality materials ensure that the Ruger 57 can withstand the rigors of frequent use.

Ammunition and Ballistics

5.7x28mm Cartridge

The 5.7x28mm cartridge is a key component of the Ruger 57’s appeal. Known for its high velocity and flat trajectory, this round offers several advantages over traditional handgun calibers. Its speed translates into impressive kinetic energy and penetration, making it effective for self-defense and tactical applications.


Ballistically, the 5.7x28mm round excels in both speed and penetration. It is capable of reaching velocities that outpace most common handgun rounds, providing superior stopping power and range. This makes the Ruger 57 a compelling choice for those who prioritize ballistic performance in their firearms.

Ammunition Availability and Cost

While the 5.7x28mm round offers significant advantages, it is worth noting that its availability and cost can be higher compared to more common calibers like 9mm or .45 ACP. However, for those who value the enhanced performance characteristics of the 5.7x28mm, the investment is often justified.

Practical Applications


The Ruger 57’s combination of accuracy, low recoil, and powerful 5.7x28mm cartridge makes it a strong contender for self-defense. Its ergonomic design and safety features further enhance its suitability for personal protection. Whether for home defense or concealed carry, the Ruger 57 provides a reliable and effective option.

Recreational Shooting

For recreational shooters, the Ruger 57 offers a unique and enjoyable experience. The high-velocity rounds and precision make it a fun and challenging pistol for target shooting. Its capacity and easy handling also make it ideal for extended sessions at the range.

Law Enforcement and Military Use

The potential for the Ruger 57 in law enforcement and military contexts is significant. Its accuracy, reliability, and adaptability with optics and accessories make it a valuable tool for professionals. The power and penetration of the 5.7x28mm round add to its tactical appeal.

Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable grip and easy-to-reach controls enhance user experience.
  • Innovative Features: Optic-ready slide, adjustable sights, and Secure Action™ fire-control system.
  • High-Velocity Performance: The 5.7x28mm cartridge offers superior ballistic performance.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for self-defense, recreational shooting, and professional applications.
  • Comprehensive Safety: Multiple safety features ensure secure and reliable operation.


  • Ammo Cost and Availability: The 5.7x28mm rounds are less common and more expensive.
  • Learning Curve: The unique characteristics of the 5.7x28mm cartridge may require adjustment for some shooters.

Comparison to Competitors

FN Five-seveN

When comparing the Ruger 57 to the FN Five-seveN, both pistols offer similar advantages with the 5.7x28mm cartridge. However, the Ruger 57 is often seen as more accessible due to its price point. It maintains competitive performance and features while being more budget-friendly, making it an attractive alternative.

Other Handguns

Compared to other handguns in its class, the Ruger 57 holds its ground well. Its innovative features and the unique 5.7x28mm cartridge set it apart from more traditional options. For those looking for something different from the usual 9mm or .45 ACP offerings, the Ruger 57 is a compelling choice.

User and Expert Opinions

Customer Reviews

Feedback from Ruger 57 owners highlights its ergonomic comfort, reliable performance, and enjoyable shooting experience. Many appreciate the combination of high-velocity power and manageable recoil, noting its effectiveness for both range use and personal defense.

Expert Reviews

Experts praise the Ruger 57 for its well-balanced design and innovative features. The ease of mounting optics, adjustable sights, and Secure Action™ system are frequently mentioned as standout elements. Reviewers often commend Ruger for making the high-performance 5.7x28mm platform more accessible to a broader audience.

Price and Value


The Ruger 57 is priced competitively, especially when compared to other high-velocity handguns like the FN Five-seveN. It offers a range of premium features without the premium price tag, making it an excellent value for shooters seeking advanced performance.

Value for Money

Considering its robust build, innovative features, and versatile applications, the Ruger 57 delivers substantial value for its cost. It stands out as a cost-effective entry into the world of 5.7x28mm firearms, offering performance and capabilities that justify the investment.


The Ruger 57 is a standout in the world of high-velocity handguns. Its ergonomic design, innovative features, and powerful 5.7x28mm cartridge make it a versatile and compelling choice for a wide range of shooters. Whether you’re looking for a reliable self-defense weapon, a high-performance range pistol, or a tactical tool for professional use, the Ruger 57 has something to offer. With its combination of advanced technology, user-friendly design, and accessible price point, it truly stands out as a must-have firearm.




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